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Here at, we are offering players the chance to learn everything that they need to know about the latest and greatest new online casinos. We know how important it is for players to be aware of all the up-to-the-minute information about where they can play at new online casinos for real money, which is why we have established our list of the very best online casino available on the world wide web. As well as playing with your own money, you will also find many online casinos with no deposit bonus offers, meaning you can play at them without risking a penny of your cash.

Best New Online Casinos – Updated November 2020

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Casinos by Country

Different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to online casinos, slots sites and sports betting sites. It’s no good us waxing lyrical about an online casino site to UK players if it doesn’t have the proper UKGC licensing so cannot accept UK-based players, for example.

Our reviews will cover specifically online casinos that are available to players in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany and the United States. Don’t despair if you are in a different jurisdiction as we will try and indicate all permitted jurisdictions for all the online casinos that we review.


We understand that it can be very frustrating if you live within a jurisdiction that places limits upon its players when it comes to online gambling, especially as the legislation around legalised online gambling in many countries is hardly the best. It can also seem unfair – in some jurisdictions, online sports betting is legal, while online casino play is not.

It also does not help that a lot of legal mumbo jumbo is very complicated, hard to understand and does not even really make sense. In Australia and New Zealand, for example, it is illegal to run a company within either country that offers online gambling services to citizens, but it is not illegal for citizens to gamble online, which does seem pretty crazy.

Casino News

Online Casino Refuse to Pay
29 October 2020

When Online Casinos Refuse to Pay Out

It’s every online casino player’s dream to win that massive, life-changing jackpot. Imagine if, with one spin of the reels,...

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It is every casino player’s dream to beat the casino, but very few are successful at it. Famously, an MIT-based blackjack team devised card counting to hammer the casinos, and in the 1950s one man used biased wheels to take a fortune off of roulette houses, but that’s just two successful examples in comparison to probably hundreds of failures. One man who cannot be dubbed a failure though is Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a man who spend forty years beating slot machines in Las Vegas. His technique though was not based on mathematics, or finding favourable machines, or even being incredibly lucky. The way he cheated the machines was altogether simpler – he rigged them. Unfortunately for Tommy though his success story came to a sticky end when he was found out and ended up serving time in prison. Tommy began his pro life in TV; not on it, but fixing and selling televisions Tommy did not begin life as a slot cheat. Indeed, once his school years (and a few … ahem .. drug convictions) were behind him he opened up and ran a moderately successful TV repair and sales shop called ‘Ace TV Sales and Service’ in the 1980s. After his third divorce Tommy must have thought that the normal life was not for him … which is maybe why he became extremely interested when an associate of his called Ray Ming introduced him to the concept of the ‘top-bottom joint’ used to cheat slot machines. (And if you, at this point in the article are becoming extremely interested about the thought of cheating real world slot machines then here’s the bad news … the technique described here absolutely no longer works). The joint was a very simple mechanic tool, or cheat. It consisted of nothing more than a long piece of guitar wire upon which was fixed a small piece of a spring. In the 1980s most slots machines operated mechanically in that when a specific combination of symbols appeared on the reels, a combination of devices would trip within the slot to release a cascade of coins. These days such machines are controlled by computer chips. Tommy and Ray found a way of persuading slots to pay out without paying in By feeding the top-bottom joint into the machine, and with a bit of ‘touch and feel’ Carmichael and Ming found that they could cause the coin-release mechanism to trip without even spinning the reels. The result would be a cascade of quarters with no coinage required. You would think that casinos would be wise to someone feeding a length of wire into a machine to cause it to splash the cash, but Tommy honed his technique so that he would not be noticed. He started on smaller-paying machines and then moved on to bigger slots in Las Vegas. Tommy later claimed that in his first ‘nefarious’ weekend in Las Vegas he took home over $10,000. Staggeringly, Tommy amassed millions of dollars from Las Vegas casinos over the next twenty years or so without once being caught. Sadly though, for Tommy this cash cow was about to go belly up. Las Vegas was slowly replacing all their mechanical slots with video-based ones. Even the mechanical slots were now controlled by computer chips, and it was the chips that triggered a pay-out. Unfortunately it takes a little more than a bit of a spring on a guitar string to fool a computer chip. Tommy was forced to conduct his hobby in lesser-known gambling halls that still housed mechanical slots. As there were less populated there was more chance of him being spotted … and eventually he was. Tommy enjoyed a very successful week at one particular spot but that week was about to come to an abrupt end … as he had been noticed and plain-clothed policemen had been following him all week, building the case against him. Prison should have been the end of Tommy’s career … but it just saw him change track Tommy was found guilty of fraud and served five years in prison. For most people this would signal the end of the criminal career, but for Tommy it just meant a change in direction. He met a man called Michael Balsamo in prison and together they devised new ways to cheat casinos. The pair came up with new tools. One they christened The Monkey Paw which could be fed into the payout chute of a video poker machine in order to get the device to cough up. The second was called The Light Wand which would trigger the electronics within slots, also to make them pay out. As well as hitting casinos, Tommy and his partners would sell their devices on the black market. For four years Tommy, Balsamo and another associate called Ramon David Pereira ran their illicit operations until 1996 when the gang of miscreants were caught. Tommy though was only sentenced to a single year in prison, and then spent three years on probation during which he was not allowed to visit any casino. Once released Tommy decided to turn his back on crime, and even offered to help the Nevada Gaming Commission to develop a way of blocking his devices. The device he came up with did indeed block his other devices … but Tommy could easily convert it to a device that was another cheating tool all of its own. The Nevada Gaming Commission eventually came up with a much better anti-cheating device – they banned Tommy from all casinos within the state. Tommy eventually ended up living with his mother in Tulsa, still tinkering with gadgets. Not a lot has been heard from Tommy since 2003, but if you are playing a slot and a 70-year-old man next to you starts feeding wire into his machine, you might just be standing next to Tommy Glen Carmichael.
23 October 2020

The Man Who Is Top of the Slots

It is every casino player’s dream to beat the casino, but very few are successful at it. Famously, an MIT-based...

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UK Gambling Credit Card Ban
19 October 2020

How the Ban on Credit Cards Has Impacted the UK Online Gambling Industry

The latest major effort by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to help prevent people falling into debt because of their...

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New Play'n GO Games for 2020
8 October 2020

Play’n GO’s ‘one slot a week’ promise in 2020

When Swedish software house Play’n GO announced their intention to release one new online slots game per week in 2020,...

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Latest Casino Bonuses

We will keep you informed about the latest online casino bonuses that are available to players at slots, casino and sports betting sites in all jurisdictions across the wagering globe. All the latest details can be found within our exclusive bonus blog, and the hottest deals can be found right here, right now.

Of course, all welcome bonuses and promotions look great on the surface, but what lies hidden deep within the all-important terms and conditions? We scrutinise every casino bonus we find for any unfriendly clauses that mean they are not as tasty as they appear to be.

We work hard to find the best bonuses so that you don’t have to. All you need to do is sign-up and gather in all that extra-special bonus goodness.

FastPay Casino Bonuses
11 June 2020

Claim 100% Welcome Bonus up to €100 plus 100 Free Spins at FastPay Casino

A good welcome bonus is not a must, especially when the casino has a great offer to make already in...

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Spinamba Casino No Deposit Bonus
9 June 2020

Spinamba Casino No Deposit Bonus

One of the more spectacular new casinos that have launched in recent years, Spinamba is the type of site to...

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Vista Gaming Casino Promotions
4 June 2020

Vegas Crest and CyberSpins Casino Promotions for June

Summer is just starting up, and as we’re rolling into June, we found out about three excellent new promotions powered...

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TrueFlip Casino Exclusive Welcome Bonus
4 May 2020

TrueFlip Exclusive Welcome Bonus

Launched in 2017, TrueFlip is a casino that has so far been a great addition to the market. With more...

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New Online Casinos FAQs

How Many New Online Casinos Are We Likely to See in the Near Future?

While it is true that the ‘golden age’ of online gambling may be over, there are still new online casinos opening on a very regular basis. As this business niche is a fairly volatile one, casinos go out of business all the time, and new casino sites open up to replace them. Many brands – such as Jumpman Gaming – seen content to add new sites to their gaming portfolio all the time, meaning that we here at will never be short of new gambling websites to hunt down, lock around and review!

What’s The Most Important Thing About Playing at New Online Casinos?

We’d say there are two aspects of equal importance when you contemplate playing at new online casinos. The first aspect is that the casino has a proper, high-tier licence. By high-tier licence, we mean licences issued by the licensing authorities in Gibraltar, Alderney or Malta. Some jurisdictions (the UK, Sweden and Germany from the summer of 2021) require licences from their own licensing boards. You should never, ever, EVER play at an unlicensed casino.

The second, equally important aspect is that you take responsibility for your own gambling. Only ever gamble with money that you can afford to lose, and never chase your losses. If you feel you have a problem because of gambling, or if someone close to you tells you they feel you have a problem with gambling, then you need to get help from the people who can help you.

Should I Only Sign Up at One Online Casino – The One That You Consider to be Number One?

Online casinos are like movies, in that everyone has their own opinion. In the world of the silver screen, some people claim that Citizen Kane is the best film ever made. Others may choose The Godfather or The Shawshank Redemption. Some may even pick an Adam Sandler comedy, but they’d be wrong!

The same goes with online casinos – just because we think an online casino is the best, it doesn’t follow that you will too. Perhaps we think an online casino is great because it has plenty of superb online slots, but you personally hate online slots with a passion!

It’s our job to simply point you in the right direction. You should sign up for a few online casinos until you find one that’s expressly right for your personal tastes.

Why Can’t I Download an App to My Phone to Play Online Casino Games?

If you’d been around ten years ago you’d find countless apps where you could play online casino games and slots, but these days you’d be hard-pressed to find any … but they are no longer needed.

Most online casinos sites are written using HTML5, meaning they can be built to be responsive. This means that the software can detect the size of the screen you are viewing it upon and if your screen size shrinks below a certain size the site will reconfigure itself accordingly so maximise your mobile experience.

To play at most online casinos on mobile just use any suitable browser – no need to download an app of any description.

Why Are No-Deposit Offers So Hard to Find?

Because not many new websites offer them any more. A no-deposit offer means that the casino is – basically – offering you ‘free money’ (usually with stringent terms and conditions attached). What would happen to the casino if thousands of players took advantage of the offer? The online casino realm is now a very competitive one and any new online casino that offers ‘free money’ is unlikely to remain in business very long!

Having said this, there are still no-deposit offers out there. We are constantly on the hunt for them so is your best friend if you are looking for decent no-deposit offers that you can really take advantage of.

Safer Gambling Week

Latest Casino Games

Online casino players are constantly searching for the best and most thrilling casino games on the market, and it can take time and effort to locate them. Not all games have been created equally and this is something that we know well.

Bitcoin, Mobile, Sports & Live Casinos

Bitcoins happen to be one of the most popular, as well as one of the safest, methods of banking online, and so it is no surprise that players are looking for new online casinos that allow for deposits and withdrawals in this medium. For details, visit our list below of new bitcoin, mobile and live dealer casinos where you can play for real money.

As well as the potential use of cryptocurrencies, the ability to play casino games via mobile devices is becoming increasingly important, as the majority of us surf the internet on our phones or tablets these days instead of our PCs or laptops. When we review a casino, we always check to see what their mobile offering is like, and how easy it is to play.

Lots of casino users want variety in their casino lives too, which is why we champions casino that have live dealer options. There are plenty of live dealer studios available around the world, offering casino staples such as blackjack, roulette and casino poker, so it’s hard to see why any online casino site that wishes to be taken seriously does not offer live dealer games.

Sports betting and casino play often go hand in hand too, so we look out for casinos with sportsbook options.

Horse Racing Betting Casinos
11 July 2018

Horse Race Betting

Betting on horse races is one of the oldest types of betting in the world. You’ve probably watched a million...

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New Bitcoin Casinos
10 June 2017

New Bitcoin Casinos

There are lots of people who wish to play at new Bitcoin casinos! The advantage of using BTC is that...

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New Mobile Casino Gambling Sites
10 December 2016

New Mobile Casinos in 2020

Here at our team of online casino experts puts in all the hard work so you don’t have to....

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Live Dealer Casinos
25 November 2016

Live Casinos is now offering players the chance to locate all the best new live casinos on the market, as soon as they...

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Best Online Casino 2020
10 June 2016

Best Online Casinos 2020

You may think that there are enough gambling sites already, but the people who create the best online casinos do...

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15 August 2014

How Sports Betting Works

One of the largest sectors of the online gambling industry consists of sports betting. Tons of people each year get...

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Gaming Guides

If it’s a game that can be played at an online casino and it’s popular, chances are that we have a guide for it already. Look at the guides section at the top, and you will find a list that covers every major casino game you could want, from Slots to Bingo and Blackjack, to Roulette and Video Poker, to mention just a few.

When you play at an online casino for real cash, the main reason you probably do so it to win money! In order to be successful at anything, you really need to know as much about the game you are playing so that you can maximise your chances of coming out on top.

For example, do you play blackjack with the tactic of getting as close to 21 as possible? If so, you’re not going to win! If you learn perfect strategy (as illustrated in our game guide for blackjack) then you’ll discover that sometimes it’s best to ‘stay’ on totals as low as twelve!

If you are a roulette player, then are you using all the various bets that are available, or are you sticking your chips on numbers that have not come up for some time? If it’s the latter, then you’re doing it wrong!

Our guides will give you the power to maximise your chances of being a successful casino player!

Online Video Poker Casinos
25 September 2015

Online Video Poker

Video poker is not just another online slot. In fact, more so than other slot machines, this game is based...

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Online Roulette Casinos
25 September 2015

Online Roulette

Register now to play at one of our recommended online Roulette casinos Over the 300 years, players from the entire...

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Online Slots Casinos
25 September 2015

Online Slots

I have grown fond of online slots because of the ease of access; I hope you have a similarly rewarding...

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Online Blackjack Casino
25 September 2015

Beginner’s Guide to Online Blackjack

Choose from our best online casinos that offer a wide variety of blackjack games. Blackjack is one of the most...

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Online Baccarat Casinos
25 September 2015

Best Online Baccarat Casinos in 2020

Here are the top 10 online casinos to play baccarat games! Introductory Guide to Online Baccarat When playing online, players...

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Play Online Keno
25 September 2015

Online Keno

The idea of online keno almost seems like a contradiction in terms. After all, Keno is truly an ancient game,...

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