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11 of the Best Blackjack Strategies to Know and Use

11 of the Best Blackjack Strategies to Know and Use

If you really want to win when you play blackjack, then these strategies are sure to help. Blackjack is one of the best table games and can really fun once you get into the swing of it.

Just to note – the strategies below are more for the recreational player and not card counters. Read on to find out how you can up your game with the best blackjack strategies!

Strategy 1: Double Down On Hard 11

Winning more money will be easier whenever you double down on hard 11. Doing this against your dealer’s upcard is a good tactic, with only one exception.

If you’re playing a game with multiple decks and the dealer has to stand soft on 17, it is better for you to hit against the dealer’s ace instead of doubling down.

Strategy 2: It Is A Good Habit To Split A Pair Of 8’s And Aces

Regardless of the upcard, you get from a dealer, it is good practice to split your 8’s and aces. This is a great strategy simply because it is always made for great gains for the player.

In the case of 8’s, it will allow you to cut your losses or even win more money online, depending on the upcard of the dealer.

Strategy 3: Don’t Split 10’s Or A Pair Of 5’s

A pair of 5’s, is known also has a hard 10 – in these situations, it is better that you take the card, drawing one or more cards rather than splitting up the 5’s and playing them across two hands.

The majority of the time, splitting up 10’s will usually be a winning play. Also, having them together as 20 can lead to an even greater chance of winning in most circumstances.

Strategy 4: Hit A Hard 12 Against An Upcard Of 2 Or 3

In this situation, many players wimp out and stay with the 12 because they don’t want to go bust.

The fact of the matter is this – when going up against a 2 or 3 upcard from a dealer, the money will be lost in the long term whether you hit or stand. You can help yourself lose less money if you choose to hit, even though you might bust occasionally. This is a more thorough strategy.

Strategy 5: Hit A Soft 17 Whenever The Dealer Has A 9, 10 or Ace Upcard

There are many players that believe that a hand totalling 18 is a surefire victory. Because of this, many of them will stand soft on an 18, particularly when the dealer has a strong upcard.

In actuality, if you hold on to a 7 against your dealer’s 9, 10 or ace, you’ll be the underdog regardless of whether you choose to stand or hit.

You’ll be less of an underdog, however, if you go for a 7.

Drawing a small card may cause you to end up with a hand over 18, and an increased chance of a win. Always go for a 7 if the dealer is going for the 9, 10 or ace; make your goal to land either a soft 19 to 20 or a hard 17 to 21.

Strategy 6: If the Dealers Upcard Is 9 Or Less, Double Down On 10

You will be the favourite if you’re holding onto 10 against your dealer’s upcard if they have 9 or less. This is why it is a good strategy to double down.

Strategy 7: Do This If The Dealer Has To Hit Soft 17 –

Double down against your dealer’s ace with your hard 11, or a soft 19 against a dealer’s 6, or A7 to the dealer’s 2.

Strategy 8: You Should Double Down A2 Through To A7 If The Dealer Has An Upcard Of 5 Or 6

In every game, you can win more if you choose to double down on A2 through to a 7 if the dealer has another upcard of 5 or 6.

The range of cards the dealer will have that you should choose to double down on will depend on how many decks there are and the rules in that game.

But the majority of cases where the dealer has an upcard of 5 or 6, make sure to double down with A2 to A7.

Strategy 9: If You Have A Pair Of 9’s And The Dealer Has An Upcard Of 7, You Should Stand

The majority of players will split a pair of 6 if the dealer themself has an upcard of 9 or less. When they make mistakes is if the dealer shows 7. 

In this situation, standing is ideal because you’re likely to win more than if you split. There is a chance that your dealer might have a 10 as there are always four times as many cards of a ten-value than in any other ranks.

With a dealer with a 7 upcard, they often will have a pat 17. This would make your pair of 9’s be a 17.

Strategy 10: Surrender A Hard 16 Against The Dealer’s 9, 10 or Ace Upcard

Having a hard 15 or hard 16 are some of the worst circumstances when playing blackjack.

In this case, you’ll be the underdog, but losses can be minimised if you choose to surrender the hands above against the upcards the dealer has. Surrendering is a strategy that works here because it will save you money in the long run.

Strategy 11: Double Down On 8 Against The Dealer’s 5 Or The Dealer’s 6 Upcard In A Single Deck Game

You would never do this in a multi-deck game. However, if playing games with only one deck, doubling down is a superior strategy against hitting. 

The Best BlackJack Strategies For More Wins

Blackjack has plenty of nuances to it that can challenge even the most seasoned players and make them think twice about their skill level.

However, if you’re looking to up your game and join the ranks of some of the best blackjack players, take note of these tips and put them into practice!

Want more strategies for blackjack? Head over to our guides section.

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