4King Slot Casino – No Deposit Welcome Bonus

4King Slots Free Spins

What does Free Spins No-Deposit Bonus mean? Those who have been gambling in online casinos will be excited at the thought of such an offer.

Well, 4Kings Slot Casino is making this a reality for all who would like to join in the slot fun at this casino.

It simply means that new players just need to register accounts on the site and once the account has been activated, 20 Free Spins will automatically be given to you!

At 4Kings Slot Casino, everyone is accorded royalty status and that is why players do not need to give anything in return for a chance to win real money.

The Nature of Bonus Given

Other than cash rewards, the other most popular hand out given to casino players is FREE SPINS.

With 4King Slots Free Spins Bonus, you are given the opportunity to spin the reels of a certain slot game without having to place a bet with your own money.

4Kings Slot Casino offers its new members 20 FREE SPINS which they can only use in the Magic Oak Slot

This means that players have a chance of winning in the same way like if they had placed a real money bet.

How to Activate 4King Slots Free Spins Bonus

4Kings Slots Free Spins Bonus

Setting up an account is simple because the steps that must be taken are quite straightforward.

You will know that your account has been set up when you receive a welcome email and when the casino home page shows your name on one corner.

You can then click on where your name appears and click on your account profile. Look for a promotions tab and click on it to open a code box.

Type the word ‘KINGFREE’ then click to activate.

Once the page has been refreshed, you will receive a message that reads, “Congratulations you received 20 Free rounds, you can use them in one of the following games: “Magic Oak Slot”.

Return to the home page and search for the slot and play away!

Playing Other Games

Since your no-deposit welcome bonus is restricted to Magic Oak slot alone, that is the only game in the entire casino that you can play without depositing any real money.

If you are lucky, it will earn you some money to use on other games. If you feel unlucky or are the impatient type, just deposit some cash into your account and enjoy hundreds of other games hosted in 4Kings Slot Casino.


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