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5 Essential Video Poker Tips You Need to Know

5 Essential Video Poker Tips You Need to Know

Looking for tips on how to win at video poker? If yes, you’re in the right place.

Poker vs. Video Poker

Right out of the gate, it’s crucial to remember that video poker and regular poker are not the same. Nearly all Texas Holdém winning tricks, for instance, won’t do well at video poker. Real poker is about beating other players, while video poker has everything to do with hard numbers.

With that said, video poker has basic rules that you need to follow to the T. Forget about your poker instincts and stick to these rules because they are your best bet at beating video poker.

Side Tip: As discussed in our comprehensive video poker guide, it’s all about choosing the right game. Deuces Wild is perhaps the best-paying version of video poker. With an RTP (Return-to-Player) of around 98.91%, you have the best chances of beating the house. But don’t limit yourself. Jacks or Better (98.4%), Joker Poker (98.48%), and Joker Wild 1 Hand are just as if not more rewarding.

Strategies for Winning at Video Poker

There’s more to winning at video poker than chasing royal flashes. A combo of the right skills, patience to stick to rules, and a little luck can make a huge difference. Here are 5 tried-and-true video poker tips that can come in handy.

Tip #1: Wager Max Bets

No matter your winning strategy, it’s always best to play max coins. Why? Turns out, placing a max bet is the best way to get the highest possible payout for a royal flush. Placing 5 coins (max), for instance, will deliver a payout of 800-for-1. A 4 coin bet, on the other hand, can bring down the payout to as low as 250-for-1. And that’s just for Jacks or Better; most video poker games pay even bigger for max bets.

Let’s face it; the royal flush comes rarely — usually after every 40,000-45,000 hands. So, why let it go to waste by playing fewer coins?

Tip #2: Don’t Use the Double Up Feature

Casino games developers are a bit sneaky sometimes. They are always looking out for their clients: casino sites. That’s why they infused a feature called “Double Up” into popular video poker games like Jacks or Better. What it does is that it gives you a chance to double the amount of your winning hand.

When you choose the double-up feature, the machine deals 5 cards. One card has its face up and the other 4 have their faces down. If the card you pick has a higher value than the first card, your winning hand is doubled. If their values are the same, you push. Unfortunately, if the face-up card is higher than your card, you will lose your entire winning hand. What a trap, right?

Tip #3: Get to Know the Game you’re Playing

Not all video poker games are created equal. Each has its own strategy, rules, and gameplay. That’s why it pays to understand the winning strategy for the game before you play it. If you’re playing Deuces Wild, and you’re dealt: 5 Essential Video Poker Tips You Need to Know5 Essential Video Poker Tips You Need to Know5 Essential Video Poker Tips You Need to Know5 Essential Video Poker Tips You Need to Know5 Essential Video Poker Tips You Need to Know. How do you go about it? Do you hold both pairs or one pair?

If you hold both and play well, you can get paid 4-for-1. But if you hold one pair, you have can get paid up to 3-for-1. As you can see, learning the strategy is paramount.

Tip #4: Practice, Practice, Practice

We can’t emphasize this enough. Practising before playing a video poker game is crucial. It helps you get a feel for the game. But, more importantly, it gives you a chance to learn the strategy and hone your winning skills/strategies.

The good news is that most top online casinos allow you to test-drive their video pokers before using real money. The practice modes usually have hints and tutorials that show you how to play each hand. This is especially useful for newbies and returnees.

Tip #5: Begin with Easy, Low-Variance Games

The good thing about low-variance video poker like Jacks or Better is that they are beginner-friendly. They are easy both to learn and to play. Stick to such video poker games as you start out – you’ll thank us later. For one, low-variance games offer more consistent payouts. As such, it’s ideal for an online casino player with a smaller stash.


No one wants to lose at video poker. That’s why it’s crucial to adhere to basic rules of the game, practice frequently, and know your winning strategy beforehand. More crucially, it pays to play video poker at a reputable online casino.

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