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7 Best Gambling Related Manga Series

7 Best Gambling Related Manga Series

Manga is quite popular not only in Japan but around the world. In fact, the popularity of Manga generates annual revenues of up to $3 billion.

So, what is manga? Manga means ‘whimsical pictures’ and this term used to refer to both comics and cartoons.

Manga comics cover a wide array of topics ranging from; science fiction, adventure, comedy, thrillers, sports and most amazingly, “Gambling”. That said, below are the leading Manga series whose story-lines are pegged on gambling.

1. Kaiji

Manga Gambling Apoccalypes

Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji is certainly the most popular gambling-related manga. Also known as Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji or Ultimate Survivor Kaiji, this Manga series was created in 1996 by Nobuyuki Fukumoto.

The story-line around this Manga involves Kaiji Ito who tries to escape his ever-accumulating debts. To achieve his mission, Kaiji wagers with neighbours, but unfortunately, luck is not on his side.

However, he encounters a near-death experience which helps him see his gambling potential, which will enable him to find solutions for his unending problems.

2. Kakegurui

 Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Written by Homura Kawamoto, Kakegurui whose full title is Kakegurui-Compulsive Gambler, this Manga series is centred on gambling.

The story-line involves Hyakkaou Private Academy, which is attended by children form elite families in Japan.

Unexpectedly, these kids do not follow in the footsteps of their families but instead, involve themselves in a dangerous game.

This academy offers a gambling system which enables learners to place bets against each other through staking their fortunes.

However, those who fail to make contributions because of debt are deemed “house pets”. Moreover, graduates who default on their contributions get life schedules which determine how they live after school.

But everything is about to change with the enrollment of Yumeko Jabami in the school.

3. Gamble Fish

Gamble Fish  Manga Series

Written by Aoyama Hiromi and illustrated by Yamane Kazutoshi, Gamble Fish has earned its spot among the greatest Manga series.

The story-line for this manga involves 14-year old Tomu Shirasagi who happens to be the son of Yumeichirou Shirasagi, who is a notorious trickster.

When Tomu enrols in Shishidou Academy for the wealthy and affluent, he realizes that he has special abilities. This is triggered by his encounter with the dean’s granddaughter.  


4. Akagi

Akagi; Yami ni Oritatta Tensai

This manga series is titled Akagi; Yami ni Oritatta Tensai, and translates to Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into Darkness.

This manga was written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto and was first published in 1991.

The story-line is all about Shinegu Akai who beats two members of the dreaded Yakuza in mahjong. After his sudden disappearance, he returns intending to challenge Iwo Washizu, who is the king of the Yakuza. 


5. The Liar Game

The Liar Game by Shinobu Kaitani

The Liar Game was written by Shinobu Kaitani and became a series in 2005. The popularity of this manga series led to it being translated to Dutch and Chinese.

The story behind this manga is that of a sincere student; Nao Kanzaki, who receives a package containing $1 million. Inside the package is an invitational note for Kanzaki to the Liar Game Tournament.

Unlike other casino games that call for fairness, the Liar Game allows its players to cheat. However, the loser is expected to pay an amount that corresponds to their losses.

With the help of con artist Shinichi Akiyama, Kanzaki scales the ladders of the game and at the same time freeing opponents from debt.

All this is done to destroy the organization behind the deadly tournament.

6. Mukobuchi

 Mukobuchi Gambling Manga

Mukobichi; the Tale of High Stakes Underground Mahjong was written by Amajishi Etsuya and revolved around the gambling industry of the 1980s.

The story-line of this Manga involves changes in Japan’s economy which forced the price of estates and value for money to skyrocket.

This led to Japan becoming one of the biggest bubble economies in the world. The inflation caused gambling stakes to increase significantly.

However, once the economy returned to normalcy, Kai was forced to live as a lone-wolf gambler (Mukobuchi).


7. Osama Game

Osama Game or King's Game by Nobuaku Kazanawa

Created by Nobuaku Kazanawa, the Osama Game, or the King’s Game has a unique setting.

The story-line for this Manga involves Kanazawa Nobuaki receiving odd text messages which are also sent to his classmates. This message is aimed at informing the students that they are part of the King’s Game.

In this game, participants ought to prank each other within 24 hours. However, these pranks turn out to be dangerous. But the greatest shocker comes when Nobuaki learns that failure to complete a task in this game results to death.

The unique aspect of this Manga the fact that participants are staking their lives instead of money.

Growth of gambling has inspired Manga series, which has led to the increased popularity of this culture. The unique story-lines behind manga series should be adopted as a learning experience for gamblers.

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