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A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Live Casino Games

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Live Casino Games

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The individuals looking forward to getting a real feel of a casino can fulfill all their desires of getting a real casino feel just by enrolling in a live online casino. Given the ability to stake money with the standard, well-known games as those are operated by real dealers, such a concept has propelled the live casino games segment in terms of iGaming market to a whole new level. The fact that one gets to interact with live dealers makes the process even more interesting, and therefore greatly helped contribute to the rise of actual live online casinos.

What do Live Casino Games entail?

The so-called live casino games do not stop at using graphics to represent cards, wheels or balls. Unlike ordinary animated-based video games, these games feature actual live cast video feeds of real, flesh and blood dealers and attempt at emulating the atmosphere of real physical casino gaming halls.

The Most Common Varieties of Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Blackjack

Among those games, every casino will provide you with one of the most popular games, the famous blackjack game in which the objective is to get a card total as close to 21 as possible without going over. Thus, the main rules of live blackjack tables remain quite comparable to each other and include the value of aces – 1 or 11; the fact that one of the dealer’s cards is open; as well as the coefficient of 1.5x bet for blackjack. Payment of insurance varies from one game to another; however, it is common that players can double down or split hands only at the start of the game. There are certain main differences that apply to the live tables; minimum and the maximum bet size, usually, min bet is $1-2 while maximum bet could be in hundreds. Subsequently, there are people who prefer live card games for such reasons like physically shuffled cards since they feel they are getting a better deal compared to computer generated ones. Also, the game incorporates large cards just to make the numbers large and easily distinguishable, and the distinct chips are instead used to facilitate bet purchase and to ease the process of counting chips.

Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette emerges as the most popular game because it entails simple wagering by the players. Another advantage of live roulette is the ability of allowing multiple numbers of players seated at one table as several bets are independent of each other. Such accessibility means that one can easily get a seat at a roulette table, when visiting different online casinos. The betting feature’s interface enables a player to choose the chip value and stake on various zones, providing many betting options such as straight, split, street, corner, and others. Silent bets on the result such as odd or even or even specific numbers make the game even more interesting. Majority of the live roulette games allow ‘fast rebet’ whereby players can set up patterns for fast betting. Before the time runs out in setting the stakes, the croupier spins the wheel and launches the ball with the same efficacy to match a real casino. Enhancements like that of slow motion and effects similar to Immersive Roulette, by Evolution Gaming, intensifies the sense of real time play in actual roulette.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Also, Baccarat turns out to be one of the games with one of the lowest house edges in the realm of casino games for real money, becoming one of the most popular live dealer games among the players eager to maximize their budget. The gameplay consists in indicating which of the two parties, ‘player’ or ‘banker’ will be more likely to have the better hand by the end of the dealing of the round. To arrive at the hand value, the two cards are summed together and the last digit of the total is used to represent it; therefore, a combined total of 14 means a hand value of 4. Also, the players can place their bet on either of the two factions coming to a draw, thus having higher odds of a better paying offer though is not very often. The live version of baccarat is all classy, just like blackjack, and includes a dealer wearing the original set accessories that take you closer to the vibe of a traditional casino. Due to the availability of only three betting options and Ease of setting chip denominations this game can be taken as an initial introduction to the world of live casino.

Live Dealer Poker

Unlike more popular forms of poker that are played in bricks and mortar casinos or even online where players can fold and sit out of the round, dynamics of live casino poker presuppose that even if you chose to do that, you cannot sit back and wait for the round to be played out by the other participants, which is a considerable drawback of live casino poker. In fact, it has done a tremendous job with its Casino Hold’em game, proposing a rather curious twist, denoted as 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, in which players are actually interacting with two separate decks at the same time. On the other hand, Texas Hold’em is dealt with a combination of the players’ two cards and the common flop; the Caribbean Stud Poker deals five cards to the players individually. In other players’ winnings after each respinning of the associated poker hand, Live Poker adds certain degrees of transparency and interest to the gambling.

Live Game Shows

Live Game Shows can be considered a singular subdivision of the live casino games list, since most of the options are unique to the Internet and are hardly accessed in the real-world gambling establishments. The general desire that comes with getting an opportunity to play a game show with life hosts and even a stage is quite unique. Another important aspect one should mention about Live Game Shows is the number of available bet values, which allows to satisfy any customers. These programs are offered live streaming in high definition with set design, several cameras, and spectacular visuals which are qualities most of the television shows’ fans like programs that have aesthetic themes. Usually based on the cross that spins, on which players make bets, Live Game Shows include options with different house edges. Taking the contemporary popular television show, Monopoly Live, a board game turned into a live format or Deal Or No Deal, another show transformed into virtual gameplay, to lottery-style games like Mega Ball and many others, there cannot be a shortage of enthusiasm. Some Game Shows like the Crazy Time by the Evolution Gaming Company take it a notch higher by having sub games within a single game thus making it a package deal full game. Some of these segments include, the Cash Hunt Bonus Game, Coin Flip Bonus Game, Pachinko Bonus Game and so on, this make such shows lively and entertaining to the players.

Selecting the Ideal Live Casino Game for Your Preference

To basically choose the right live game which should fit your cravings, then the following factors need to be put into consideration. Apart from choosing a game that you like, it is necessary to examine the wagering limits because some games are intended for those players who like to wager big amounts and vice versa. Further, it becomes possible to find out whether the game has dealers who speak the users’ native language to increase comfort and enjoyment of the further gambling activities. Another important factor that can create value is looking for alluring bonuses. It indeed provides the most engaging live casino games that can satisfy even the most demanding players and because of the advanced feature, mobile compatibility, one can have the best casino experience that can be played anytime, anywhere.

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