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Accumulating All The Luck

Accumulating All The Luck

Football is known to be one of the most-watched sports all across the world. This has given it the reputation of being one of the most lucrative ventures to invest in when it comes to advertising revenue. Another thing that is known for is the number of bets that are placed during a football season. Bets can range from single dollars all the way up to the millions when the matches start. Some say that luck determines the winner if these bets, but as we’ll find out below – that’s not always the case.

People use different methods to place bets when the season starts. In comparison, a lot of people end up using unregulated methods to place high stakes bets some end up using safer options for a more casual experience. Accumulator Bets are perhaps the most popular.

The Accumulator Bets, also known as Parlay, allow gamblers to place multiple smaller bets that count towards one big payout. This is done by linking single bets together to form a larger bet that eventually gives you a higher chance of winning as well.

As luck would have it, one football fan got to see how amazing accumulator bets can be as he placed random bets on 15 English football matches that totalled to $3.48. They landed him nearly $70,000. The lucky football fan goes by the name of Alan Thomson.

Alan Thomson is not a gambler hobby as much as he is by chance. This lucky football fan just happened to have placed bets on the 15 matches for the heck of it. He had a total of 15 minutes before the matches started and the bets closed down, so he decided to go for it. His bet amounts reflect the seriousness of the action he took when he was placing them. Bets that totalled a mere $3.48 were practically a joke he cracked to entertain himself.

Alan Thomson, the football fan with all the luck in the world, said that he was not even expecting to break even let alone win anything. He says that he had no idea of what to expect with the matches that he bet on. He was not following any of the teams and had no idea of who was in form and who was out of form during the matches. The whole incident was based on pure luck.

The big winner could not believe his luck when he found of that he was winning more than half of his bets at one point and then he could not process that he had won all 15 bets.

He is now planning on going to Las Vegas to tie the knot with his longtime partner. He has also put a down payment on a house, and he’s going to show his nephews how a big winner lives! Life has taken a turn for the better with the winnings from accumulator bets for our lucky football fan, Alan Thomson.

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