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NewCasinos.org Blacklisted Alpha Interactive Solutions Casinos

NewCasinos.org Blacklisted Alpha Interactive Solutions Casinos

As we explained when we blacklisted the poorly-operated and downright devious Monte Cryptos casino last week in our casino blog, it takes a lot for us to consider a casino too so ineptly-run, or to be one that engages in inappropriate tactics to be added to our new casinos‘ blacklist.

We, therefore, are sad to admit that we have added two other not to be trusted online casinos – Split Aces Casino and Spin Up Casino – to our list of blacklisted casinos and we thoroughly recommend that you do not play at either of these places.

Why we have added Split Aces Casino and Spin Up Casino to our Blacklist

Unlike our blacklisting of Monte Cryptos Casino, we have direct evidence that these two casinos adopt devious practices when it comes to dealing with people online. We know that both Split Aces Casino and Spin Up Casino are not honouring our trackers, which means they are literally stealing the players playing online casinos games who find their way to their sites via our good selves.

A tracker is a way of keeping tabs of the users who visit NewCasinos.org in the hope of finding the top online casinos for them to play. If you then go on to visit an online casino via our site and you register with them and deposit money there, then a tracker will tell both our site and the casino site what has happened. After that, the tracker then stops following your online activity, meaning your ongoing actions are totally private.

So, why is this initial activity track? Obviously, NewCasinos.org is not run for free. It costs money to maintain our site and to provide all the services that are required to make sure our users only end up at the best online casinos. So, for every player we forward onto an online casino who then registers and deposits money, the online casino will send us a little bit of money as a ‘thank you’ for finding them a play. We are – if you like – agents for online casinos like it’s the job of actors’ agents to find them work, for which they receive a commission. Our services in the online casino sphere are run the same way.

So here is the nub of our beef with both Split Aces Casino and Spin Up Casino – by not honouring our trackers (which is part of the agreement for them to be listed upon our site) they are not honouring our deal. This means they are gaining players from us for free.

You may ask yourself – how does that affect the players who play at these sinful casinos? The answer – to us at least – is pretty obvious.

If a casino is dishonest with its service providers, surely it stands to reason that it will be dishonest with its players, too?

This is not just some ‘pie in the sky’ statement. We have evidence from other sources that both these casinos are most definitely not to be trusted.

Before we present this evidence to you, here is a little background information about Split Aces Casino and Spin Up Casino.

Both these online casinos are run by a company called Alpha Interactive Solutions. This is a Curaçao-based company that has licensed from Curaçao eGaming. As we have explained previously, casinos with sole licensing from Curaçao eGaming should be reviewed as they have a poor reputation, although one that is not as bad as it was.

The full list of online casinos run by Alpha Interactive Solutions is as follows:

  • Casino Napoli
  • Ridika Casino
  • 6Black Casino
  • 14Red Casino
  • Spin Up Casino
  • Split Aces Casino
  • Bronze Casino
  • Gale & Martin Casino
  • SpicySpins Casino
  • Magik Slots Casino
  • Cozyno Casino Casino

We, of course, recommend that all our site users have nothing to do with any of the casinos on this list.

Before we get into specific complaints, all these casinos have a bad reputation for spamming their users. If you sign up at any of these sites, expect to receive countless emails from them. Once they have your email address, there is no stopping them! Even if you deregister from the site, you will still receive emails from them begging you to come back, and there is no way of unsubscribing.

Here though are some of the many complaints we have found online about Spin Up and Split Aces casinos:

Sept 2018 – User ‘glitterqueen’ complained that Split Aces casino had refused to accept a withdrawal of €2,000. It was found that the casino was offering services to EU-based players while maintaining T&Cs that were non-compliant with EU law.

Apr 2019 – User ‘Im170279’ complained that the Spin Up had closed his account and voided €8,000 of winnings that had been won fairly and squarely. The casino refused to pay out and became non-responsive.

Apr 2019 – User ‘mike111’ complained that Spin Up casino had voided his winnings of €4,950 claiming ‘irregular’ payments, despite the players only making three deposits of €100, €100 and €50. The casino refused to pay out and become non-responsive.

Sept 2019 – User ‘fat-carlos’ complained that the casino refused a payout of €7,552 in winnings, sending €3,570 and confiscating the rest. It was found that the casino had enforced unfair maximum win conditions.

October 2019 – User ‘oct2019’ complained that Split Aces had asked for ID documents to process a sizeable withdrawal. After sending documents, the casino became unresponsive and refused to payout.

Feb 2020 – User ‘JessieBoy79’ complained about voided winnings. Spin Up claimed the player bet higher than the agreed limit. The player presented irrefutable evidence that they had not. The casino became unresponsive and did not payout.

We have to be honest with you and say that the six complaints listed above represent merely the tip of an iceberg of complaints levelled at ALL casinos run by Alpha Interactive Solutions.

You have been warned! We at NewCasinos.org firmly believe that all players at online casinos have the right to be treated fairly. We, therefore, recommend that you DO NOT play at any casino operated by Alpha Interactive Solutions, including Split Aces Casino and Spin Up Casino.

30 May. 2020, by

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