Baccarat Glossary

Baccarat Glossary

A game as old as time… Baccarat is the game that has been the number one choice for all high-rollers. It is a very classy game preferred by people of high status and played in the best brick-and-mortar casinos from all around the world. Baccarat has received plenty of online versions, and therefore, its popularity continued to grow. If you’re interested to find out more about this wonderful game in relation to terms, rules, and some fun facts, keep on reading. However, we do have a gambling dictionary that provides all the gambling terms from different games to sports betting.

Here is a Baccarat Glossary that provide most of the terms used today.

Baccarat: even though it is the name of the game, it is also the name of the worst hand, where two cards are worth nothing but zero points.

Baccarat en Banque: a variant of baccarat, being played mainly in Europe, also called Chemin De Fer. The difference between the standard and this version is in the number of players.

Banco: the banco or the banker is the player in live casinos which is responsible for dealing the cards, but not for managing bets or money.

Bankroll: the term used in both land-based and online casinos which tells the player the total amount of money they have.

Burning: a term used when the banker shuffles the cards before the start of the game and removes the first 3-6 cards.

Callman: also known as the croupier in brick-and-mortar and live casinos, is the casino employee who calls out the points, turns the cards and decides what happens after the third card rules.

Card counting: an old strategy used by baccarat players to mark which cards have been dealt from the shoe, with hopes to guess the outcome of the next hand.

Chemin De Fer: the other name for Baccarat en Banque, a more complicated variant of baccarat.

Commission: a fee charged by the casino on winning bets, used to counteract specific low house edge bets.

Coup: one round of baccarat, in French.

Dealer: the casino employee which manages the bets and the money and sits on either side of the baccarat table.

Down card: the face-down card which the baccarat player is dealt with.

Face cards: the playing card royals Jack, Queen, and King which are worth zero in baccarat.

Flat bet: term used for wagering the same bet over and over again, with no moderation throughout different rounds of baccarat.

Hand: the cards that are dealt and played throughout one round.

High-roller: the player who bets huge amounts of money, synonymous with baccarat players.

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