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Top 7 Baccarat Myths Demystified

Top 7 Baccarat Myths Demystified

Becoming a successful online baccarat player is not just about understanding the rules of the game, learning the terminology, following a strategy, or playing the baccarat game by the book. It takes more than this! Also, it includes understanding the baccarat myths and facts surrounding online baccarat, particularly the myths.

If you do not take enough time or effort to demystify these myths and rather just accept them blindly and just believe in them, then you could easily misunderstand the game. You shouldn’t get fooled by these myths, mainly because they are nothing more, but myths. Something that many players who are not aware falsely believe without any sound logic behind the reasoning.

Most of these baccarat myths have been resolved a while ago, but still exist. We’ve listed and debunked some of the most common baccarat myths.

#1. Card Counting

Myth: There are many players who still believe that card counting is a great strategy when playing online baccarat, just as easier as they have been counting cards when playing blackjack. This belief continues because blackjack and baccarat have some intricate similarities.

Fact: Is it possible to count cards while playing baccarat? No, it’s not possible; you cannot perfectly count cards while playing baccarat. This is due to the fact that the cards used while playing baccarat are not returned to the shoe like it’s the case when playing blackjack. So, this alone really hurts the blackjack card counting strategy. Also, blackjack and baccarat have vital differences that make card counting less effective.

#2. Detecting Patterns

Myth: Detecting cards while playing baccarat means detecting when the natural hand will be dealt (the hand of 2 cards with a total of 8 or 9). If the natural hand occurs, the players can increase their wager and ultimately win more cash.

Fact: Baccarat is a game of chance, where players don’t necessarily need any skills. While it’s a very fascinating card game, you may well just consider betting on the coin toss. Technically, you would almost have similar chances of winning when playing slots.

#3. Progressive Betting Systems

Myth: Martingale and Fibonacci are the most popular betting systems used in baccarat. Some people believe that progressive betting systems help players improve their chances of winning, thus maximize their profits.

Fact: These progressive betting systems do not work in casino games like online baccarat. The games do not really follow the same probability laws. Online baccarat is a casino game where randomness is the most important law. Therefore, these betting systems can be more risker than they are thought to be. To utilize a progressive betting system in online baccarat means having more funds to spend at the casino. This is because there is a very thin line between boosting your bet from just $1 to $100 with these betting systems. So, incase you have such kind of a bankroll, you have the privilege of knocking yourself out with the Fibonacci or martingale systems.

#4. Baccarat Online Is Rigged

Myth: There are players who still believe that baccarat online is rigged. According to such players, it would not generate natural hands. The reason why some players believe baccarat is rigged, or the shuffling is rigged, is only because the shuffling is not visible and the cards themselves are not physically tangible. However, this doesn’t just apply to baccarat, the skeptics also believe that other casino games are rigged as well.

Fact: Baccarat online is not rigged. The myth that this casino game is rigged is just a myth that some disgruntled players believe. There are many baccarat online players who still believe that they have natural hands in every baccarat session. Furthermore, online casino games are strictly audited, regulated, and controlled.

#5. It’s Impossible To Win At Online Baccarat

Myth: There are many people who wrongly hold onto the belief that baccarat is not a profitable casino game. Such players don’t necessarily understand this game. They have probably just heard from their friends that baccarat can only be played by elite players and high rollers. Therefore, they probably don’t want to try it out since they don’t have such kind of money.

Fact: Baccarat is a relatively easy game to play and doesn’t need much skill. Essentially, it’s one of the casino games that have a very low house edge. Playing the banker wager only involves a 1.06% house edge, whereas the house edge for the player wager is 1.2%. Nevertheless, this is pretty low as compared to other casino games such as slots or roulette. Therefore, be the judge and decide how easy it is to make profits while playing baccarat.

#6. Baccarat Is A Game For The Wealthy

Myth: Listed as one of the most common baccarat myths, is that this game is only for the wealthy or big spenders.

The conception that baccarat is a high roller game is already entrenched in the minds of many players, notwithstanding the fact that there are many things that have changed over the years.

Fact:If you just take a walk to your local casino venue, it’s highly likely that you won’t even notice the baccarat tables. You can even mistake the baccarat tables for blackjack tables. You will no longer find the formal attire and the ropes are also gone in live casinos.

However, high rollers continue flocking baccarat tables, at times wagering over 500,000 on a single hand.

It’s important to take note of the fact that baccarat tables are accessible to players with a small and medium bankroll. Not to mention those that are more conservative when it comes to money management.

Although most of these low stake baccarat tables are more common offline, you will find many of these low stakes chances at the best casinos.

Overall, baccarat is not only for big spenders.

#7. Baccarat Games Have The Same Commissions

Myth: Do you know that commissions for the baccarat games vary? This is something that you should always be aware of because these commissions keep changing. The same applies to the house edge of different types of wagers.

Also, you can easily find baccarat versions that are commission-free. In order to make sure they compensate for the absence of these commissions, casinos that offer baccarat increase the house edge on different types of wagers. Rather than the 1.06% house edge for a banker bet, the house edge might be 1.46%.

However, sometimes you might find a scenario where you must choose the “best of both worlds” with regards to the house edge and commissions on this game.

There are baccarat games with reduced house edges and commissions where the game only has a house edge of 0.60% on the banker bet.

Nevertheless, there is a catch. You will find that most of the casinos don’t offer this version because doing this doesn’t allow them to profit as fast as offering the normal version with a higher house edge.

Fact: Baccarat games don’t all include the same house edges or commissions. Therefore, if you will be playing online baccarat, you should try to check out different versions of this game to determine whether you will find any that happens to have a reduced commission and house edge. Also, always remember not to get so excited in case you find the zero commission baccarat, mainly because the high house edge is often used instead of the commission.


You may come across a myth about baccarat, do not let yourself fall for such myths. Most baccarat myths tend to create some false impressions about this casino game and unreasonable quasi facts. However, facts should be your strongest weapon. So, the best thing you can do is stick to the facts and be realistic.

FAQ’s – Baccarat Myths

Let’s demystify some more misconceptions about baccarat.

Do casinos rig baccarat?

No, online baccarat is not rigged, especially if you choose to play at licensed online casinos. Regulated online casinos comply with the strict rules and guidelines laid down by regulators. Therefore, the question is “ how do online casinos rig baccarat?” the simple answer is that they do not. The random number generator runs all baccarat online games, which makes a particularly hand unpredictable. Moreover, there is no hand that affects the outcome of the upcoming hand.

How is Punto Banco Game played?

Punto Banco is a simpler version of baccarat, which means it rules much simpler. Punto Banco is more popular amongst US players. When it comes to the rules of the game, Punto Banco rules are fixed and it doesn’t have any optional bets.

Can I really win playing online baccarat?

The Banker is the best wager in baccarat. In baccarat, the Bankers’ hand has a 1.06% house edge. So, if you wager on the Banker and win, you get to win.

What is baccarat?

Baccarat is a casino game that offers three bets – a tie, player, and banker. The game is highly popular because of its low house edge that is also quite volatile, which makes it a casino favourite as well as highly popular among baccarat enthusiasts. Baccarat is very similar to Punto Banco and Chemin. The game originated from France.

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