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The Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller

The Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller

Ever thought of the benefits of being a high-roller? If so, read on to learn about the privileges and perks you will be getting as a loyal gambler. Loss rebates, cars, best yachts, and large cashback are just the tip of the iceberg.

Fancy cars, flashy lifestyle, latest designer clothes, and all the babes – welcome to the enviable life of a land-casino high-roller! Well, you might not be loaded with bottomless cash or even have finer things in life but becoming a high-roller is easier than ever at online casinos. Whether you are willing to play with a large amount of money or bet frequently with small stakes to build a big bankroll, you can easily find your way into high-roller programs at online casino sites.

First, who is a high-roller? This is the first thing you should understand if you want to learn more about the benefits of being one. So, let’s start with who is a high-roller and how you can become one.

Who Is A High-Roller?

Before getting into the details about the benefits of being a high-roller, let’s explain who is a high-roller. While there is no correct description of a high-roller, he/she is a person who places big money bets in a casino or sportsbook. Technically speaking, a high-roller spends over $25 per bet on slot machines and $100 per wager on table games. Nevertheless, the amount of money, which separates a typical gambler and a high roller, varies from one casino to another and from one game to another.

As a result of spending large sums of money betting at an online casino, a high-roller enjoys many benefits from the casino. Essentially, a high-roller isn’t a player who just makes one big bet and then claims casino bonuses. To become a high-roller, one should become a long-term customer to show the casino that you are ready to spend more money at their establishment. High-rollers efforts are usually rewarded after about a year of playing casino games on higher stakes. Nevertheless, many online casinos invite players into a VIP Club after playing at the casino for a few months. Therefore, what do high-rollers get back from land-based?

Benefits of Being a High-Roller

Being a high-roller in brick and mortar casinos brings bettors lucrative bonuses that the casino gives in different ways. Based on the casino policy, there are numerous types of benefits that big spenders can get. Below are generalized perks that high-rollers usually get from brick and mortar casinos. Indeed, each casino has its policy about their big spenders, but the idea should be obvious.

Receiving a VIP badge will certainly open the floodgates of perks that will simply knock your socks off. Don’t believe us? Check out the following eye-opening benefits that high-roller players get at most land-base and reputable online casinos.

Better Games

Now that you know who a high-roller is let’s get into the benefits you’ll enjoy if you can successfully build up your bankroll to become a high-roller. First, if you can afford to spend vast sums of money at the casino, the casino reserves for you a seat at the most exclusive tables. For instance, if you play online, the best casinos will typically have a high-roller program or VIP rooms that only players with the biggest bankroll can join. The best thing about these VIP rooms is that you get to play at your pace.

Since these games are not flooded with hundreds of players, there’s always room to sit back, devise a strategy and make an informed decision as you make your next move. Moreover, if you choose to play live dealer games, dealers will have more time for you. You can play and interact with a live casino dealer mainly because the dealers have enough time for you. However, this doesn’t mean the dealers are not friendly when playing at the standard tables. Suppose players have more money to spend and there are fewer players. In that case, dealers will be able to devote more time to make sure these players enjoy every second they spend at the casino.

High Limits

Besides the opportunity to try out unreleased games, high-rollers are also allowed to place their bets without worrying about wagering limits. Unlike standard players who are capped at around $50, VIP players can dish out up to $2,000 on a single stake, enjoying even bigger payouts.

Besides faster payouts, the VIP programs include high cash out limits. Although the minimum limit in many casino games can be as high as $100,000 per hand, the winnings that you might accrue in a night can be ginormous.

If you play casino games online and win big, your winnings as a high-roller will be processed much faster as compared to a standard player account.

Great online casinos are always looking for ways to keep their games fresh and exciting, that’s why they keep introducing new releases on a regular basis. As a high-roller, you will be given the privilege of getting a feel for freshly launched slots & casino games before other players can have a chance to. This is just but a slice of the cake that comes with the VIP status.

More Freebies

Another main reason it pays to be a big spender is that you get a chance to claim bigger and better bonuses. Since the average deal is usually based on a multiplier, players stand a chance to get more based on the amount of money they deposit. For example, an online casino offering new players a 100% welcome bonus of up to $500 means you must deposit $500 to claim the maximum bonus.

Technically speaking, if you are looking to get the most from the best bonus deals at the casino, you need a healthier bankroll. Moreover, suppose you start considering things like playthrough requirements, VIP schemes, and loyalty schemes. In that case, it’s straightforward for high-rollers to benefit from the casino bonuses. In simpler terms, you’ll get more if you’re willing to spend more at the casino. This is because it will be easier for you to meet the playthrough conditions in less time and accrue more points. Bonuses are always easier to come by when playing casino games online.

Private Gaming Areas

High-roller rooms in land-based casinos unreservedly ooze luxury when it comes to personalized offerings, décor, and layouts. And rubbing shoulders with high-rollers could easily see you sitting next to great people from politicians and celebrities to industrial tycoons and bourgeois.

These high-limit rooms feature private lounge areas, high stakes tables, speedy check-ins, and separate entrances. On the other hand, online casinos feature virtual VIP member’s only rooms. While these cannot offer the luxury of what brick and mortar casinos can, the rooms usually accommodate fewer gamblers – this means that players choosing to visit such casinos can relax more and play at their own pace.

Personalized Account Managers

In land-based casinos, cashiers, with a personal staff ready are waiting to heed to all your calls, and usually handle VIP players. However, when it comes to online gambling, casinos offer regular subscriptions to the VIP programs that include players’ account managers. Also, since VIPs usually spend lots of money, they are prioritized, and transactions are processed faster.

Faster & Better Service

Just like their land counterparts, online casinos are not afraid to roll out the red carpet for their high-rolling players. Through VIP programs, they provide high-rollers with exclusive invites to holidays in the sunny parts of the world, tickets to movie premieres, all-paid getaways, and so much more.

If you’re playing in a high-roller club, a casino literally cannot do enough, and an assistant will only be a few meters away to heed your calls. Most land-based casinos offer the best treatment until your bankroll is depleted. Online casinos provide live dealers and personal account managers that are more attentive to gamblers and provide excellent service, including quick payouts and withdrawal times.

Deposits, Withdrawals & Credit Lines

As well as the chances to attend exclusive events, high-rollers can expect the casino to process their payout and withdrawal requests in a jiffy. Any high-roller online casino worth its salt is often willing to work outside their T&C’s to deliver faster withdrawals to its high-value customers. You’d be surprised to learn that some high-rollers get their winnings credited to their bank accounts within 6 hours or even earlier.

Deposit is especially where online casinos bring their A-game when serving high-rolling players. For one, the casino will not hesitate to stretch their deposit limits to accommodate a VIP player’s needs. Sometimes, the casino might also be willing to take deposits through other options they’d otherwise not entertain. If a high-roller wants to deposit $50,000 directly from a bank account, the casino will do whatever it takes to make it happen. The same goes for withdrawals and withdrawal limits.

Another benefit that high-rollers and VIP players can expect when playing in a land-based casino is great credit lines. This means that for the big spenders, the casino will give you a load to bet with. The loan chip worth $10,000 that players return after the winning session is completed. Nevertheless, this isn’t a way for a casino to get big spenders placing big wagers – all of which will ultimately be recouped by the casino anyway.

Fine Dining & Gourmet

All the best casino establishments have their bars and restaurants catering to hotel and casino guests. Most of the time, the food comes as an all-in-one package when playing as a VIP player. Keep in mind that we are not talking just about box standard fries and burgers either. The kitchens prepare a wide range of highly delicious cuisines for high rollers. High-rolling guests can order pretty much anything they want from the casino’s kitchen and get it on time.

Online casinos might not be able to provide a personalized chef or waiter, but the operator will often send you coupons or vouchers for a more refined dining experience at your place of choice.

Birthday Rewards And Custom Gifts

Free bets and bonuses are an excellent offer for high rolling players, but when it’s your anniversary or birthday, the casino will send you gifts to make your day feel more special.

Often, this will come in the form of comp reward points or free bets, while some casinos will even send you on a luxurious weekend break or vacation if you are a member of their VIP club. Other personalized gifts you will receive include theatres, events, and concerts.

Luxury Hotel Stays

In establishments such as MGM and Caesars, these renowned casinos contain many penthouses, apartments, and lavish suites. In most cases, these multi-complex facilities will fly high rollers in by private jets. If you are a big spender, you can consider this as a thank you package from the operator. Technically speaking, this is free money because you won’t have to pay the casino back.

Exclusive Bonuses

Online casinos sure know how to bring out the big guns when it comes to enticing high-rollers with lucrative bonuses and irresistible promos. Their goal is to keep the high-rollers happy so they can keep coming back. As such, online casinos often go all-in with deposit bonuses, high-rate cashbacks, lucrative loyalty points on each stake, special anniversary bonuses, and so much more. And these offers are not just humongous, they are also frequent, come in all sorts, and valid on just about any game at the casino.

Take a look at some top casinos today, and check out for yourself the eyebrow-raising high roller welcome bonuses and cashbacks they offer VIP club members. It’s not uncommon for high-rollers to receive up to 25% cashback on what they spend on the casino, while regular players are even lucky to get a cashback in the first place.

24/7 Personalized Support

Online casinos are often willing to go above and beyond to ensure that their high-value players get the help they need, whenever they need it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technical or payment issue, high-stake players can count on the online casino to offer customized support 24/7. And the customer support team usually comprises top-notch specialists who can provide them with special bonuses and promos as well as introduce new offerings to the high-rollers.

Final Thoughts

Remember that every casino has its VIP club, and each of them deals with high rolling players differently. Becoming a high roller should be a process. You should stick to betting with money that you can afford, stick to the most effective casino strategy and take advantage of the available bonuses when playing at an online casino. Overall, there are just some of the high roller benefits you’ll enjoy for playing or betting on sports.

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