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Finding The Best Online Bingo Games in 2021

Finding The Best Online Bingo Games in 2021

There are many types of casino games you can play when you’re gaming online. One that’s always been a favourite is bingo. In 2021, this classic casino game hasn’t been left behind, with the top online casinos offering some exciting online bingo titles for players to win money on.

This article aims to look at the bingo scene in the 21st century and decide what the most popular games are, what features they offer, which have the best payouts, and other important factors. Keep reading this article to find the best sites to play these games.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a classic gambling game of chance. Throughout history, Italian and French lotto styled games emerged. But it wasn’t until the 1920s when Hugh Ward introduced the modern game of bingo to America.

There are many styles of bingo played today, some common ones are 90 Ball, 75 Ball, 80 Ball, 60 Ball, and 30 Ball. You will often find local community centres & casinos with packed halls, with rowdy players screaming BINGO whenever they hit a win.

Bingo games vary depending on the style of the game, but most commonly the online games use a computer RNG system that randomly selects 30 balls. Players purchase cards before the game for a certain stake. Each card comes arranged with numbers at random.

As the numbers are called out, players mark off the ones they hit on their cards. Depending on the game you’re playing, there are different patterns/layouts/rows that can form a winning combination. These combinations can be connecting numbers in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines across the card.

Online bingo casinos offer players the opportunity to enjoy their favourite type of casino game from the comfort of their homes. With HTML5 technology, the latest games are available on mobile & tablet devices, making 2021 the year of wireless bingo.

Typical Bingo Payouts

The payouts for a bingo game often vary depending on the variation. We’ve listed the payouts for the online bingo version called Bingo Extra. The below payouts can be achieved with bets ranging from $10 – $100.

  • 4 Numbers: 2x
  • 5 Numbers: 4x
  • 6 Numbers: 20x
  • 7 Numbers: 85x
  • 8 Numbers: 330x
  • 9 Numbers: 1,000x
  • 10 Numbers: 2,000x

Best Casinos With Bingo Games In 2021

If you search around, it’s not too hard to find the best casinos with bingo games in 2021. We looked at some top gaming sites to discover which ones offer a suitable choice of bingo titles for players to win cash on.

Each site provides at least seven bingo variations, with the top ones offering up to 30 styles. You can find virtual & live bingo games on these sites. This exciting game roster means you can take a break from the slots and enjoy some bingo action at your favourite online casinos. We’ve listed some top sites where you can sign up and play these games today.

Top Bingo Casinos

Top 5 Bingo Games You Can Play In 2021

When you sign up to play at a casino, you’ll find many popular bingo games. Famous game studios develop these titles, with certified & tested RNG systems. This means the latest online bingo games are 100% fair, fun & safe to enjoy in 2021. We’ve gone into more details on some of the coolest titles you can play today.

Bingo Live

Live Bingo is a title offered by Atmosfera. This takes bingo to a whole new level, merging classic bingo hall games with the worldwide online casino market. Players can now play online bingo, just like in real life, thanks to beautiful HD streams. There’s even a jackpot prize waiting for lucky players who hit the ultimate 10 number combos.

Classic Bingo by Atmosfera features live streaming of number drawing, no limit on number tickets you can buy, auto determine wins and ranging card prices suitable for all players. Betting ranges from $1 – $100+ pre-game.

In this version, each card has six areas with three rows and nine boxes across. The attendant will draw 70-90 balls. If you hit a number, it’s crossed off automatically, so you can sit back and enjoy hands-free live bingo.

Bingo Soccer

Bingo Soccer is a popular game released by Belatra Games in 2019. It’s featured on many online casinos and is famous for bingo players. The RTP of this game is 94%, and the maximum you can win is 1,500x the stake.

Belatra has merged two popular games, Bingo & Soccer, into a unique casino title that will captivate all players. Set on a soccer pitch, with the goal taking centre stage, the colourful balls, cards & background make for an excellent experience.

There’s the option to bet $0.20 – $20 per card. In the main game, 60 balls are used, 30 are randomly picked using an RNG. In the additional game, players can buy up to 14 balls from the remaining ones and strive to get lucky by landing larger winning combinations.

European Bingo Roulette

European Bingo Roulette is an intriguing concept developed by the Atmosfera game studio. In this combination of bingo & roulette, players pick numbers between 1-37 and place bets.

A computer RNG system is visualized with a virtual tumbler on the screen, which is an attractive element, noticing the balls roll around. On the side screen is a roulette table layout, players can place bets on which numbers they anticipate will be picked.

There are different ways to win on European Bingo Roulette, with single bets offering 35x payout, split bets paying 17x, triple bets paying 11x. Outside bets like 1-18 & 19-36 pay 2x the stake.

Extra Bingo

Extra Bingo is another famous title Wazdan released in 2016, making it an online bingo classic. Many online casinos feature this title for players who enjoy the high 95.96% RTP, and simple layout & betting options.

Bet sizes range from $10 – $100 per game. Hitting the best combo on Extra Bingo can earn you a massive 2000x payout. The virtual screen layout offers a cool game experience, with 20 bright balls coming out of the tumbler at a time.

The interface is friendly & easy to use with 80 selections across the card. Many beginner players will appreciate this simple style of game layout, while professional bingo players will enjoy chasing the 2000x max win. Get 4 connections to land the min win, while a 10 combo offers the highest payout in ExtraBingo.

Just A  Bingo

Just A Bingo is a famous bingo title from Belatra Games. This one was released in 2018 and has had a few years for players to familiarize themselves with. It’s now featured in the lobby of many popular casinos.

In this version, there are 30 numbered balls and four-game cards on the screen. The aim is to hit winning 4-10+ combos. The ways you can win are listed at the top of the screen, with certain hits & layouts paying out more.

Betting limits are diverse, with options from $0.20 – $20 per game. The potential max win in Just A Bingo is 1500x the bet, providing superior value for bingo players in 2021.


Bingo is a unique style of gambling game. It’s a classic, with variations of Italian and French versions dating back to the 17th & 18th centuries. In the 1920s, the traditional game was introduced to the USA, and the rest is history.

Now it’s easier than ever to find the online casinos with the best bingo games in 2021. You can sign up and play these games on PC & Mobile devices, with diverse betting ranges, large bonuses and sensational gameplay waiting for lucky players.

Finding The Best Online Bingo Games in 2021 FAQ

  • What are the different types of bingo games?

    There are many types of traditional bingo games. These include UPick’Em Bingo, Quick Shot, Shotgun, Bonanza, Facebook, Table, Electronic, Music, Death. Most offline bingo games are played in local community centers and casinos, with each offering different games, layouts & payouts.

  • What are the best online bingo games to play?

    Some of the most popular online bingo games are Live, Soccer, Extra, Roulette, 88 Bingo, 2050, Park, Aztec, Chef, Crusoe, Cupid, Fashion Bingo, King Bingo, OZ Bingo, Rio, Shamrock, Super Hot, Rainforest Magic, Sweet Alchemy, Hot Bingo, and Cupcakes.

  • Can you play free bingo online?

    When you sign up at an online casino, you can try the games in either Demo or FUN mode. This lets you test the games using free/virtual credits, without risking money. Once you’ve tried the game and decided if you enjoy it, you can make a deposit to play real money bingo games.

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