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Which is the Best Video Poker Game to Play

Which is the Best Video Poker Game to Play

You’d be forgiven for thinking video poker is yet another fancy slot machine. It isn’t. Unlike slots that usually depend on the gameplay, RTP, and the actual machine, winning at video poker is all about your skills, winning strategies, and knowledge as a player. With that in mind, why don’t you delve into our comprehensive video poker guide? We have put together all you might need to understand to get started in the exciting world of this favourite casino game.

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Interactive, fun, and equally rewarding, video poker games come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to choosing the best video poker game to play online, it all boils down to three factors:

  • The variance of the game
  • The return to the player (RTP) or the game’s house edge
  • The online casino you decide to play the game at.

These three important elements come together to help you land a title that’ll be not only exciting and effortless to play, but one that will most likely deliver big wins. Let’s walk you through these factors that will determine what the best video poker game to play is. ← This is the keyword which means I can’t remove it.

The Variance of Video Poker

Variance (also known as volatility) tells you how frequent wins comes from the game, and how much those wins are. A low variance video poker is one where you win more frequently, but those wins are usually smaller. The opposite is also true; high variance video poker games deliver big wins less frequently. So, which matches your casino player personality – a low variance, medium variance or high variance video poker game?

Low Variance

A video poker game with a volatility of 30 or less is often considered a low variance game. There are plenty of good low variance video poker titles available at online casinos. The most popular ones include (the variance is shown in the bracket): USA Poker (26), Double Bonus Poker (28), Bonus Poker (21), Double Jackpot Poker (22), Jacks or Better (20), Deuces Deluxe (26), Deuces (26), Joker Wild Kings or Better (26), PickEm Poker (15), All American poker (27), Aces & Eights (22), Double Aces & Faces (29), and Aces & Faces (21).

The good thing about a video poker game that’s low volatile is that you can have a small bankroll and still enjoy the whole gambling experience. In fact, these games were designed for those players who don’t want to wager a lot of money. If this sounds like you, Jacks or Better is a great choice to play at a high-quality online casino. You can build your bankroll with royal flushes slowly yet steadily. The downside is that the game can be somewhat boring because of the lack of higher-paying hands.

Medium Variance

If you want to stick your hands in the best of the two worlds – low and high variance games, you better choose medium volatility video poker game. They are so-so when it comes to ease of playing. And they usually require a modest bankroll. A good medium-variance video poker game would be Double Bonus Poker.

High Variance

On the upper echelon of playing video poker are the high variance games. These are video poker games that are ideal for players with significant bankrolls, experience, strategy, and skills. The volatility of video poker can be as high as 51, so you have a bigger leeway when it comes to choosing. So, which is the best high variance video poker to play?

You can select your favourite from a wide range of video poker variants that are considered highly volatile. These include Bonus Deuces Wild (33), Double Double Bonus Poker (42), Double Double Jackpot Poker (38), Bonus Poker Deluxe (32), Double Bonus Poker (28), Deuces Double Bonus (40), Deuces & Joker Wild (46), Joker Wild & Pair or Better (31), Super Double Poker (38), Super Double Double Bonus (51), Triple Bonus Poker (45), Triple Bonus Plus Poker (44), White Hot Aces (44), Double Double Aces & Faces (42), and Super Bonus Deuces Wild (37).

As a rule of thumb, video poker titles with high volatility are usually quite exciting and fun to play. Also, that means that the game will pay a higher hand per deal. Unfortunately, that also implies that you need a more complex winning strategy to come out a winner. Triple Double Bonus Poker is a classic example of high volatility video poker title that you need to check out.

Choosing High-Quality Video Poker Game Based on Payouts

Online casinos provide a huge number of titles that fall on both ends of the RTP and payout spectrum. So, variance alone will not tell you if the video poker game is worthy of your money. When choosing high-quality video poker game, keep an eye for titles with the high RTPs like All Aces Poker, which boasts of a whopping 99.92% RTP. In other words, that means the house edge is a meagre 0.08%. Jacks or Better is yet another video poker game of high RTP of 99.54%.

Here’s are other high RTP games to check out, Double Joker Power Poker (98.1%),  Deuces Wild 1 Hand (97.97%), Aces & Faces (99.26%), Joker Wild 1 Hand (97.95%), Aces & Eights (99.09%), Loose Deuces (99.07%), Deuces & Joker Poker (96.90%), Double Double Bonus (98.98%), Ultimate X Five Play Draw (96.80%), Deuces Wild (98.91%), Joker Poker (98.48%), Double Joker Poker (95.88%), Jackpot Poker (93.40%), All American 1 Hand (98.11%), and Bonus Poker Deluxe (91.30%).

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