Biggest Roulette Cheats and Ways to Cheat at Roulette

Biggest Roulette Cheats

Roulette is one of the most popular table casinos games, and with good reason. It’s fun to play, easy to master and the chances are of winning are pretty high. Even though winning is pretty high, their are still ways to cheat at Roulette.

The house edge for European Roulette, for example, is 2.7%, while that for French Roulette is about 1.35%. That’s very low compared to other casino games. Even still, there are those players who choose to take the easy route ⁠— to cheat.

This begs the question: is it possible to cheat at roulette? Can you get away with it? The truth of the matter is that cheating at roulette is possible, and perhaps easier than most people think. That’s not to say that it’s easy peasy. For the most part, it’s not legal or even a good idea altogether.

Get this: the genius of all time, Albert Einstein once tried to study the roulette in a bid to beat the casino. Do you know what he found out? Einstein discovered that you can’t beat the casino, at least when it comes to the game of roulette.

In fact, he suggested that the best way to cheat at roulette is to target when the dealer isn’t watching and scheme or steal chips. Funny as that might sound, it’s one of the many ways gamblers cheat the casino at roulette.

Ways to Cheat at Roulette

(a) Past Posting

This isn’t a new trick used by players to beat roulette. It’s been used for many decades, and it’s preferred for its simple nature. You will probably not get away with this method for long.

Past posting entails when a player places chips on a winning number as soon as the ball falls on the slot. It’s a no-brainer because you’re essentially betting on a number you know for sure has won.

This cheating method is so simple that pretty much anyone can attempt it. But succeeding in your ruse is a different story because this is something you can easily get caught doing.

Your hands should be agile and fast, and your timing should be flawless. If you miss the moment even by a beat, the folks in charge will notice your ill-tactic. A repeat offense will probably get you kicked out of the casino or even reported to the authorities.

(b) Conspiring with the Dealer

You have probably seen those TV or movie scenes where the dealer and players collude to take the house down. While Blackjack is often the game of choice, players and Roulette dealers can also conspire to reap off the casino.

The initial planning usually happens outside of the casino. The player will have to find and play at the table where the dealer is responsible. Often, the dealer will secretly add chips to winning numbers. Alternatively, the dealer can pretend not to “see” players who are placing late bets.

Roulette cheats who collude with dealers typically choose low-activity periods. That way, they can go ahead with the ruse without their scheme being suspected by other players or pit bosses. In some cases, the pit bosses or floor managers can be in it too.

(c) Using Magnetized Balls

This is hands down one of the most complex, risky and elaborate roulette cheating methods out there. It’s the kind that was used by the Ocean 13 folks. The cheats usually install magnetic balls and remote-controlled elements within the wheel itself.

As such, they can control with a high level of accuracy where the ball will land on the wheel. It’s been done before, and several similar cases are thwarted every year. If you want to try this method, you have to be a little more creative than the last cheats who were caught.

A group in comprising an Austrian and 4 Germans made away with over $250,000 by installing a magnetic ball. They controlled it remotely but were discovered by the metallic cufflinks of the dealer got stuck on the wheel.

(d) Compromising Roulette Computers

A group of academicians attempted this in the early 1970s. The so-called Eudaemons used an oscilloscope and a camera to track the motion of the wheel. By doing so, they could calculate and predict how it’ll land next.

(e) Wheel Gaffing

Gaffing means altering the mechanism of the roulette wheel in such a way that it favors certain slots. That means the cheats will know and place their bets on these numbers.

One of the well-known wheel-gaffing cheats is Pierre Dugal. He was a carpenter who used his skills to alter than wheels and improves his odds.

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