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Biggest Roulette Wins In History

Biggest Roulette Wins In History

The roulette game is one of the most popular games you’ll find on the casino floor. The player spins the wheel, and if the ball lands in your spot, you can easily end up receiving 35 times your bet. There have been incredible roulette wins with gamblers who either found their luck or an edge.

Following are some of the biggest roulette winners in history.

Charles Wells

  • When – 1891
  • Winnings – 2,000,000 francs
  • Winning bet – multiple

In 1891, a small-time thug by the name of Charles Wells won big.

Charles participated in the casino gaming action at Monte Carlo casino resort when he won some life-changing sum of money. While in roulette, the winning odds are generally in favour of the house; Charles won 23 out of 30 consecutive rounds. Wells broke the bank since the table run out of cash.

However, Wells didn’t stop betting while he was still ahead; he continued placing bets. He came back to the casino and won another million francs. While he was a small-time thug in early life, he legitimately won the money.

Accounting for conversions and inflation, wells managed well-won millions of cash in today’s amounts.

Ashley Revell

  • When – 2004
  • Winnings – $135,000
  • Winning bet – red

Wager it all on red or black is basically shoddy betting advice. It isn’t that the winning odds are tailored against you. Actually, it’s your best choice when playing roulette- it’s only that it’s usually recommended as the final option.

This is precisely what Revel wanted to do when he walked into Las Vegas. Revell took his savings and hit the casino roulette looking to double his funds. Essentially it was even more than his savings because he had also sold all his assets including his clothes, watch, car, and house. Then Revell let it ride on the red, and fortunately, the number 7 slot was red. Revell used all his winnings to start a new poker website by the name Poker UTD.

Pedro Grendene Bartelle

  • When – 2017
  • Winnings – $3.5 million
  • Winning bet – number 32

Although most of the biggest roulette wins featured here are before the invention of smartphones. However, Pedro’s massive winning wasn’t just recent but was also captured on camera.

Pedro went to Hotel Conrad in Uruguay to spin the wheel. The Brazilian businessman and a few of his friends crowded the roulette table as he placed a bet on number 32. Overall, he placed a $35,000 bet. With the roulette wheel landing on the number 32, both Pedro and his friends started screaming with joy, cheering, and dancing after he won big.

Although it’s a huge winning, the win was a small amount for a man of his caliber. Pedro is a billionaire, and his nephew was the CEO of the 3rd biggest footwear company in South America.

Mike Ashley

  • When – 2008
  • Winnings – 820,000 pounds
  • Wining bet – complete bet

There are numerous rags to riches stories in casino gambling, but Ashley isn’t among them. He won big on the roulette wheel, but he was already high up in life. He is a billionaire businessman who owns numerous businesses, including the Newcastle football club.

Back in 2008, Ashley felt like he needed to have some fun and visited the private casino located in Mayfair. Ashley placed a 480,000-pound bet on the ‘complete bet.’ This means he gets any of the six lines, corners, and streets and splits bets. Lucky for him, the ball landed on number 17, and Ashley won big.

Essentially, the payout wasn’t the standard 35/1 since he did not choose one number. Ashley’s payout was less mainly because he had increased his winning chances.

Joseph Jagger

  • When – 1873
  • Winnings – $375,000
  • Winning bet – 29, 28, 22, 19, 18, 9, 8, 7

Jagger was a mechanical engineer with a proper understanding of how machines work. Nevertheless, Jagger employed different skills to win it big at the roulette table.

He bribed six casino employees who worked the wheel at Monte Carlo casino and asked them to study where the ball was landing on the wheel. After the staff followed the roulette wheel for a few weeks, they reported back to Jagger with a clear pattern – the ball kept landing on pockets 29, 28, 22, 19, 18, 9, 8, and 7 more than others. As you can see, something seems to have been terribly wrong considering the roulette wheel is always supposed to be random.

Taking advantage of all the insights he had gathered, Jagger went to the casino and won $375,000 over a few days. Today, the win would be millions, so Jagger claimed his cash and retired. Jagger never stepped foot into the casino ever again.

Actors from The Buried Life Film

  • When – 2010
  • Winnings- $125,000
  • Winning bet – red

The Actors from The Buried Life Film decided to have some fun at the casino. Although most of the gamblers took home some winnings, the guys never knew when to stop.

The cast placed $125,000 on the roulette tables hoping to place three bets and ended up winning millions. The players stared at each other and chose to wager on red, and when the wheel landed on the pocket, they started cheering after the ball landed exactly where they wanted it to and decided to double up.

Although one of them proposed leaving the casino and taking away a whopping $250,000, the cast opted to continue. The $250,000 wager on roulette remains one of the biggest bets in the Las Vegas casino.

With the adrenaline rush in their blood, the players decide to bet on the black, but they weren’t so lucky this time because they lost. But as they say, you lose some; you win some.

Phillip Green

  • When – 2004
  • Winning – 2 million euros
  • Winning bet – straight up, black and red bets

Sir Philip Green is the Arcadia Groups’ chairman and billionaire businessman. If you aren’t familiar with his company, you may know fashion companies and retailers such as Outfit, Burton, Evans, Wallis, Topman, and Topshop.

Philip has been a frequent visitor at some of the biggest casinos in London and visited Mayfair’s Ambassadeur’s Club in 2004. What Philip didn’t know is that he wasn’t just going to win one bet; he was on a winning streak to the extent that he set off the casino’s red flag. This is because Philip won more than 2 million euros, which made the management nervous.

Billy Walters

  • When – 1980’s
  • Winnings – between $3 million to $4 million
  • Winning bet – various bets

Walters is one of the few sports bettors who have managed to win it big betting on roulette. Bookmakers are very cautious whenever Philip chooses to place bets.

In the 1980s, Walters was a roulette pro. He could hunt for biased wheels and hired a group of gamblers to help him. The team would move from one casino to another, looking for defects on the roulette wheel. Walters would then take the casino for whatever it had.

He was even able to convince Caesars Palace casino to increase his betting limits and said he wanted to play the roulette wheels. Playing between $1000 and $2000 spin, woe unto the casino, Walters cleaned the casino out for about $ 3 million.

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