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Do Online Blackjack Professionals Make Money?

Do Online Blackjack Professionals Make Money?

Blackjack players can make over $100,000 per year playing this skill-based game at casinos. Thousands of players have learned to play blackjack online as professionals. Also, you can learn to beat the casino in its own game and get bonuses like free concert tickets, free rooms, and free meals from the players club.

Winning At Blackjack

The secret to winning when playing blackjack is placing bigger bets if you have the edge over the casino and small bets when you don’t. As you learn how to play blackjack, you will find the card game has many rules, but learning the basics will help take your gaming from a rookie to a seasoned player.

Professional Blackjack

After you’ve learned the basics of the game and understood the basic strategy, you need to know something about card counting. Also, you should set winning and losing limits and stick to them.

How Much Do Blackjack Pro Players Make?

If you’ve ever considered playing blackjack like a professional, then you have possibly asked yourself how much do blackjack professionals make? However, this is a very risky business, with no assurance of winning any money, although still the blackjack professionals regularly make profits. While it might appear crazy to players who have never bet on this game at the highest level, it’s still possible to win regularly playing real money blackjack. However, how much you can make when playing blackjack online depends on your stake and ability, but as you’ll find out, most blackjack professionals can make reasonable sums of money each year.

There are blackjack players who have claimed to make millions playing blackjack. For instance, Don Johnson won about $15 million gambling at 3 Atlantic City casinos in 6 months. Other players have made about $1 million per year. According to most blackjack professionals, they’ve managed to win about $200 per hour playing real money blackjack.

The main issue with online blackjack is that you must have enough money to stand a chance of making money, but as they say, you need to start somewhere. If you are an aspiring blackjack professional, then you can’t just quit your 9 am – 5 pm job to start playing blackjack for only a few dollars per hour, although if you start playing during your free time, then you get a chance to build a substantial bankroll and improve your gaming skills and over time be able to play professional blackjack.

How To Earn A Living Playing Blackjack?

A blackjack professional is an individual who earns a living playing real money blackjack. Following are a few tips on how to play blackjack like a professional.

Master More Sophisticated Card Counting Systems

Theoretically, you can use the Hi-Lo system to become a blackjack pro. This is a fundamental card counting system that many players have used. For casual players, this is a perfect strategy because it’s effective and easy.

However, if you want to earn a living with blackjack, you need to identify and take advantage of all the loopholes. Adopting an effective card counting system helps improve your edge over the house by becoming more accurate with regards to when you can raise your stake; it’s more accurate with regards to deviation from the basic strategy.

Have A Big Bankroll

To play real money blackjack, you must have enough funds in your bankroll. To determine the bankroll requirements, you should understand your risk tolerance levels. A casual player has a higher tolerance for risks than the professional players, mainly because there’s no real money involved. If you choose to play blackjack recreationally and deplete your bankroll, no need to worry, you’re just playing for fun. And you can quit with no stress.

However, if you play blackjack like a pro and deplete your bankroll, you won’t have more money to continue playing, and you might have to look for a new career.

We strongly recommend making sure that you have at least 1,000 betting credits. This means if you have a wagering spread of between $10 and $100, you will need a $10,000 bankroll to bet. This limits your ruin risks to below 1%.

You might also try making money as a card counter in blackjack with a small bankroll, but you might also risk losing all your funds. For instance, if you have $10,000, you have a 5% chance of losing your entire bankroll.

To make money as a card counter, you should be able to wager perfectly. A mistake in one hand, can reduce your expectation to almost 0.

Master The Basic Strategy

To succeed in real money blackjack, you must master the basic strategy. You need to make the right decision in almost every situation on the table. Also, you should learn how you could quickly adjust the blackjack strategy depending on the card count, but until you master the basic strategy, this isn’t possible.

You can decide to purchase a training program to help understand the basic strategy and test it.


If you’re playing blackjack online from home, then practising to master the basic strategy is pretty easy. All you have to do is find a casino that offers the ‘Demo’ version. This will help you learn the rules of the game without spending your money. However, this might not be possible when playing in a land-based casino.

However, you can get started with the perfect basic strategy at low bet tables and see what happens. If you aren’t sure how you can play a certain hand, you can use the charts. You should never move to high-stakes tables until you are 100 % confident that you will not make a mistake.

Take Advantage Of Blackjack Online Bonus Offers

Online blackjack has increasingly become popular among professional casino players because many operators offer many promotional offers and lucrative bonuses. This has allowed many professional blackjack gamblers to beat the casino. Ignoring blackjack bonuses reduces your chances of winning. However, before accepting the available casino bonuses, you need to learn more about the terms and conditions attached to such offers. Almost every casino bonus comes with playthrough conditions. The playthrough requirements mean you must wager the bonus plus deposit a few times before you can be allowed to cash out your winnings. Also, casinos offer players Loyalty and VIP club offers.

Play At A Renowned Casino Site

There are hundreds of gambling sites offering different blackjack variations. If you’re looking at the best casino site to play blackjack, you should consider the following:

  • Outstanding customer support
  • Fair and safe gameplay
  • Security and licensing
  • Payment methods support
  • Variety and size of promotions and bonuses
  • Blackjack variations available

Earn Over $100,000 Playing Online Blackjack

If making a six-figure salary from the blackjack games sounds good, it is. Keep in mind that earning $100,000 playing blackjack is easier said than done. It requires lots of hard work. Like any other thing we do in life, practice makes perfect, and the same applies here. To become a professional blackjack player, you must be able to make fast, accurate decisions.

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