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Tips For Cheating At Craps

Tips For Cheating At Craps

If you’re looking for tips for cheating at craps, it’s likely you aren’t winning the game as much as you’d want. Since you must be extremely desperate to try something that could put you in prison for up to 25 years.

For starters, let’s start by clearly stating that cheating at craps isn’t a good idea. If you try crap cheating at a land-based crap table, CCTV will probably catch you. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to cheat at online craps, then we hope you got some state-of-the-art hacking systems because it’s the only way to penetrate an online casino’s security systems.

However, if you persist and still want to know what’s the best way for cheating to get some quick and easy wins, let’s take a look at some of the crap cheats that gamblers have used over the years.

If you want to legitimately play craps, we’ve listed the best-trusted casino sites that allow you to enjoy a great gambling experience.

Cheating at crap is a common way for players to have an advantage in a game that isn’t usually available to other players. As different forms of cheating, the primary goal is not to get caught, particularly in the casino or when playing real money games, because it isn’t legal. You’ll most likely get thrown out of the venue and possibly jailed.

Some of the cheating methods described here are legal while some aren’t, but none of them will be looked at kindly by the operator. So, we won’t recommend or encourage you to cheat.

Ways of Cheating At Craps

Past Posting

This is a typical kind of cheating at craps. If you choose to play craps, you should place your wager on the options available on the table. After you’ve played the game and the outcome is revealed, the position of your stake shows whether you’ve won or not.

The concept of past posting is that you get to move all the chips on the winning slot to make sure you win the wager before the dealer can see and start paying out the bets.

There are two common problems with this kind of cheating. First, you don’t want the casino staff to notice you moving the bet. Secondly, you need to ensure the dealer doesn’t recall what your original bet was.

We don’t recommend trying this method. A player who once tried to use past posting was able to score a whopping $86,000, but all his winnings were voided after he was discovered. Not to mention he was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Loaded Dice

Ever watched a movie that featured a player cheating at craps? If so, it’s highly likely the player tried using the loaded dice. This method involves interfering with the dice in hand so that once it’s rolled; it will land on specific numbers.

Shaving the edges is another common method. It’s considered that even the smallest change in weight within this area of the dice can dramatically change the craps odds.

Therefore, there are several reasons you shouldn’t try cheating with the loaded dice. First, you need some magical hands sleight to replace the dice. Not to mention that not every casino player is dually great at magic and craps.

Secondly, the dice used by casinos are marked with serial numbers and are transparent. Therefore, if you replace the dice, it would be noticed almost immediately.

Hop Bets

If you’re tired of trying to deceive the dealers, you can even try to recruit them into the scheme. The hop bet is 100% legal, where players try predicting two single numbers on the dice pair. Since there are multiple options, the craps tables do not have all these options available on the table.

Therefore, players should call out the hop bets so the croupier can hear this. And here is a very easy method to cheat; if they’re only a few players, you can make a deal with the croupier to interpret the next bet as the winning number.

While you can easily win by doing this, you’ll have to split your winnings with the dealer. Since the hop bet comprises 452 billion to 1 odds, this is not a cheating method we can recommend for regular usage.

In essence, casinos find it hard to identify players who try cheating with the hop bets. Nevertheless, no player is lucky to win such a wager twice.

Rhythmic Rolling

Any player who has ever played any board game with a dice understands that they can easily manipulate the dice outcomes. It has got everything to do with how you roll the dice.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that casinos love the idea of gamblers using this method. As a matter of fact, you can expect the casino to approach cases of rhythmic rolling with the same rigor they deal with card counting. This means if you try using this method, you might soon find yourself being asked to leave the gaming house.

Sliding Dice

Sliding dice has lots of similarities with rhythmic rolling, but it’s important to note that this method is not legal. This rolling completely negates the randomness, which comes with the normal dice roll. It’s relatively easy for you to learn how to roll the dice properly, but we don’t recommend this.

Casinos are well trained at noticing the players who use this method. Therefore, while different players roll the dice in all sorts of wonderful and weird ways, if you regularly slide the dice, you could be identified. If the casino realizes you’re using this method, you risk getting prosecuted with a criminal offence.

Shaving Corners

Swapping a tricked dice into this game is very difficult, considering the number of unique identifiers a player will have to try in their recreation. Another easy method to manipulate the dice is by shaving the corners next to unwanted numbers so that rolls can land on favourable numbers.

Unlike dice, which come with board games such as the Boggle, casino dice have very sharp corners. They help make guarantee a random roll and eliminate any bias within the dice weight balance.

Wrap Up

Craps is one of the most exciting table games on the floor of any casino. The base bets have a low house edge, great payouts on the high-risk bets, and the tables celebrating pass-line winners like a group. The game has all the makings of a great casino game.

Well, some players fancy how craps commotion and complexity offer leeway for deception. With many bettors placing so many wagers and the large number of chips involved, the craps table is the casino cheaters paradise. But as you’ve seen in this article, if you try rigging the game of craps in your favour using any of the six cheating tips, huge fines and jail time are possible outcomes. It’s impossible to use any of these cheating methods at live dealer casinos.

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