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      Company Name: iGamble Group Ltd.
 Company Address: 304 S. Jones Blvd #2465, Las Vegas NV 89107

                         Email: support[at]

Please Refrain From Contacting Me For Any Of These Reasons:

These days, spam email is becoming a major problem and so I feel it is better to get ahead of the issue by addressing the issue. Taking time to filter through spam emails is frustrating for me and they are most likely a waste of time for the senders. To save everyone the trouble, I want to make clear the sort of communications I appreciate, as well as what I do not tolerate. I will not under any circumstances answer the following queries, and all offending email addresses will be blacklisted;

  • I refuse any forms of advertising that seek to manipulate search engine rankings, as well as those that promote online gaming sites. For this reason, please don’t send me queries about blog post buying or selling, news content or in-content textural links.
  • You want to buy my website. I have more than two decades worth of experience playing slots and my website is the recipient of that passion. It is what I enjoy doing and unless you are willing to offer me a very large sum of money, I am not interested in selling the site at this point in time.

When Should You Contact Me?

With that being said, there are, of course, times when I welcome contact from the outside world. This includes;

  • Questions about online casino games, particularly slots. I have a lot of experience with slots and so while I might not know everything, if you have a question, I will do my best to provide you with an accurate, helpful answer.
  • You locate a bug on my website. I really welcome these emails because they have helped me to make the site better over time. It does not matter whether the problem is large or small, please get in touch when you come across one as this can help me to make the appropriate alterations and help future readers get more from the website.
  • You come across inaccurate information on the website. I write just about all the content on the site, but I also outsource some of the content to experienced and reliable writers. We all try to ensure that our research is top notch and that we provide our readers with accurate, up-to-date information. With that being said, we are only human and sometimes, mistakes are made. If you come across information that is inaccurate, please send me an email.
  • You want to contact me on behalf of the media.

I would also like to add that my website is currently searching for a couple of people to write content for the site. It is difficult for one person to try their hand at all the latest games coming out, so it helps to have people on hand. If there is someone staying in Vegas who enjoys slots and writing about their experiences, please get in touch with me. It would also help to have another individual who enjoys writing about online games so that they can take some work off my hands. Even though I am aiming at creating a new review every day, I am still falling woefully behind with the new releases. Anyone who might be interested, or knows anyone who might be interested, please email me with a short bio and the reasons you would be good for the role. Please include any relevant experience you have and keep in mind that this is a paid position.

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