Curacao eGaming

The Curacao is currently part of the Netherland Antilles and Curacao eGaming was established back in 1996, making it one of the oldest online casino licensing organizations out there. One of the most appealing facets of the Curacao is the fact that it offers extremely low tax rates, so it is no wonder that so many companies have opted to set up in this area of the world. Although this area draws many companies to its borders, the question remains whether licenses obtained from Curacao eGaming will provide customers with peace of mind when they choose to register with a casino that falls under its banner.

Submitting a Complaint to Curacao eGaming

When it comes to reputation, players might find that the Curacao itself offers a mix of ethical and unethical licensing groups, although Curacao eGaming does have a better reputation that many of its competitors. With that being said, there are a variety of organizations that will be more inclined to support players submitting complaints due to the behaviours of less than reputable casinos.

At this point in time, the UK Gaming Commission has not been able to add Curacao eGaming to its list of White List regulators, which could be seen as a sign of mistrust for this organization. Although it has some way to go, Curacao eGaming has constantly been improving the service it provides to its clients and this has ensured that casinos continue to rely on the organization for licenses.

Applying for a License with Curacao eGaming

When applying for a license with Curacao eGaming, casino need to follow a set of requirements before they can obtain the organizations stamp of approval and it all starts with filling out a set of forms provided by the company. The license requirements are not quite as strict as the requirements for the AGCC, for instance, but still stricter than the requirements for the less than reputable organizations.

Casinos who obtain a license are required to pay for it, which filters out many undesirable online casinos that intend on being established to make a quick buck. Casinos do not need to apply for different types of licenses, depending on the establishment being run, since Curacao eGaming offers only one type of license. Those casinos that obtain the license will then be able to display the Curacao eGaming seal on their site, and this is what players will need to look out for when determining whether a casino has been legitimately approved.

Overall, players will be happy to know that while Curacao eGaming offers some level of protection, there is a long way to go before it can provide players with the sort of peace of mind that is offered by some of its competition, and this means that players will still want to do their own research when choosing whether to sign up with an online casino that boasts this sort of license.