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Online Casino Deposit Methods

If you are playing online casino games, then there are probably two reasons why you are doing so. The first is to be entertained, and the second is to (hopefully) win a little bit of money. In the case of the second, you will, of course, need to get money into your casino account so that you can gamble it.

As with everything you do on the internet, transferring money online should be done carefully and considerably. It’s a sad fact of life that no matter where you go online, someone is trying to get their hands upon your hard-earned cash.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to transfer money into a casino account safely. This NewCasinos.org guide aims to teach you the best and safest ways of transferring cash with the deposit methods available to you.

Your Options When it Comes to Online Casino Deposit Methods

There are indeed several ways in which you can make those all-important cash transfers in and out of your casino account.

Credit and Debit Cards

The most common method of depositing and withdrawing at online casinos is using the plastic in your wallet or purse. When it comes to debit payments, the most popular is Visa, and when it comes to credit payments, the most popular is MasterCard. However, many jurisdictions have now banned the use of credit cards at online casinos. Other popular debit credit cards include American Express and Diners Club.


Second to credit and debit cards when making online payments to casinos and slots sites are the eWallet facilities offered by companies that operate online only. The most popular eWallet is PayPal, which became so successful thanks to its association with eBay. Other popular eWallets include Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz. These facilities work by offering you an online-only financial account. You can transfer money into and out of your account to your bank or to an online casino to which you wish to transfer money.

Internet banking

Nearly every bank in the world has an online presence and therefore, online banking facilities. Most banks will not allow you to use such facilities directly when it comes to making deposits at online slots sites and casinos, preferring that you use a Visa debit card instead.

Several payment methods will link your online banking facilities to an online casino via their third-party apps. Klarna and Trustly are two of the best examples of such a facility, although there several others.

Mobile phone payments

One of the best ways of making a payment to an online casino is via your mobile phone bill. To do so, you tell the online casino your mobile phone number and the amount you wish to deposit. The money will appear in your online casino account, and the debited amount will appear on your next bill.

Note that mobile phone payments cannot be used for making withdrawals from an online casino and you are limited to the size of the deposits you can make.


If anonymity is of the utmost importance to you when it comes to online casino deposits, then using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is your number one choice. You transform your native currency to Bitcoins (as one example) then transfer those Bitcoins to the online casino that accepts them. When it comes to making a withdrawal, it’s simply a case of reversing the process!

What to Consider When it Comes to Online Casino Deposit Methods

Not all deposit methods are the same, and not all online casinos that accept deposit methods are the same. Choosing your preferred online casino is as important as choosing your preferred deposit method and the casinos’ attitude to deposits is something you need to consider.

First and foremost, you should only make deposits at casinos with proper licensing. It would be best if you also aimed for casinos with top-tier licensing from authorities such as Gibraltar, Alderney and Malta. If you make a deposit at an online casino without a licence and they refuse to pay back your money, then you do not have much of a legal leg to stand on.

Some online casinos charge fees for deposits and withdrawals, but the best ones will not charge you a cent, so this is something else you need to consider. It would help if you also looked out for ‘bonus exemptions’ which means you do not receive a bonus should you use a specific payment method. The most common payment methods that fall foul of this are Skrill, Neteller, and to a lesser extent, PayPal.

Finally, there is one common factor about most online casinos – they like to keep your money for as long as they possibly can! If a casino drags its heels when it comes to paying out, then you perhaps ought to be looking elsewhere. Deposits are instantaneous, but withdrawals seldom are even though they use the same facilities as deposits, just in reverse. No casino should take longer than three banking days to payout.

Online Casino Deposit Methods Conclusion

Even if you are in an ‘online gambling unfriendly’ territory such as the USA (although even Americans are finally warming to the idea of online gambling) getting your money into and out of your casino account should present you with no problems whatsoever. You have a range of options and a fantastic array of online casinos at which to play.

However, as you are dealing with your hard-earned cash here, there is always one more important rule than all others. Gambling is for entertainment purposes only and, no matter what you think or less honest people than us may tell you, it will never become a steady stream of income. Never, ever gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

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Online Casino Deposit Methods FAQ

  • How can I be sure that my online deposits are secure?

    First, as we have mentioned above, only ever make deposits to online casinos with recognised licensing. Secondly, ALL such licensed casinos use 128-bit encryption technology when it comes to the transfer of sensitive data. Such encryption is impossible to crack, and even if a third party manages to get a hold of the data regarding your financial transfer, it will simply be a string of meaningless numbers to them. The casino will not store sensitive information such as credit card numbers, for example. If you make a deposit and your credit card number appears pre-filled, then it has been saved by your browser and not the online casino.

    Online casinos do not need to store your card details anyhow as each transaction is unique and must contain that information to be processed successfully.

  • What is a ‘pending period’?

    Most online casinos insist on a pending period. This is a time period (usually three business days) between the moment you make a withdrawal request, and the moment your withdrawal begins to be processed.

    This is nothing but a ‘con’ as there is no need for a pending period. It is simply a way for an online casino to keep hold of your money a little longer to earn more interest from it. Online casinos also do this in the hope that during the pending period, you will change your mind about the withdrawal and gamble away the money instead.

    We recommend you find online casinos that do not have pending periods or one that is no more than 24 hours.

  • Which deposit method is the quickest?

    The majority of online casinos will process a deposit instantly, no matter the deposit method you choose.

    When it comes to withdrawals, cryptocurrencies are the speediest as they can be processed instantaneously. Ewallets are next with credit and debit cards being the slowest.

  • Why don’t I qualify for a casino bonus if I choose Skrill as my deposit method?

    Because all you need to open an eWallet account is an email address, so it is much easier to create a fraudulent account using Skrill or Neteller than a fraudulent bank account. Online casinos protect themselves from fraudulent accounts by preventing eWallets from being used to acquire bonuses.

  • Can I make deposits using my own country’s currency?

    That depends upon where you live. Even if you make the deposit payment at an online casino using your native currency, you may find that it is converted to a different one when it arrives in your online casino account. When you make a withdrawal the same thing will happen, but of course in reverse.

    As you will be charged fees for conversion and for using a non-native currency, it is best, if you can, to find an online casino that will accept payments in the currency that is native to the jurisdiction within which you live.

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