Etiquette of Live Dealer Casino Games

Live Dealer Casino Games

As one of the most revolutionary inventions of the gambling industry, live dealer casino games have definitely reached massive popularity and continue to attract players globally. This is so, predominantly due to the games’ unique nature, combining the convenience and accessibility of online platforms with the interactivity of real life dealers.

This novel online casino gameplay format comes with a few unwritten rules in order to get the best possible live dealer casino gaming experience. Known as etiquette, most of them are already known to apply to land-based casino floors, but the online dimension of live dealer casinos can often leave players at a loss of the proper way to behave. Hence, a compiled set of a few guidelines is bound to come in handy when you first take up live dealer casino game action.

Be Polite to the Dealer

It is important that the players are polite and behave well with the dealer of their chosen live dealer casino table game. Namely, despite the employee – customer relationship, the dealer is the one that leads the game flow, maintains everything in order and still tries to maintain the entertainment element typical for casino games in general.

Be Polite to the Remaining Players

Interaction options provided by live dealer casino games are the key distinction from typical RNG-powered gaming software. Since players are able to interact with the dealer and among each other, there are bound to be certain rules of etiquette as to the proper way that is done. Players are basically advised to keep the conversation casual and light, refrain from any insulting language and maintain respect for the other party at all times.

Join the Table Properly

Communication is key, but prior to any conversation, it is important that players leave a good impression from the start and join their chosen table properly. Players should start by checking for an empty seat at the table rather than going up to it only to cause disruption, as it is often that players take up one seat, but play multiple hands and thus occupy multiple seats. Exchanging cash for chips and staking a bet are usually done upon joining the table, which is why players should be aware of chip values and bet placement on the table felt in order to maintain the string of gameplay.

Know the Rules

Chip denominations aren’t the only thing players should know when playing at a live dealer game of blackjack, roulette or baccarat, per say. The rules of gameplay, the minimum and maximum limits of the specific table, as well as the operator’s terms and conditions should all be taken into due consideration.

Be Respectful to Yourself & Others

Some land-based casino operators allow their players to smoke and drink at the respective table, but it is the player’s personal responsibility to be respectful of their surroundings and keep drinking and smoking to a reasonably low extent. Despite the fact that these games are broadcast via computer screens, intoxicated players can drastically disrupt the game flow.

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