Fantasy Sports Betting to be probed in the USA

fantasy sports betting

Call it virtual or fantasy sports betting – depending on where you are from – this is one product that you will find in most of our online bookmakers that we recommend. Over the past several weeks, members of the DOJ (Department of Justice) in the US have the started investigating the operators in the country after allegations of insider information trading arose.

Early reports indicate that the investigation will center on the legality of daily fantasy sports betting within the US and whether they should be considered as illegal.

What is Virtual / Fantasy Sports Betting?

The idea is very simple to comprehend, what happens is that participating players will form a virtual team and then select their preferred players into their teams. Then a player buys into a game; some games are cheap while others are high stakes.

The performance of a real player will play a part in how well you perform in the game – so if the real player performs well in the real world, you score better.

Is Fantasy Sports betting it legal?

With sports betting in the US somewhat illegal in some states, the question which is lingering in the mind of critics is how come this isn’t outlawed yet but rather allowed in most states. The piece of legislation that made gambling illegal didn’t have the foresight that fantasy sports betting would grow and develop in a big industry that is accepted. Since each US state has the powered to enact its own legislation with regards to online gambling it will be hard to change that view.

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