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Football Fan Cashed Out of a Bet at the Right Time

Football Fan Cashed Out of a Bet at the Right Time

Betting on English Football (Soccer) has become more and more popular with the advent of a reliable online bookmaker like EnergyBet, especially the accumulator bet. This is not to say that English Football did not have its fair share of online betting circuits before the advent of the sportsbooks. English Football betting markets, as they stand, are currently estimated to be at a total of $700 Billion and $1 Trillion each year. This is most definitely a very exciting time for a football fan.

Needless to say, that goes to show how much reach the sport has all over the world and how tightly wired up the gambling scene for the sport tends to be.

One such football fan happened to get into the scene with an insignificant amount and managed to pull out a relatively large sum of money given the investment he made.

The football fan happens to be Mr Stewart from Newcastle, England. Mr Stewart decided to place an amount as insignificant as $14 dollars in what is called an accumulator bet. This system happens to take multiple bets that would have a payout of a far smaller percentage and adds them to a bettable that increases with each correct prediction. Keep note that with every wrong prediction the system takes away the money that would in other terms go to you in case of a win.

This had Mr Stewart place a series of bets on the current season of football matches. Online betting can be tricky, but for some, the big win is never too far off. With each passing match, the bets kept stacking up as wins for an eventual payout of approximately $33,400 dollars.

The catch here is that Mr Stewart had a total of 6 bets running at the time when he decided to collect his winnings and run with it. Mr Stewart could have lost it all, as a matter of fact, if he had carried on playing the accumulator bet because the last bet made would have caused him to forfeit his entire pot.

Pulling out of the bet landed the football fan an approximate payout profit of 2400%. That is quite the big win in online betting all this considered. This is quite the unprecedented payout for bets that start from such humble beginnings.

Mr Stewart says that he was elated when the Eden Hazard scored for the Chelsea football team. That caused him to quite literally jump with joy.  He also goes on to say that he is fully aware of the fact that if he had not pulled out of the bet when he did, he would have been left with absolutely nothing.

The difference between victory and defeat for Mr Stewart was of a mere 3 minutes. That was the time it took for the tide to be turned in the game that was to be the deciding factor.

Mr Stewart also recalls that he could not believe his luck. He was left looking at the screen of winnings for quite a while, often refreshing, just to make sure that this was real. A big win for Stewart indeed!

23 Mar. 2018, by

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