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Future Trends of Online Gambling and Casino Industry

Future Trends of Online Gambling and Casino Industry

To many people, the 2010s might not seem like long enough, but many things have changed since the 2000s in the tech world. For the gambling industry that includes the online casino and gambling industries, the past few years have also been a period of substantial changes.

As a new decade starts, there are many amazing developments to expect. Keep reading to find how technology has changed and where it may be headed. You will also find more information about the Future Trends of Online Gambling and Casino Industry.

Throwback to 2010s

Throwback to 2010s

It may not seem like much has happened in the past 10 years. But iphone4 was the best phone available, iPads were just getting launched, Facebook was new, and the LTE mobile data was launched back in 2010. Also, HD TVs were are watching today were something you could not even have imagined about.

In the online gambling world, gamers did not have as many choices for playing new casino games from their mobile devices. Esports was something you could never have heard about, and there were not as popular as they are today.

Nevertheless, technology seems to be changing everything. On the other hand, online casinos have been fast to adopt new technology to make the user experience much better. Furthermore, the available casino games become more interactive, more attractive, and much faster. Once you start playing casino games, you get the feeling that you are playing in a real-life casino. This is because the games are streamed live from a casino, which makes it a more secure option and much fun. The following are some of the most important future trends of online gambling that can revolutionize the gambling industry!

Unfolding iGaming World

As the latest technological advances in the world, we are living in today; many things are getting gamified. This is being done using the most stunning graphics and cool animations to make playing more realistic and exciting. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that more casino games are currently benefiting from the latest trends in the eSports gaming world.

Unfolding iGaming World

Game developers and designers are adopting the technology used in video games to create casino games, which happen in regularly updated fantasy arenas. The infinite excitement and same storylines that make many people fall in love with video games such as the call of duty will ultimately transform online casino games. For example, one of the most renowned casino gaming companies by the name Playtech has already started to develop Kingdoms Rise, which is a new game. The game is played in a unique fantasy world. You will be glad to know that the game comes with an ‘economy; where you get to use the coins that you have earned to continue playing other games available in the Kingdoms Rise world.

It is without a doubt that this is an amazing invention for people that live casino games and video gaming since they can combine these two for a more breathtaking gaming experience. It would help if you were on the lookout for stunning new releases, which takes advantage of this amazing technology as casino game designers incorporate more animation and narrative.

Huge Jackpots: One of the most amazing things regarding the internet is how it brings all of us together. This allows more people to work together as part of a team. In the casino world, this means a better and huge jackpot for online casino players. The best online casinos are regularly looking for new ways to provide their player’s incredible prizes, more so if the players can win without wagering huge bets.

Online gaming sites across the globe have come together to find an effective solution that will make gaming more thrilling. Instead of every casino working as a single entitle, online casinos are connecting games. This means that a small amount of every stake placed goes into the huge jackpot pool. These pennies can easily build-up to create a huge jackpot in the shortest duration.

This positive growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of low wager bets that have returned millions of dollar jackpots over the years. Many players fancy having a better chance at the huge jackpots, without necessarily making big wagers. As a result, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Virtual Reality: Another great technology, which is making incredible waves in the gambling space, is virtual reality, which makes it one of the essential Future Trends Of Online Gambling. Virtual reality is now everywhere; the same goes for augmented reality. This is because we love the ability to view different worlds and have a realistic view. Therefore, the possibilities for AR and VR in online gaming are pretty amazing.

Virtual reality builds a simulation that players can dive into, usually utilizing the VR headset, which shows players in their chosen world. On the other hand, augmented reality makes use of the same technology, but lacks a headset. This allows a player to combine the real environment with other elements from the new virtual world. Therefore, virtual reality can allow you to play blackjack in a real casino, while the AR can turn your living room table into a blackjack table.

Game designers are currently trying to come up with different ways through which they can incorporate this technology in a fun way. This might be as simple as building a virtual casino or have more sophisticated elements, which makes gaming similar to living in the best video game. Essentially, augmented reality allows players to turn their games into gaming paradises where they enjoy almost everything in a virtual world.

In the same way, AI has taken off in online gaming. Imagine having a conversion with a poker dealer as you continue playing. You can also interact with other players as you continue playing at the poker table. Combined with AR and VR, this can make for amazing gaming possibilities.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular as a secure mode of payment across the web. While some online casinos still don’t accept cryptocurrency payments, it’s currently becoming more popular for security and privacy reasons. Players no longer have to give their banking information as it was a few years ago, they can trust the cryptocurrency for collecting their winnings and uploading funds to their casino accounts.

There are many different types of cryptocurrency. Many people have already heard about Bitcoin casinos, which is very popular. However, as it continues becoming more popular, other renowned companies are now starting to produce their own technology, a good example is Facebook. Facebook has already experimented with a cryptocurrency like Libra and other great payment methods.

Although more things need to be done concerning regulations in different parts of the globe, many players are now demanding cryptocurrency to be approved as a secure payment option. As cryptocurrency becomes a more popular mode of payment across the web and transactions getting more secure and faster, it will likely take over the traditional modes of making payments.

Skill-Based Casino Games

Possibly inspired by the many millennials watching eSports and playing Fortnite, there is no doubt that online casinos must bring amazing video gaming options to their casinos in the future. A few software companies have already created various workable prototypes.

The Revival of Table Games

The Revival of Table Games

For many years, online slot machines have been an all-time favourite for many gamers and have consequently gained the attention of various casino software developers. You will also find that many online casinos have hundreds of casino slot variations as compared to other casino games offered in these establishments.

However, what has already been seen in 2020 is that table games have started to receive more attention. This can be largely attributed to the fact that more players are now enjoying almost the same versions of non-slot machine games for some time and that has given software companies enough time to create new versions of these amazing games with some amazing graphics.

Likely, this trend has only started becoming popular, and this will continue for the next few years.


There are just some of the amazing ways through which future trends of online gambling and technology can revolutionize the gambling world in the new decade.

Although its evidently clear that technology has overhauled the gaming world as it used to be known, everything that has been highlighted in this post is definitely happening. Gamers will be glad to know that software providers are working on ways to create new casino games that incorporate VR technology. This will improve the gaming experience and make it more fun. You can also check the online casino guide for more information.

We are excited to see how great the iGaming world has become, and the future looks bright!

Regardless of what changes are implemented in the online gambling world, playing classic table games like roulette and poker or slots will never go out of style. The good news is that you are lucky enough to be one of the first people to learn about the latest significant innovations in online casino gambling right here at NewCasinos.org.

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