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Gambling Dictionary

Click on the first alphabet and have a go on this exclusive adventure by enhancing your knowledge with our casino & gambling dictionary!

Ever came across a group of friends and they were talking about betting, poker, craps, and other gambling terminology and you just sat there not understanding a single thing uttered by them? Well, it happens but you certainly don’t have to worry about it! NewCasinos.org has got your back and through our enlisted casino and gambling glossary, every terminology affiliated with the gambling realm has been elaborated in such a simple way. A simple and common way that it will allow you to now know and understand the lingo better than ever.

We have gone out of our way to ensure those who are new potential and established online gamblers can become accustomed to the jargon’s and also look upon our gambling dictionary as a quick reference point. From our official website you can look up every term in our casino glossary and its definition for you to have a better understanding about various words and phrases used in the various gambling activities, the context in which they are used and who uses the words – either the casino dealers or those who enjoy playing casino games.

Learn Casino Gambling Terminology

You can take a look for yourself regarding our comprehensive list of all of the casino definitions compiled together in alphabetical order for easier referencing so that in due course you will know what various sayings and wagers/betting terms mean. Our portal has particularly been developed to serve you – the player – as an easy and simple medium where you can learn a lot about extensive casino gambling terms which are employed in different games ranging from:

  • Table Games
  • Slot Machines
  • Video Poker
  • Las Vegas 
  • Sports Betting
  • Lottery

Our casino and gambling glossary is very useful, you will find every term used so that the next time when you are sitting among friends playing cards, craps or any other table game; you will certainly be well-aware and versed with all the different casino terms. Make our gambling dictionary your companion and watch as you build your vocabulary and knowledge in no time.

If you come across any terms that you can’t find, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will look into adding it to our comprehensive list. We are always looking to improve our gambling glossary so we can keep all our readers well informed and educated on the latest casino and gambling terms. So we appreciate it when you, the reader, take the time to interact with us and provide us with your valued input – honest!

Build your proficiency with our gambling dictionary and start playing online casino games like any other pro player!



  • A Bite

    Request on the part of the gambler to the dealer for a loan.

  • A Cheval

    In Roulette, it is a bet on any two adjacent/ side by side numbers on the layout.

  • Abandon

    Act of giving up or folding a hand and a deal.

  • Above

    The earnings of a casino recorded in the bookkeeping ledger.

  • Accumulator

    At the point when a player chooses various alternatives for what they wager on amid a race or sporting event and consents to have any rewards from the primary wager, they pick naturally put on the following, et cetera until the point that every one of their choices has been betted on. Also known as “acca or acca player”

  • Ace

    1. One dollar bill
    2. A type of card in a deck
    3. In the crap game, Ace is used to referring to die side and have a value of one only
    4. In blackjack, Ace as a card is valued as either one or eleven
  • Across the Board

    A bet of equal stakes on every outcome. It is used for horse racing where win, place and show pools are offered.

  • ACS

    An abbreviation that stands for Automatic Card Shuffler.

  • Action

    The total amount of money placed as a bet on the game/ money wagered. In poker, the wagered money is placed in the pot.

  • Action Jackson

    Any player or gambler who places bets and wages on daily basis (day and night).

  • Active Player

    A player is termed as an active player who represents any group betting against the bank. One who is still placed in the pot.

  • Add-on

    In Poker, the point when the player buys additional chips for the ongoing tournament.

  • Advantage Player

    A player that goes over the limit to take advantage of the house. Online can be bonus abusers while at a land-based casino that may use a tactic like card counting in Blackjack and can also apply to Craps players that use dice control.

  • African Dominoes

    A term used for crap shooting in American slang. It is similar to dice. (see dice for details).

  • Against the Spread

    The aftereffect of an occasion that considers the point spread.

  • Agent

    1. A person who is responsible for the number of bets and also for taking lotteries.
    2. A cheating player who defrauds the casino by working with the dealers and employees of the casino.
  • Aggregate Limit

    Total payout over a single game taking place in a casino

  • Aggregate Winnings

    Total winnings at the end of the game/bet.

  • All In

    When all the chips are placed for betting by a player. Players also use the abbreviation AI for All In.

  • All or Nothing

    Takes place in the Keno game wherein either all the picked numbers or none of them are drawn out.

  • All Out

    At the point when a horse is attempting its hardest.

  • All Weather Racing

    At the point when horse racing happens on a counterfeit surface.

  • American Roulette

    A game with 38 openings, numbered 1 to 36 that has two zero spots, a single zero and a double zero, 0 and 00. It is also known as Double Zero Roulette and is unlike the French Roulette.

  • Anchor Man

    In Blackjack, a person who anchors the game by making the final decision and sits towards the right side of the dealer in the game.

  • Anchor Slot

    The slot or the position place directly on the left of the dealer in Blackjack.

  • Ante

    In Poker, the required minimum bet to receive a hand by the player before the new hand initiates.

  • Any

    1. Dice roll bet that covers 2, 3, or 12 in Craps
    2. One roll bet of the dice being any 7.
  • Any Craps

    A solitary move single-unit wager on 2, 3, or 12 appearing on the following roll. Pays 7 to 1.

  • Any Sevens

    A solitary move wager on 7 appearing on the following roll. Pays 4 to 1.

  • Apple

    An inexperienced player or gambler who has never won before.

  • Apron

    The location where chips are stored on the roulette table.

  • Arbitrage Bets

    This is a strategy where a bettor places a wager on each outcome at various sportsbooks. When doing this – the bettor is able to take advantage of different odds in hopes to win money regardless of the result of the action.

  • Arm

    Act of securing or protection (backing support) against any organized crime.

  • Around the Corner

    A term used in some card games where linking of the highest and the lowest cards is permissible.

  • At Risk

    Refers to when the player’s wager or bet is active in the game or in action during the game.

  • Attack

    An action when a player or the gambler places a bet against the bank.

  • Auction

    In Chemin de fer, bidding takes place to decide about the banker, the highest bidder becomes the banker.

  • Audition

    1. Trying out.
    2. An act of dealing with the supervisor trying to secure a job.
  • Automatic Card Shuffler

    A machine that is used in most card games like Baccarat or Blackjack which shuffles 1 or multiple card decks. You will find this machine being used in land-based casinos of course.

  • Axe

    Winnings cut and taken by the casino.


  • Baccarat

    1. Name of a card game consisting of two players wherein the winning hand rounds closest to 9 and discounts all remaining units of 10.
    2. James Bond’s preferred card game.
    3. Alternative names of Baccarat: Chemin de fer, American Baccarat, Punto Banco, Nevada Baccarat.
  • Baccarat Banque

    Similar to Baccarat. The only difference is the bank is also the casino. All bets and deals of the cards are banked by the casino while both players sit on each side of the table.

  • Baccarat Pit

    Referred to as the setting in the casino where the Baccarat tables are placed.

  • Back Betting

    Used for placing a bet by someone on a players hand. The player who places the bet asks his act is OK and has no right as to how the hand would be played. The person is termed as the back bettor.

  • Back Counting

    The act of counting cards by the black betting player who plays back betting when a beneficial count takes place.

  • Back Line

    Also known as the Don’t Pass line.

  • Back Line Odds

    Odds placed on the point number while there is a bet on the Don’t Pass line already.

  • Back of the house

    Known to be the area of the casino where the team network is out of contact with the guests.

  • Back to Back

    Winning over several hands in a row.

  • Backer Man

    Referred to one who funds a game. Also see: bankroller.

  • Backtrack

    The Roulette wheel’s outer rim where the dealer spins the ball.

  • Badge

    A term (slang) used for a gaming enforcement officer/a police officer.

  • Baggage

    1. A frequent game visitor who never participates.
    2. A player who counts on others to pay their own expenses.
  • Bagged

    The arrested one.

  • Ball

    Spun in a roulette wheel and tends to fall into any of the number slot. The ball in a number slot determines the winning.

  • Ball Out

    When the spinning ball falls out of the roulette wheel and invalidates the spin winning.

  • Bananas

    The checks and the yellow chips used in Baccarat. They are valued at $20.

  • Banco

    1. A cheating method.
    2. In Chemin de fer, used for the bank.
    3. Used in Baccarat by the player who tends to challenge the bank.
  • Banco Suivi

    Used by a player who wants to place a bet against the bank for the second time after losing a coup in the Baccarat game.

  • Bang Up

    A term used by a supervisor who announces the game closing.

  • Bank

    1. A dealer who pays off the bets. Also known as the house.
    2. The initial quantity of chips at a table.
    3. Amount of money placed at a table for a player. Refer to: Bankroll.
  • Bank Craps

    Term used to illustrate the difference of Craps played in the casino that further banks the act.

  • Bank Hand

    One of the two betting positions in the Baccarat.

  • Banker

    One who serves as the financial backing for a game and pays all the winnings and receives all the lost bets. A position controlled by the casino. Some games allow the players to be the banker. Example: Pai Gow.

  • Banking Game

    A type of game wherein the players bet against the house and not against each other. Example: Blackjack.

  • Bankroll

    The total sum set aside for gambling only.

  • Bankroll Man

    Referred to the financer of any game. Also, see Bankroller/Backer Man.

  • Banque

    A variant of baccarat played in America.

  • Bar

    Not permitting someone or something to bar. The casino acceptance of don’t bet when anyone places bar 12 or 2 on Don’t Pass

  • Bar the 12

    Used for a don’t better which is a push number for the come-out roll in Craps. The 2 can be barred instead of 12 as well.

  • Barber Pole

    Bet/wager made of several chips of variant denominations with different colors.

  • Base

    Location on the dice table where bets at large are placed and paid

  • Base Dealer

    Referred to the dice dealer supervising any of the bases.

  • Basic Strategy

    Used to indicate a set of choices to dictate play in Blackjack. Serves as the support for advanced play in the game. Also known as Perfect Strategy.

  • Bean

    Referred to a low-value chip like $1 chip.

  • Beanshooter

    Allows dodgy players to cheat with the help of a simple holdout gadget on their arm.

  • Beard

    Referred to one who wagers on behalf of another gambler to conceal the identity of the original gambler.

  • Beat

    1. Act of overcoming the odds.
    2. Referred to a player cheating over money during a game.
  • Beef

    The act of complaining against a playing mate or the house.

  • Beefer

    A player who has a complaint.

  • Belly Strippers

    Used to describe wider cards wider at the centre instead of any ends. A result of trimmed cards.

  • Bender

    A player who bends the corner of cards to help in cheating.

  • Benji

    Used for a $100 bill.

  • Benny Blue

    Used to indicate the shooter seven outs by the stickman sometimes.

  • Best of it

    A strategy used by the player who has a higher chance of winning than fellow players.

  • Bet

    Bet or wager placed by a player in the casino.

  • Bet Blind

    A wager placed by the player without even glancing at the played cards. Can also be referred to as a blind bet.

  • Bet Both Ways

    Wagers being placed on the do and the don’t in Craps.

  • Bet on the Layout

    A wager placed on any number that’s part of the Roulette table.

  • Bet the Limit

    An act of placing a bet that matches the house’s/table’s maximum allowed bet.

  • Bet the Pot

    A bet that is equivalent to the total amount of all other bets up to the playing point.

  • Betting Progression

    A bet used to determine the next wager via the use of previous wager’s status.

  • Betting Ratio

    The relationship between the lowest and the highest bet percentage placed by the player.

  • Betting Right

    Used for someone who bets with the shooter. A term used in Craps in the same course.

  • Betting System

    Set rules that help the player to determine the best way to use their money for each bet placement in a game.

  • Betting True Count

    Used to maximize the profits by the card counters who vary their bets on the count, making higher bets for a positive count and lower for negative ones.

  • Betting Wrong

    Used for betting against the shooter in Craps.

  • Bevel (-ed)

    Used to refer to dice that improves the player’s odds and shows how the dice is modified so that one or more sides are rounded that further favours numbers that are beneficial for some players. However, this modification dice act is regarded as illegal.

  • Bias

    Referred to a roulette wheel which is not stable and thereby, results with certain number favouring.

  • Biased Numbers

    A term referring to numbers which are statistically proven to hit on long-term analysis.

  • Bicycle

    1. Playing cards manufacturing company.
    2. Indicates the usage style of the cards.
  • Big Bertha

    A jumbo slot machine.

  • Big Blind

    Used in the game, Texas Hold’em as a surrogate part for an Ante. All the players involved in the game eventually bet the ‘Big Blind’ at least once. The Big Blind and the Little Blind, together rotate on the table while staying towards the left side of the deal.

  • Big Con

    Any con that can last many days and includes several people.

  • Big Dick

    Used in Craps for point ten.

  • Big Dime

    Used for a bet of $10,000.

  • Big Eight and Big Six

    In Craps, two immensely poor bets. Also regarded as sucker bets. These bets have similar offs as place 6 and 8.

  • Big Order

    Indicates large bets and is used by bookmakers.

  • Big Red

    Action of placing a bet an Any Seven.

  • Big Six

    Also known as the Wheel of Fortune. The game uses a large wheel vertically mounted with diverse pay-offs.

  • Big Slick

    Used for a hand consisting of A-K.

  • Big Store

    An imaginative site used by con men to cheat on a mark. A Big Store can be a brokerage place, a gambling house and a bookmarking area as well.

  • Bill

    Used by gamblers to refer to $100 bill.

  • Bingo

    A game that uses numbered balls and cards that are divided into two lines, horizontal and vertical. The basic goal is matching the numbers on cards to the ball numbers as they are pulled by the house while there are different ways to win a bingo game from simple lines/patterns and full cards.

  • Bingo Marker

    A marker that covers all the numbers on a Bingo card game.

  • Bird

    Refers to one who anticipates and relishes losing his money.

  • Bite

    Used to illustrate a loan/credit request.

  • Black

    A bet/wager that helps pay even sum in roulette.

  • Black Bet

    A bet that the next number where the ball falls is a black number in Roulette.

  • Black Book

    A document by the NGA (Nevada Gaming Commission) and consists of pictures and names of the known cheating players. Any person in the BlackBook, if permitted in the casino can result in loss of casino license.

  • Black Line Work

    A cheating strategy where a very small cut is made on the black border of the face card. The cheater then knows where each face card is going.

  • Blackjack

    1. A game where objects get closest to 21.
    2. In Blackjack, a winning hand consisting of an Ace and a 10 value card.
    3. A card game wherein the players try their best to best the dealer by getting closest to 21 without going over. (Also known as 21).
  • Blackjack Hand

    Refers to the hand where the first two cards round to 21. A Jack and an Ace is referred to as a blackjack hand.

  • Blacklist

    Similar to BlackBook. A list with photographs of all banned or blacklisted cheats from a specific casino.

  • Blackout Work

    A cheating method where the cards are marks with designs blocked out or embellishing them.

  • Blacks

    A term used for $100 chips (usually black in colour).

  • Blind Bet

    A bet required in poker games that do not need an Ante like the Texas Hold’em Poker.

  • Blister

    A cheating method that is assisted with a small burn placed on the card’s back so the cheat can recognize when it is placed on top of the card deck.

  • Blow

    1. Act of losing.
    2. To be caught while cheating.

  • Bluff

    Player wagering by make-believe that the player withholds a strong hand. This is implied over the opponents so that they fold and the bluffer wins.

  • Bluffing

    Intense wagering with a weak hand at play in order to compel the opponents to fold up.

  • Board

    A place amongst the community cards in games where cards are required like Texas Hold’em Poker.

  • Boards

    Another referring term for Blackboard and the rail. Used for that part of the table raised off the playing surface.

  • Boat

    A container that is used to hold on the unused dice.

  • Boat Race

    Used to describe a corrupt horse race.

  • Body Language

    Visual and non-verbal hints, putting forth information about the individual.

  • Bones

    Refers to Dice.

  • Book

    1. Acceptance of bets on the betting races and sports by an individual or corporate.
    2. Someone accountable for wagers collection and pay-offs for the house, inside and outside the casino.
  • Bookie

    Refer to Book.

  • Bookmaker

    Refer to Book.

  • Bop

    Used for a player’s actions that move and jumps around from one table to another. This is performed in alliance with various partners counting cards at different tables.

  • Bottom Dealer

    A method used by dealers so that they can pull cards from the bottom of the card deck. This technique is regarded as cheating as well.

  • Bottom Track

    The Roulette wheel’s inner rim that stays immobile when the wheel is spun.

  • Bouleur

    A person who spins the roulette wheel. Also, refer to Croupier.

  • Bouncer

    1. One who is accountable for order maintenance in the bar or the house.
    2. Used for a check that is not valid enough to be collected, primarily due to an inadequate sum of funds.

  • Bowl

    A wooden niche in the roulette wheel which holds the spinning division of the wheel.

  • Box

    1. In Blackjack refers to a location where players can wager directly in front of each other.
    2. Location in the centre of the Craps table where the intended bets take place.
  • Box Up or Box them up

    An action performed by the stickman where dice numbers are mixed and the shooter can opt for a new dice pair.

  • Boxcars

    Used in Craps when the shooter rolls two.

  • Boxmen or Boxperson

    Refers to the Craps game supervisor.

  • Boys

    1. Refers to Craps dealers.
    2. Used for players/gamblers.
    3. Describe members of any corrupt families.
  • BP

    Means Big Player. Also known as the High Roller.

  • Break

    Refer to: Bust.

  • Break a Game

    Used for when a table loses all the money to anyone or more players.

  • Break In

    Act of securing a dealer’s casino job with minimal experience scale.

  • Break the Bank

    Similar to Break a Game. Action of breaking the bank consisting of a table losing all its chips supplied for the night and then facing a shutdown.

  • Break the Deck

    A technique in Blackjack to beat the card counter via card reshuffling.

  • Break-even

    Refers to when a player or a house wins even sum to the bet placed.

  • Breaks

    Used for players to indicate fortunate or unfortunate luck.

  • Brick

    A cheating strategy used in Craps where the die is cut and is no longer valid.

  • Bridge

    A cheating system that the 10 valued cards are bent vaguely so that they are identified on the table or the deck.

  • Bring it in

    Announcing wagers on the first round.

  • Bring-in

    A compulsory open bet in the first round in the Seven Card Stud. It is paid by the player with the lowest-up card.

  • Broke

    Refer to: Bust.

  • Broke Money

    A courteous gesture of transport given to the player that lost all his money.

  • Brush or The Brush

    1. A cheating method where the cheat switches any of his cards for another from fellow player’s hand. The action is performed when pushing the opponent’s card away.
    2. Used in Craps for a cheating purpose where the cheat swaps out dice for another set.
  • Buck

    Term indicative of a $1 bill. (Also refer to as Button).

  • Buck the Game

    Used when a player wagers against a house.

  • Budget

    A framework that helps control financial expenditure in gambling.

  • Buffalo

    Act of betting on any 7 and each of the Hardways

  • Buffalo Yo

    Betting on each of the Hardways and the 11.

  • Buffet

    Typical ‘meal comp’ given to all Low Rollers.

  • Bug

    A device that assists in cheating. Used while placed on a slot machine or on a table’s underside.

  • Buildup

    Refers to cheating scams where the cashier returns a large sum when giving the change for a huge bill amount.

  • Bullet

    Used for an Ace.

  • Bum Move

    A term that describes a player’s odd action.

  • Bum Steer

    An inadequate piece of information.

  • Bump

    Refers to raise.

  • Bump Into

    Illustrated a dealer’s action when they push a stack of chips next to the wager and then removing the excess from the pushed stack making both stacks equal.

  • Bundle

    Indicates having a large bankroll or a large amount of money.

  • Burn

    Refers to the action executed after shuffling and removing one or more cards from the deck top. This is done to deject cheating techniques.

  • Burn Up

    Describes the Craps dice when making money passes.

  • Burned Cards

    Card or all cards removed from the deck top after shuffling during the Burn.

  • Burned Out

    A renowned cheating method that has become redundant.

  • Burnt Card

    Refer to: Burned Cards.

  • Bust

    A term used when the player’s hand exceeds 21 value in Blackjack. It indicates an involuntary loss for the player.

  • Bust Card

    In Blackjack, describes the dealer’s up card if it’s a 2,3,4,5 or 6. Used due to the complicated hit on values.

  • Bust Hand

    In Blackjack, used for a hand that has a total value between 12 and 16. Also referred to as the Hard Hand.

  • Bust-Out-Man

    Refers to a cheat specialized in switching crooked dice.

  • Busters

    Used for mis-spotted dice.

  • Butterfly Cup

    Used in Crap with a dice cup that permits the cheater to switch the dice whole shaking them before just rolling them. The dice cup is given the space for allowing the dice switching to earn the Butterfly Cup term.

  • Button

    1. A small marker used in Craps to recognize different types of bets.
    2. Small markers used in Roulette to recognize the player’s chips value on a temporal scale.
    3. A marker used in Texas Hold’em Poker to mark the position of the dealer. This moves one seat to the left after the completion of each hand.
  • Buy

    Used in craps when a bet is placed on a certain number. If the number wagered rolls before a seven, the bet wins.

  • Buy Behind

    Similar to Buy with the difference that the player bets true odds behind any point number.

  • Buy Bet

    Refer to: Buy.

  • Buy-in

    Exchanging money for table chips to participate.


  • C-Note

    A term used for $100 bill.

  • C.O.D

    Bets meant for cash only and refer to no credit or assets in due course.

  • C&E

    A bet placed in Craps to cover eleven and any of the craps.

  • Cackle

    A strategy used in Craps to make the dice seem shaken while it is under complete control.

  • Cage

    Refers to the place in the casino where players exchange their chips for real money. All the pay-offs, redeeming, and other financial transactions take place here.

  • Calculators

    A term for odds men working in the calculations rooms over the racetrack.

  • Call

    1. A term used in Poker to validate the player’s matching of a previously-made bet. This helps in retaining the position in the current hand.
    2. Used in the Caribbean Stud Poker where a wager remains in the current hand via double the amount ante.
  • Call Bet

    A bet identified using the verbal cues and is considered to be illegal in New Jersey.

  • Call Man

    The entitled casino employee running the Baccarat game.

  • Call Plays

    Used in Blackjack by card counters team and employed as a technique as they verbally signal any playing member as to how much he should bet and how to play the hand.

  • Caller

    Seen in games like Bingo or Keno. The ‘caller’ runs the games by calling out and posting their particular numbers.

  • Came Up Lame

    A debtor who leaving town or the vicinity without any follow-up address.

  • Camouflage

    A strategy employed by a cheat to cover his illegal activities.

  • Canadian Line

    Often used in hockey. This is the combination of both the money line and the point spread.

  • Cane

    A curved stick used in Craps by the stickman to retrieve the dice after each throw.

  • Cap

    1. A maximum number of bets wagered by a player.
    2. A maximum sum of stake a player may amplify on a former bet. Example: Poker
    3. The maximum amount wagered before the house changes odds/points.
  • Capable

    Refers to a good card/dice mechanic during cheating.

  • Capacity Planning

    A course of a plan wherein a maximum number of players are able to play safely within a given space.

  • Capital

    The total sum of money that is available with the casino/gambler.

  • Capped Dice

    A cheating strategy employed in a Craps game where the dice is modified in a way that tends to favour particular numbers by making one or sides of the dice softer as compared to the other sides. (Also refers to crooked/corrupt dice).

  • Capping Bets

    1. A cheating technique that is employed when the game is in progress and the chips are illegally added to the initial stake.
    2. Refers to when a dealer pays off a bet but giving the winnings directly on the initial bet.
  • Card

    The main tool used in various games like Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack. Such card games include a stack of 52 cards with a combination of 4 suits and a number from 2-4 and 4 face values which consists of YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, and YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7.

  • Card Counting

    Refers to observation and tracking of the cards played on a Blackjack table while the players envisage about the playing cards with some precision. There are casinos that do not open for this purpose and regard it as illegal. There are times when card counting players are banned from certain casinos.

  • Card Down

    Indicates a fallen card on the floor and is used to a nearby floor attendant.

  • Card Mechanic

    One who is skilful in card manipulation tactics.

  • Card Shark

    Only a mispronunciation of the term ‘Card Sharp’.

  • Card Sharp

    Refers to an expert card player. May also indicate one who is capable of cheating easily in card games.

  • Caribbean Stud Poker

    A 5 card poker game where the players wager against the house.

  • Carousel

    A group of slot machines all set in the form of circle/ring.

  • Carpet Joint

    A casino designed particularly to serve high rollers.

  • Carre

    A wager employed in the roulette table when a bet on any 4 numbers forms a square.

  • Carry a slug

    A cheating technique used during shuffling so as to refrain from disturbing any group of cards which may be either on the top of the deck or the bottom.

  • Carte

    A term used for the player to ask for a card from the dealer. Fun fact: it is also the French translation for ‘a card’.

  • Carte Blanche

    1. Refers to a hand that has no face cards.
    2. Used for a player with an unlimited bankroll.
  • Cartwheel

    Means a silver dollar

  • Case Bet

    A stake that consists of all the money or the chips a player possesses.

  • Case Stuff

    A term that hints at the infamous cheating method.

  • Cash Bank

    The amount of money given to the cashier at the very onset of their shift so that they are accountable for all sorts of transactions that may take place during the shift.

  • Cash Bonus

    Free money given to new players that make their first deposit at an online casino. Also known as Welcome Bonus or Sign-up Bonus. To give you an example, a 100% match bonus will double the value of the first deposit a player makes. All cash bonus offers are subject to T&C’s that should be read before accepting it.

  • Cash Out

    A procedure where chips are exchanged for money.

  • Cashback

    Another type of bonus offered to player’s, where a refund is credited to their account base on the percentage of their losses.

  • Cashier

    One who is a casino employee and has the responsibility for all the transactions taking place in the cage.

  • Cashier’s Cage

    An area where players have their money swapped for chips, payoff markers, chips for money and various other transactions. The cashiers tend to control and monitor all the transactions that occur in the cage.

  • Casing

    A course of an action executed by a cheat as it consists of illegal activities like monitoring the security cameras, employees, exits, guards and other casino locations.

  • Casino

    The place where gambling takes place legally. It has everything from shops, bars, restaurants, live theatre etc. Also referred to as the house, trap, store, shop, joint and toilet as well.

  • Casino Administrator

    One who is responsible for all procedures and policies in effect in the casino bounds.

  • Casino Advantage

    The beneficial edge the casino has over the other players.

  • Casino Hotel

    A place that provides accommodation for guests as well as a gambling casino.

  • Casino Manager

    A person of high authoritative position in the casino/gambling establishment.

  • Casino Players Club

    A system devised to track all bets placed by the players and then providing them with various rewards and other compensations that are based on the players gambling proportion level altogether.

  • Casino Rate

    An exclusive hotel room accommodation offer for casino players club members.

  • Casino Supervisor

    One who is responsible for monitoring all table games and this is inclusive of the floor personnel and also the pit bosses.

  • Casino-Oriented

    Ones who are dedicated players for a particular casino and play there for the extended duration. Sch players are highly desired by casinos.

  • Catch

    Refers to the action of choosing a Keno number winning.

  • Catches

    Used to indicate the number picked by the player and that appears on the casino boards.

  • Catwalk

    Concealed security area in the casino which is usually located above the casino floor and is meant to keep a sharp eye observation on the actions taking place below.

  • Caught Up

    A term used for a player incapable of repayment of money he owes and thereby, his credit halts.

  • Center Dealing

    Takes place when all the cards from the middle of the deck are wagered. It is regarded as a cheating strategy.

  • Center Field

    1. Refers to the field bet nine in Craps.
    2. Used in Blackjack for the centre box that gives direct access from the dealer.
  • Century

    Refers to $100.

  • Chalk

    A preferred or favourite horse, greyhound, team etc.

  • Chalk Player

    A player who places a wager on the favourites.

  • Chameleon Strategy

    Mimicking the exact same strategy of those players who are doing great at the table.

  • Chance

    A term that indicates geometric odds.

  • Change Agents

    1.  Individuals who act as mediums, catalysts who are there to manage all changing procedures for an organization.
    2. Casino employees and are responsible for exchanging cash for the players on the casino floor.
  • Change Color

    Act of exchanging the different chip colours with varying denominations.

  • Chase

    Placing a second bet to win back the lost money.

  • Check

    A secondary term for a chip. A player can check to be a part of the game but is not allowed to bet in Poker.

  • Check Out

    To cautiously observe someone or something.

  • Checker

    A casino employee who keeps a close observation on the shills performance to see the number of players brought into the game.

  • Chemin De Fer

    Part of the Baccarat game and commonly used in Nevada. It consists of players competing against each other instead of the casino/house.

  • Cheques

    These are the exclusive, unique chips with which baccarat is played.

  • Chicken Feed

    Relates to a small amount of money.

  • Chill

    Act of losing interest.

  • Chip

    1. A silicon-based electronic device employed in controlling modern slot machines and the latest electronic table games.
    2. A token used instead of cash in a casino. The denomination of these token tends to vary as per their value.
  • Chip Cup

    A casino cheating method where the cheater makes use of a fake stack of all hollowed-out chips to steal original chips from the casino.

  • Chip Tray

    A tray places before the dealer on the table and holds all the chips used for paying off all the winning bets.

  • Chippy

    1. Refers to an inexperienced player.
    2. Indicates a sucker.
  • Chips

    1. A gambler in possession of a large amount of money.
    2. Refer to: Chip.
  • Chuck a Luck

    A term used for a game which has three dice located and spun in a wire cage similar to an hourglass shape. Also identified as the Grand Hazard or simply Hazard and Nevada Chuck-a-luck.

  • Chump

    Refers to a sucker, bird, monkey, pheasant, chippy, greenie and mark.

  • Chunk

    Used for players’ actions when they consistently put forth large stakes/wagers.

  • Circled Game

    A situation where the sportsbook reduces a set betting limit on any listed game.

  • Claim Bet Artist

    A cheat who bets on any table game where it’s easy for players to lose their bets track.

  • Claimer

    One who is responsible for collecting a jackpot-winning in a slot cheating dodge.

  • Clapper

    Part of the big six wheels hanging down above the big six wheels and is made of leather and rides on top of the pegs, producing a clapping noise while the wheel is spun around. As the wheel halts, the winning number is announced.

  • Clean

    The act of taking the entire sum of a player’s money.

  • Clean Hand

    Refers to an empty hand of a cheat that clears he is not fiddling with the cards or the dice.

  • Clean Move

    Describes a highly meticulously performed cheating act.

  • Clear

    1. Bereft of any debt.
    2. Free of any cheating guilt.
  • Clerk

    1. Refers to any dealer.
    2. Relates to a good dealer.
  • Clip

    A cheat.

  • Clocking

    An act of tracking like recording the number of hands dealt and the number of spins on the big six wheel during any given duration.

  • Closed Cards

    Indicates cards that are dealt face down.

  • Closer

    From left in the tray at the closing time and determines the value of the tray itself.

  • Coat Tail

    Act of placing a wager on the same number some other player places bet on.

  • Cocked Dice

    Used in Craps to refer to a situation when the dice comes to rest after being thrown and makes it difficult to determines the surfacing value of the dice pointing up.

  • Cognette

    A slot reserved for the bank’s winnings on a Baccarat table.

  • Cold

    A table or machine that takes money without giving a win. Also refers to a player unable to win anything.

  • Cold Deck

    1. A cheating strategy where the second deck of cards is arranged in such an order that it can be switched for the deck in play any time later.
    2. Describes shoe/deck/cards that are not favourable for the player.
  • Cold Dice

    Dice that are unable to make the player’s point.

  • Cold Machine

    Allegedly, there are those types of slot machines that won’t hit anything anytime soon.

  • Cold Player

    A player losing his wagers and experiencing bad luck.

  • Cold Table

    When shooters are unable to make their points.

  • Collector

    Refer to Claimer.

  • Colour

    The determined value of the casino chips as per their colours.

  • Colour for Colour

    A term used by dealers when they pay-off a winning bet by matching the colours of the chips wagered.

  • Colour Up

    Refers to the act of trading lower denomination chips for the acquisition of higher denomination chips.

  • Combination Ticket

    A Keno ticket meant for than one stake.

  • Come Bet

    A bet used in a Craps game and is the same as the pass line bet.

  • Come Line

    A bet placed on the come line in Craps and has the same rules as seen in the pass line with the difference in the bet being placed after the point is set up.

  • Come Out Roll

    Initial bet in Craps meant for the do as well as the don’t bets.

  • Come Up

    Referring to a particular number/chance for its probable winning.

  • Coming In One High

    A strategy employed by a corrupt dealer wherein he lifts a chip from the player’s wager stack from the top and places it at the bottom of the pay-off pile.

  • Commission

    1) A set rate/fee practised on particular casino games set by the casino itself since they do not have sole wagering involvement nor are they wagered against. Examples: Poker and Baccarat.
    2) Refer to the Gaming Board.

  • Complete Hand

    One that is defined by all 5 cards and is also regarded as a full house, straight flush, straight or simply flush.

  • Complimentary

    Rewards are given to players on the basis of the amount of money wagered by them. These include rooms, meals, shows, travel compensation etc.

  • Comps

    A short phrase/term for Complimentary. For details, refer to “Complimentary”

  • Concierge

    One who works as a basic link between the hotel, guests and non-hotel attractions.

  • Cooler

    Refers to Cold Deck no.2

  • Cop

    • Winning a bet.
    • The act of stealing, taking or getting.
  • Copper

    When a player/gambler takes the side/position/opinion of another gambler’s wager.

  • Copy

    In Pai Gaw Poker when the player and the banker, both have the same 2 or 5 card hand.

  • Corker

    A term used for an unusual player.

  • Corner Bet

    Bet places on the junction of any four numbers in Roulette. Also known as the square bet where the bet is paid-off at 8 to 1.

  • Correct Odds

    Percentage or ratio of favourable and non-favourable probabilities.

  • Count

    1. Refers to the collection value of cards played at any time.
    2. Counting the chips in a tray or profits/income of a dropbox.
  • Count Down

    A dealer’s action of lining up small chips (moderate-sized) to make distance counting easy.

  • Counter

    One who counts the cards in Blackjack.

  • Counter Check

    A draft used to secure markers/credit with a casino.

  • Coup

    Used for one complete round of plays in games like Baccarat and Roulette. Commonly used in European casinos.

  • Court Cards

    Refers to all the face cards in a deck of cards. The face cards have a zero value in Baccarat and a ten-value in Blackjack.

  • Cover

    1. Act of bet acceptance.
    2. Placing abet/wager on the table.
  • Covering the Spread

    This is a win against the point spread. When the favourite team comes away with a win by more than the spread, they “covered”.

  • Cowboy

    Used for a fast player/gambler.

  • Cracking the Nut

    Winning money that is enough to bear the expenses as well as make some profit.

  • Crap Out

    Rolling a 2, 3, or 12 on the first roll and losing it in Craps game.

  • Crap Shoot:

    A situation where the outcome is uncertain.

  • Craps

    1. A table game where a player bets on rolled numbers when the shooter rolls two dice.
    2. A term in the Craps game when there is a roll of 2, 3 or 12.
  • Craps Dealer

    A casino employee that is in charge of the Craps table. Also responsible for the collection of bets.

  • Craps Shoot

    Refer to Crap Shoot.

  • Credit

    Honour is given to certain casino patrons who can then play without any money. The player is bound to pay the credit money along with certain interest.

  • Credit Button

    In video poker, a button via which the player is able to collect the won bank coins as credits and use them to play further without depositing any further money.

  • Credit Manager

    One who determines whether or not a player is eligible for credit and its percentage.

  • Credit Slip

    Voucher issued by the casino table and determines the winning of the player.

  • Crew

    Ones who are accounted as Craps dealers.

  • Crimp

    A cheating strategy where the card corners are slightly bent for the cheat to identify them easily.

  • Cross Training

    A course of management procedures where employees tend to learn various tasks and helps improve their employability level in various regards like a moral improvement, employee retention and filing for another employment opportunity.

  • Crossroader

    One who specialized in double-crossing the casino from the outside.

  • Croupier

    A French name for the casino employee who calls out the points and turns the card and determines what happens next after the third card baccarat rules. Refers to a dealer in European terms.

  • Cucumber

    Used to indicate a new player.

  • Cull

    A cheating strategy where particular cards are replaced from the deck to be used later.

  • Curator

    A term refers to a Baccarat player at his turn to deal.

  • Currency

    Coin and paper money.

  • Cushion

    Known as the reserved bankroll, money held back for later use.

  • Cut

    The act of splitting a deck of cards into two piles and then putting them back together in a different manner so the order changes. This is like impartial shuffling and can be performed by any of the participating players.

  • Cut Card

    A plastic divider added into a deck of cards so as to indicate a shuffle for them.

  • Cut Cheques

    A course of action performed by a dealer holding a stack of chips and using his index finger to pile two or more but an equal stack of chips again. Also identified as a Drop-Cut and a Thumb Cut.

  • Cut Edge Dice

    A cheating strategy where the dice edges are either cut or shaved with different sized angles and helps in allowing the cheat to have some control over the game’s results since the dice then tends to fall in the larger cut direction.

  • Cut In

    A cheating technique in Craps where the dice are bartered for another dice.

  • Cut Into

    The act of matching a stack of chips having chips of a certain colour with another stack having the same coloured chips.

  • Cut Tokes

    Refers to the act of separating and distributing tips between dealers.

  • Cut Up Jackpots

    Refers to the act of separating and distributing tips between dealers.

  • Cutout Work

    A cheating strategy where the cheat used either a knife or acid to extend the white area by removing just a small amount of the coloured design on the back of the cards.

  • Cycle

     In video poker, the geometrically predicted numbers of hands dealt as per the top jackpot which is usually a royal flush.


  • Daub

    A cheating strategy where the cards are marked/coloured for easy identification later.

  • Day-Trip Market

    A market area that can be used to drive to the casino and then back home the same day while having time for gambling as well.

  • Days

    A term referred to as work shifts occurring during any daylight hours by employees in general.

  • Dead Table

    Describes an open table with no players.

  • Dead-Head

    1. Used for a non-player. Refers to a patron who is out of money.
    2. A patron out of money; one who is broke.
    3. A charter bus that leaves the casino with no accompanied passengers. It is commonly referred to when the bus initiates it run.
  • Deadwood Players

    People who wander around a casino but do not actively participate in any game.

  • Deal

    The act of giving out cards during a hand.

  • Deal Around

    An act by a dealer when he intentionally refrains from dealing cards to a player, one who commonly is devoid of resources.

  • Deal Out

    1. The act of ruling out/excluding player or players from a game’s circle.
    2. Used for dealers when they get cards to the players.
  • Dealer

    One who works as a casino employee and executes table games. Also referred to as the Croupier.

  • Dealer Signature

    An unintentional or non-deliberate act performed by a Roulette dealer when spinning the ball in a usual manner.

  • Dean

    A gambler who is smart enough to calculate the odds and related ratios/percentages.

  • Deep Pockets

    One who has a heavy, fully loaded bankroll.

  • Deferred

    The act of understanding about the commission being paid later.

  • Delivery

    Method or approach used for getting cards to the players.

  • Denomination

    The sum value of a chip, cash or card.

  • Designated Dealer

    A system that includes a rotating position and determines as to who is expected to place the blind bets.

  • Desperado

    A player who wagers without any credit support if he loses.

  • Destination Market

    A market segment expected to stay overnight and is usually accounted for as a part of a vacation.

  • Deuce

    1. A $2 note.
    2. The two in cards.
    3. The two-spot on the die/dice.
  • Deuce Dealers

    A second dealer who can deal with the next card if the top card in the next is not likely to favour him.

  • Dice

    Known to be the plural of dice. Referred to as the two objects in Craps game. Each dice has sides with dots ranging from 1-6 numbers on each side.

  • Dice are off

    Dice that are not valid and are an outcome of a cheat’s effort.

  • Dice Boat

    A container holding the dice but is not used. Usually placed on the table.

  • Dice Chute

    A plastic cube that delivers the dice and is used in some games so as to reduce any cheating opportunity by using a dice cup or by simply throwing of the dice by hand.

  • Dice Degenerate

    A player of the Craps game who is unable to control the compulsion to bet/gamble/wager.

  • Dice Mechanic

    A player who throws the dice in a manner that the random movement of it is limited. Such a player is able to predict accurately the probable numbers.

  • Dice Picker

    One who is a casino employee and is accounted to dice picking which are either fallen or thrown off the Craps table.

  • Die

    Generally referred to as dice in its multiple forms. It is a small cube with dots that are accounted for numbers ranging from 1-6.

  • Dime or Dime Bet

    Refers to a wager of $1000.

  • Dirty Money

    1. Illegal acquisition of money.
    2. Chips that are not returned to the bankroll even after losing wagers.
  • Discard

    1. Refers to used cards.
    2. A card removed from the hand and is not likely to be used till the next shuffle time.
  • Discard Holder

    Refer to Discard Tray.

  • Discard Tray

    A tray that supports discarded, burnt, mucked, or taken out cards.

  • Do

    Refers to a pass line bet or a come bet in a Craps game.

  • Dog

    One who is accounted as the underdog in any betting plan.

  • Dog It

    The act of being afraid during an extended winning line wherein the player has to increase the bet.

  • Dollar

    Used for a $100 bet.

  • Dolly

    Used to mark a winning number, cylindrical in shape, made out of glass and a part of Roulette.

  • Don’t

    A term referring to a don’t pass or a don’t come wager in Craps.

  • Don’t Come

    A wager in Craps placed after the come-out roll and depends on the next roll that can be 2-3 wins, a 12 which is a standoff and 7 or 11 loses.

  • Don’t Pass Line

    An area where the players make the don’t pass bets in Craps game.

  • Door Card

    The very first revealed card or the upcard.

  • Doorman

    A casino employee that permits the players to a gaming roll. Commonly practised in European casinos.

  • Double Apron

    A cheating strategy where the casino employees add more pockets to pocketless aprons to hide the chips.

  • Double Deck

    Refers to two decks that hold the dealer’s hand and is used in Blackjack.

  • Double Down

    A bet which requires the player to place a bet of an amount that is equal to the initial, original bet placed so as to acquire one more card that will complete the hand. This limits hands to have two cards only and is a part of Blackjack.

  • Double Duke

    A cheating strategy manipulated by a dealer who apparently deals a player a very good hand but on the same hand, he deals himself a far better one.

  • Double Exposure

    It is a variation of Blackjack where the dealer’s cards are shows prior to the bettors playing hands and is also expected to have some rules changes to reimburse for the benefit given to the bettors.

  • Double Odds

    Executed in Craps and in limited casinos. It is involved only when a player takes odds to bet double the original bet.

  • Double Up

    To extend a bet by an equal amount. Also known as Double up Betting System which is doubling a bet after losing in hopes of regaining the lost money.

  • Double Zero

    Refers to American Roulette wheels.

  • Doubling Up

    Used for the act of doubling the size of the last bet and serves as the foundation of various betting techniques.

  • Down Card

    The face-down card which the baccarat player is dealt with.

  • Down With Odds

    A term used by a dealer when he pays off a place bet and moves the same players come bet on a certain number and ensures that the player is covered on that particular number.

  • Dozen Bet

    A wager on any 12 numbers in roulette. Example: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 etc.

  • Drag Down

    The action of removing either all or only part of a winning wager and is regarded as the opposite of letting it ride.

  • Dragging

    A cheating technique where the cheat removes all the chips from the bet as soon as the game is in progress.

  • Draw

    1. In Poker, the act of discarding cards from a hand that the player either draws or receives new cards so as to replace all the discarded ones.
    2. Regarded as a variation of poker.
  • Draw Button

    Refers to permitting of a video poker player to draw as much as five new cards.

  • Driller

    A cheating technique so the cheats are able to cheat the slot machines in a way that a hole is drilled into any one side of a slot machine and modify it so the machine plays exactly the way the cheat wants.

  • Drop

    Refers to the total amount of cash and markers given in a particular timeframe and can be seen on a shift, a table and any area in the casino.

  • Drop Box

    Known as a fortified box and is placed under a table. It is connected to a lot where the dealers are able to place money as well as chips into the box without the need for a security deposit. It is also replaced with an empty box and moved to the cage where contents are counted and removed.

  • Drop Box Slot

    A hole located directly above the Drop Box and allows money along with other items to be placed into the lock box securely. It consists of a cover or a plunger that helps the dealer place money into the Drop Box and also the slot when it is not in use.

  • Drop Cut

    The act of placing a stack of chips on the table and lifting the stack back with the desired number of chips remaining on the table. Also regarded as the Thumb Cut and the Cut Cheques as well.

  • Drop Percentage

    Describes the actual money spent by players in a casino. The casino edge is only 3% generally but the drop percentage can be around 20% since players wager almost the same money.

  • Dropping

    The act of putting chips into the toke box, performed by the casino’s employee.

  • Drown

    A term used for heavy losses.

  • Dry

    Refers to a broke player and can be used for one or more than one player as per their out of money state.

  • Ducks

    Refers to a pair of two.

  • Duke

    Indicates a big hand at a table.

  • Dummy up and Deal

    An old-time Nevada phrase. It was employed by authorities to make the dealer refrain from talking and consequently speed up the game.

  • Dumping

    Refers to losing a heavy sum of money on a rapid/swift scale.

  • Dumping off a game

    A cheating strategy that involves a dealer who permits his mate to win the money from a casino.

  • Dust him off

    An act that tends to flatter a player by noting all smart efforts and actions performed by him.

  • Dutch Book

    A term that refers to a price makers odds line that totals to more than 100%.


  • Ear

    A cheating strategy where the card’s corner is slightly bent to identify it easily later.

  • Early Out

    An act of dealer when they take their last break before their shift ends and they go home early.

  • Early Surrender

    Takes place when the player in some Blackjack tables gives up half of the bet on the ability if it seems that the dealer might have a blackjack.

  • Earn

    Refers to the actual amount of funds that the casinos take in as part of the revenue.

  • Earring

    A cheating strategy where the dealer does not drop paper money directly into the DropBox since they leave a corner of the bill in order to retrieve the bills later. Also referred to as the Hanger.

  • Easy Way

    Used in Craps how the point was made on the dice and refers to a point which is made without any paid numbers. Example: a 6 and a 4 or a 7 and a 3 on the dice which is the easiest way to make 10, however, the harder way would be a 5 and a 5.

  • Edge

    Refers to the geometrical benefit in most games and is commonly retained by the house’s edge.

  • Edge Markings

    Refer to Edge Work.

  • Edge Work

    A cheating technique that can be implemented on every single card game which marks the cards between the edge of the level and the design.

  • Eighter From Decatur

    Refers to the number 8 in Craps game.

  • Eighty-Six

    1. Describes the closing of a pit, casino, and pit for the night.
    2. Refers to the act of removing a patron from the bounds and is used in online casinos and related businesses.
  • Eldest Hand

    The player sitting to the left side of the dealer.

  • Electric Dice

    Where a slug is hidden in the dice and is a cheating technique that is used with the help of a hidden electromagnet.

  • Element of Ruin

    Used for the probable notion of a player losing his bankroll.

  • En Plein

    A French Roulette where a bet is placed on a single number.

  • En Prison

    Used as an option in some casinos at the roulette tables and can be employed on all even money bets when 0 or the double 0 hits. Both the results vary in the US and Europe wherein the former country, half the bet is lost while in the latter country, the bet remains at the table for another spin. If the bet wins the player repossesses the money while if it loses, he loses the money as well. This is referred to as the Surrender in the US.

  • End

    A term that refers to a share.

  • English “American Roulette”

    Known as a combination game where an American Roulette wheel is used while the double zero is removed. The players used chips of different colours and when the 0 hits the share’s concession is used.

  • Equitable

    Known as the Fair Game.

  • European Roulette

    European Roulette is the original version of Roulette, consisting of numbers 1-36 and one zero pocket and a lower house edge.

  • Even Chances

    Refer to Even Money.

  • Even Count

    The act performed by card counters to reimburse a multiple deck game that is equal to a single deck game. Example: if the count is 4 and the decks are 4 in number, the player would divide 12 by 4 to get a count of 3.

  • Even Money

    Describes the winning of an equal amount to the original bet.

  • Exacta

    A bet that picks on the two horses finishing 1st and 2nd in the line.

  • Expected Return

    Referred to in the video poker where it’s the average amount paid back for a specific bet on a certain game.

  • Expected Value

    The amount of money that is based on the geometrical benefit of the casino and luck and a player should either win or lose.

  • Exposure

    The money that a sportsbook stands to lose on a certain event.

  • Eye

    Refer to Eye in the sky.

  • Eye Balls

    When a player rolls a two in Craps game.

  • Eye in the Sky

    A term is given to all monitoring cameras that are suspended here and there from a central location, usually seen on ceilings and are constantly controlled by the casino authorities.


  • F&B

    A short term used for Food and Beverage and hence, F&B.

  • Face Cards


  • Face Down

    The method of dealing cards in a manner that the player will be the only one to view them and nobody else.

  • Fade

    The act of covering either all or part of the shooter’s central bet.

  • Fade Cover

    This term refers to betting against the bank in Craps or Chemin de Fer.

  • Fading Game

    Refer to Open Craps.

  • Fair Game

    A game where the payoffs are equal to the numerical chance of winning. Such games are not seen in casinos since the casino games have a favourable edge so that the casino itself makes money.

  • Faites Vos Jeux

    Known to be a French term that means the players can place their bets and single the betting starts at a Roulette table.

  • False Carding

    Used in Draw Poker as a technique where few cards are drawn to improve the hand and make it looks like a strong one.

  • Fan

    An act executed by a dealer for observation and verification since the cards all spread out with face up in an arc on the table. This is done in a manner that the placement of the cards seems like a fan.

  • Fan Tan

    A simple oriental game which is played with button/beans and the outcome is decided by the dealer dividing the buttons pile with the help of a stick four at a time until four itself, then three and two and then finally, only one is left. Observed in selected Nevada casinos.

  • Faro

    Accounted as a card game where the cards are selected from the deck winning either sequentially or alternately for the players and the bank both.

  • Fast Company

    Refers to smart players/gamblers.

  • Fat

    A term used for a fully loaded player.

  • Favourites

    A term used for the probability, chance or the numbers that frequently come up at times of a certain game.

  • Fever

    1. Refers to a gambling habit.
    2. Used for the number 5 in Craps game.
  • Field

    The bet which is good only for the next roll in Craps.

  • Field Bet

    A wager in the Craps game where the next number rolled out is determined to be not a 5, 6, 7 or 8.

  • Fifth Street

    In the Seven Card Stud, the 3rd betting rounds where the players have five cards, however in Hold’em Poker it is the fifth card and the final betting round.

  • Fifty Cents

    In the betting world, this refers to betting $50.

  • Fifty Yard Lane

    The middle area of the table.

  • Fill

    The act of refilling the bankroll by a dealer with the help of additional checks brought about by the cage.

  • Fill Slip

    A voucher that goes along with the fill and is verified and then signed with one copy given to the floor attendant and the other is deposited directly into the DropBox.

  • Fill Up

    The act o filling a house in Poker.

  • Fin

    Refers to a $5 bill.

  • Finals

    Used to indicate to the right the maximum number of digits on a Roulette wheel.

  • Finger

    The act of identifying a cheating player.

  • Firing

    A gambler wagering large stakes.

  • Firm

    Refers to the act of sustaining a bet.

  • First Base

    A player who is seated directly to the left side of the dealer.

  • First Basing

    Known as a cheating strategy where the player reads the dealer’s hole card while it is dealt.

  • Fish

    An inexperienced gambler who is not aware of winning tactics.

  • Fishing

    The act of remaining in the Poker game for an extended duration and keeps an eye or an additional card for the hand to win.

  • Five Number Bet

    A wager that is possible only on double-zero Roulette games. this consists of 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and the highest edge that round to 7.89%.

  • Fix

    The act executed by cheats to determine or manipulate the result of a sporting bet so that the wager is won the way they want.

  • Flag

    A die that is modified and is not valid at all.

  • Flagged

    The act of being passed on as the next shooter and is used in Craps game.

  • Flash

    Refers to the swift display of a card(s) and is mostly used for the dealer’s hole card.

  • Flash Work

    A cheating technique where each card’s back is shaded totally and only a small portion are left which is not shaded/ coloured.

  • Flashing

    Known as a cheating strategy in Blackjack where the dealer reveals the topmost card in the deck to help attain his winning.

  • Flat Bet

    The act of betting equal amount on each hand.

  • Flat Top

    A slot machine that has a fixed prize and completely unlike any other progressive machine that has a growing top prize. Such machines always offer a top prize which is usually the same.

  • Flea

    1. A despicable term used by employees of the casino to indicate a small bettor.
    2. A patron who wanders around in the casino to attain some compensation or can take part in triumph winning of a dedicated gambler.
  • Float

    The tray which is used in most table games.

  • Float Cover

    The lid of the tray that holds the chips while the cover can be locked as well.

  • Floater

    Describes as to when the Roulette ball hangs up directly under the Roulette wheel lip and is not likely to fall down or drop.

  • Floats

    A strategic technique where the dice are extracted and hollowed and they are so light that they seem to float around.

  • Floor Person

    Refer to Floorman.

  • Floorman

    A term used for an employee of the casino who is accountable for every action taking place on the floor. This individual is responsible for all the problems on a table and the dealing done to sustain a sufficient level of the chips and at the same time, observe his surrounding with a sharp glance.

  • Flop

    Referred to as the 2nd betting round in Texas Hold’em Poker where all 3 community card are dealt with face-up on the board

  • Flopping the Deck

    A cheating technique where the dealer flips the deck of cards in a manner that all the discarded cards are dealt with again.

  • Flush

    1. Used in Poker where the hand consists of 5 cards of one suit.
    2. A player/gambler that possesses a lot of money or wins a heavy amount in playing the course.
  • Fold

    1. The act of losing or giving up any claim on the pot in Poker.
    2. In Caribbean Stud Poker, refers to the act of declining to call and as a result, forfeiting the ante.
  • Foreign Checks

    Refers to the chips from another casino.

  • Foul

    A hand stands fouled when the 5 cards high handstands lower to the 2 cards low hand or when the hands are set with wrong card numbers. Usually referred to as the losing hand.

  • Four of a Kind

    In Poker, refers to the hand that has 4 cards with the same value. Example: four tens or four sevens.

  • Fourth Street

    In Seven Card Stud, the second betting round where the players have four cards. In Hold’em, it is the fourth card and the third betting round.

  • Freeze Out

    The act of forcing a player out of the game by excluding him.

  • French Wheel

    A French style of the Roulette wheel that consists of only one zero and is observed in European roulette games. On the other hand, the American Roulette makes use of a wheel having zero as well as a double zero.

  • Frets

    Seen on the Roulette wheel and are basically dividers that form numbered pockets where the balls rest.

  • Front Line

    Refers to the pass line in Craps.

  • Front Loader

    A term used for a negligent dealer who reveals his hole card during the dealing. A phrase is taken from the Blackjack.

  • Front Man

    Refers to one who is bereft of any criminal doing, however, tends to be a criminal since he represents himself as the owner of a criminal record and is mostly accounted in Old Vegas casinos.

  • Front Money

    The amount of money put up by a player who can develop his credit with the casino.

  • Front of the House

    A term that refers to the casino area where all the guests have extended contact and correspondence with the casino employees. These include the tables, the front desk, the hotel and the restaurant.

  • Fruit Machine

    A term that refers to slot machines in English. The term emerged when the earliest slot reels used fruits as symbols.

  • Full House

    Used for a hand with three of a kind and a pair in Poker.

  • Full Moon

    A term used by dealers for a time in the entire month where various, estranged players are seen in the casino bounds.

  • Full Table

    A crowded Craps table.

  • Futures

    Betting on something that is in advance. It could be a few weeks or a few months. An example of this would be betting the World Series winner on Opening Day.

  • Fuzzy

    Refers to odds ranging 15 to 1 on a winning horse.


  • G

    Refer to a gimmick.

  • G-Note

    Refers to $1000 bill.

  • G.I. Marbles

    Refer to dice.

  • Gaff

    Refer to a gimmick.

  • Galloping Dominoes

    Refers to a pair of dice.

  • Gamblers Fallacy

    The belief held by many gamblers that the outcome is more likely to occur in the future if not today. Visit our Gamblers Fallacy article to learn who about how it works.

  • Gamblers Ruin

    A gambling player who runs out of money.

  • Gambling

    To place a bet predicted with an indefinite outcome.

  • Games

    All casino games that require dealers. In fact, slot machines are not entirely considered as games by casinos.

  • Gaming Board

    The governing body accounted by the government to monitor gaming regulations. This is not found in all authorities.

  • Gate

    The act of a dealer where the dice is stopped prior to finished rolling when a foul play is suspected at the Craps table.

  • George

    1. A gambler who gives the money to the dealer.
    2. A player who places bets on the dealer’s behalf.
    3. A gambling player who performs pretty well.
  • Get behind the stick

    The act of a dealer or the stickman opening a table at the Craps table.

  • Gimmick

    Used for any of the cheating devices.

  • Give him the bum’s rush

    Refers to the expulsion of a player in a way that the player is humiliated and is set as an example for all.

  • Give Odds

    Refers to lay odds.

  • Give the business

    The act of cheating someone.

  • Glim

    A cheating strategy wherein the cheat employs a small hidden mirror to see the face of the dealt cards.

  • Go

    A term employed by dealers when they discuss the money made a day before.

  • Go Over

    Also known as a bust or break. Used in Blackjack when a player goes beyond 21.

  • Go South With

    A cheating strategy when the cheat palms cards, dice, money or anything with the aim of taking the object out of the game.

  • Good Man

    1. A player who is a skilful cheat.
    2. A player with a sufficient amount of money.
  • Good Thing

    Refers to a sufficient wager.

  • Goose

    This is a term used in the old days when keno games were a little fancier and less high-tech. The tube in Keno where the balls are collected after forced into it by air steam. The tube is long as a gooseneck.

  • Grand

    Used for $1000.

  • Greek Deal

    A cheating strategy where the 2nd card from the bottom is dealt instead of the top card on the deck. At times, it is even difficult to even tell if the top card was not dealt.

  • Greek Shot

    In Craps, a controlled throw of the dice.

  • Green

    1. Used to refer to cash.
    2. The $25 casino chips, green in colour.
  • Green Horn

    A gambler who is inexperienced.

  • Green Numbers

    Refers to 0 or 00 in Roulette.

  • Grief

    Refers to either bad luck or intricacy.

  • Grifter

    Refers to a deceitful gambling player.

  • Grind Houses or Joint

    A term used by casinos to cater to low-end players. Such casinos depend on soaring volume of play in lieu of big rollers.


  • Half Dollar

    This is another way of describing $50 in the betting world.

  • Hand

    1. Refers to the group of cards received by a player in card games.
    2. The total number of rolls and duration the shooter has from the come out roll in Craps.
  • Hand Mucker

    A cheating skill that includes palming and switching cards.

  • Hand Off

    When the dealer passes chips secretly to his associate who tends to be a player. Known to be a cheating skill.

  • Handicapper

    One who allows weights to particular horses on the track.

  • Handle

    Refers to the total sum of money that is won or lost through a series of bet changing hands.

  • Handle Slamming

    A cheating strategy employed in slot machines where the cheat pulls and slams back the handle while trying to control the reels.

  • Hanger

    Alternatively known as an earring. A cheating strategy where a portion of the bill is stuck out by the dealer from the dropbox expecting that the money can be retrieved later.

  • Hard Count

    Refers to hard money or the act of counting coins.

  • Hard Hand

    A hand in Blackjack that does not consist of Ace values at 11.

  • Hard Total

    Refer to a hard hand.

  • Hardway

    The act of rolling a 4, 6, 8, 10 or rolling of doubles in Craps.

  • Has a sign on his back

    One who is known as a cheat and is easily identified by the casino employees.

  • Hay

    Refers to chips or money.

  • Head

    1. The part of the Roulette wheel that fits into the bowl and spins.
    2. Referred to as the restroom.
  • Head Count

    The number of people present at the casino at a given time.

  • Head On

    A lone payer betting against the dealer in a game.

  • Heart

    Indicates courage, guts, and strength.

  • Heat

    1. The amount of scrutiny impressed on the dealer by the authorities.
    2. A term used by dealers in Blackjack when some players suggested being suspect a card counter.
    3. The security level that reduces the scope of cheating.
  • Heavy Hand

    The hand having more cards than required.

  • Heel

    1. A miserly gambler.
    2. A jerk player.
    3. The act of separating bets made with chips of various denominations and colour.
  • High Stakes Gamblers

    Another term referring to high-roller.

  • High Volatility

    The higher the volatility the fewer the payouts on a slot machine, but those few payouts are much greater than on a low volatility machine.

  • High-Roller

    A player who tends to place large wagers repeatedly.

  • High/Low

    The stake placed on the 2 and the 12 in Craps.

  • Hit

    The at of signalling the dealer for another card required for the player’s hand in Blackjack.

  • Hit and Run

    The act of winning and then leaving quickly.

  • Hit It

    The act of hitting a desired point or number in Craps.

  • Hit the Boards

    1. The act of leaving the casino by a player.
    2. When the shooter is asked by the stickman in Craps to confirm that the next throw will hit the edge or the rail.
  • Hold

    The sum of money held by the casino after the player redeems the token or the chips.

  • Hold Out

    A cheating strategy where the cheat keeps some cards out that he intends to place in hand later.

  • Hold Percentage

    The sum of money a casino wins.

  • Holdout Machine

    A device worn by cheats to hold out a card when required.

  • Hole card play

    The number of cheating techniques employed in Blackjack to see the dealer’s hole card.

  • Hole Card(s)

    1. The dealer’s card that is dealt face down in Craps.
    2. The cards that are dealt face down in Texas Hold’em Poker.
  • Hook

    Refer to a half point employed to eliminate a tie in sports betting.

  • Hooked

    The act of losing money.

  • Hop

    When a wager is focused on the next roll of the dice in Craps. Refer to: “Proposition” as well.

  • Hopper

    The part of a slot machine where the money is stored.

  • Host

    An employee of the casino who is responsible to ensure the consistent playing of high-rated gamblers at the casino.

  • Hot

    A machine or a table where players win frequently.

  • Hot Machine

    The opposite of “Cold machine”, (which is shown in section C), meaning it is allegedly due to give a payout any second.

  • House

    Refers to a casino.

  • House Advantage

    The edge that a casino sustains over the players.

  • House Dealer

    A casino dealer in games who do not bank. Example: in Poker, the casino uses a House Dealer.

  • House Edge

    The benefit possessed by the casino in any bet. Also known as the percentage.

  • House Limit

    A limit developed by the casino where wagering is not permitted over a certain duration.

  • House Numbers

    Refers to the 0 and 00 on the Roulette wheel.

  • House Odds

    The amount of money the casino pays for a winning bet.

  • Hunch Players

    When a player places bets with no knowledge of the game.

  • Hustling

    The act of acquiring tips and gifts.

  • Hypster

    A cheating player who manipulates the casino by shortchanging the cashiers.


  • Ice

    An alternative name for Protection Money.

  • Iceman

    A person who is responsible for the collection of Protection Money. Also known as Bagman.

  • IGRA

    Refer to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

  • Impair

    In Roulette, refers to a wager placed winning odd numbers.

  • In

    The amount of money a gambler exchanges for chips at a table and is also known as a Buy-In.

  • In Prison

    In European Roulette when the ball lands on 0. Due to ‘On Prison’ all the wagers are held for another spin and the bets here are also regarded as even-money wagers.

  • In the Chips

    A player who has sufficient amount of money.

  • In the Clear

    To be free of any outstanding debt.

  • In the Red

    1. Refers to in debt condition of a player.
    2. The act of losing.
    3. Used for the condition of being out of money.
  • Indian Dice

    Known as a traditional bar game of Native America. The player here throws five dice and builds the best possible poker hand possible. It is regarded as a Class I game.

  • Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

    Known as a federal act of 1988 where setup rules for Native American casino were established. There are 3 levels of games that are Class I, Class II and Class III.

  • Indicator

    A term used for the clapper at the top of the Big Six Wheel and determines the winning space.

  • Inside

    Used to refer to the casino’s position in multiple games.

  • Inside Bets

    In Roulette, describes the wagers placed within the layout on a particular group of numbers.

  • Inside Stick

    In Craps table when only two dealers are working and one of them handles the stick.

  • Inside Straight


  • Insurance

    Known as the side bet in Blackjack that pays 2:1 when the dealer has a natural blackjack. It is offered when the dealer’s upcard shows as Ace (YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7).

  • Insurance Line

    The area on the Blackjack table where the gambler places an insurance wager.


  • Jackpot

    The top prize associated with slot machines. It is quite similar to a large prize from a casino game.

  • Jeton

    Refers to token or French chip.

  • Jimbroni

    A slow thinking dealer.

  • Jit

    Refers to 5 cents.

  • Jog

    A cheating strategy where the card is set in a way that it obtrudes from the deck only slightly. It is used for illegal cuts and shuffles and works as a marker.

  • Johnson Act

    Known as the legislation during the 1950s that banned the use of slot machines federally.

  • Joint

    Refers to a casino.

  • Joint Bank

    The act of two players who combine their bankroll and play it off the total amount of money together. The players share in the wins and the losses too.

  • Jug

    Refers to jail.

  • Juice

    A term that refers to the vigorish in Baccarat.

  • Juice Joint

    A cheating strategy where the dice are controlled with the help of an electromagnet in the Roulette wheel or the Craps dice.

  • Junket

    A comp offered to all rated players where the casino pays all the players expenses like travel, food, entertainment, accommodation etc. A player is expected to play at a certain level at the casino.


  • Keno

    A game that is quite similar to bingo and state lotteries. Here, the players pick on particular numbers up to 20 that they expect to be chosen from a group consisting of 80 numbers. It is particularly played in special lounges away from the casino floor.

  • Keno Lounge

    The area when the Keno game takes place.

  • Keno Runner

    A casino employee who is accountable for taking Keno wagers from players and takes the bets and returns the winnings as well.

  • Kibitzer

    A person who is a mere spectator of a game and make unwanted comments.

  • Kicker

    A term in Draw Poker used for an unsuited card commonly held as a bluff.

  • Kitty

    A pool of money either won in parts or as one complete whole by the player at the end of the hand.

  • Knock Out

    A cheating strategy where the dealer takes into possession the player’s money.


  • Lace

    The technique of mixing cards after shuffling in Baccarat.

  • Ladder Man

    A casino employee who sits on a high stool and monitors the ongoing game.

  • Lammers

    1. The dice used to indicate the value of chips or checks.
    2. Refers to the use of credit.
  • Land Based Casino

    Refers to a casino irrespective of its location, land or water in the virtual world.

  • Late Bet

    The act of placing a winning bet in Roulette after the dealer announces no more bets.

  • Lay

    A wager placed against a certain number in Craps. When a 7 is rolled by the number, the lay bet wins.

  • Lay and Pay

    The act of turning over the cards of a player and is followed up by gathering all the cards at the same time.

  • Lay Bet

    A bet where the seven is rolled prior to the number wagers.

  • Lay Down

    Refers to a bet.

  • Lay Odds

    1. When a side bet is placed after the come-out roll on the Don’t.
    2. Occurs in sports betting when money is placed on a team determined to win. Also, refer to Laying Odds and Giving Odds.
  • Layout

    The design on the surface of a table which is white in colour while the background is set in a variety of colours like green, red, blue etc.

  • Le Grand

    Refers to when two cards total nine in Baccarat.

  • Le Patage

    One of the options in European Roulette that can be taken when the ball lands on 0. Here, the players are allowed to take half of the bet back.

  • Leak

    A cheating strategy that fails. Example: visibility of a palmed card.

  • Let it Ride

    Indication for the dealer that the player intends to repeat the last bet but includes the winnings in the bet.

  • Levels

    An honest gambling equipment.

  • Light

    1.  Refers to an insufficient amount.
    2. Refers to the device used by a cheat to observe the dealt cards.
  • Light Bet

    A bet which is below the table minimum.

  • Light Work

    A term used for all the altered cards that are marked with fine lines.

  • Limit

    Refer to table limits.

  • Line

    Used to divide the bettors into two equal groups in a sportsbook. This is done with a handicap known as the point spread.

  • Line Bus

    A program by bus carriers who organize casino trips and also charge a fee.

  • Line Work

    A cheating strategy where small spots, lines, and curls are added to the back side of the playing cards so the cheat is able to identify the cards.

  • Listed Pitcher

    When betting baseball, the process of betting the game will stand if the “listed pitcher” starts the game. Essentially, if there is a pitching change before the game, all bets are off.

  • Little Joe

    Denotes a pair of twos in Craps.

  • Load

    1.  Refers to the act of playing maximum coins at slot machines.
    2. A cheating technique at the Craps table where weight is placed inside the dice to change them.
  • Loader

    A careless dealer who reveals his hole card.

  • Lock Up

    The act of placing money or chips safely in the rake or the toke box.

  • Locked Up

    Used by casino employees when a dealer remains at a table for a longer duration than expected and does so without a break.

  • Long Bet

    A wager that goes beyond the settable limit.

  • Long Green

    Refers to paper money or cash.

  • Looking for Action

    A player actively looking for a gambling play.

  • Lookout

    A casino employee accountable for casino floor observation and also that the games should run smoothly.

  • Loose

    1. Used for a gambler prone to taking risks.
    2. Refers to frequent payout machines in the slot machines.
  • Loss-limit

    Used by a disciplined player describing a fixed amount of money lost in a gambling session.

  • Lottery

    A random winning of sold tickets resulting in various prizes.

  • Low Roller

    Players who place small bets. Known as tourist gamblers and also regarded as suckers, tinhorns, and grinds.

  • Low Volatility

    Slot machines where you can hit more often but are less paid in comparison with high volatility slots.

  • Luminous Readers

    A cheating strategy where a substance is placed on the back of playing cards and can only be identified via tinted glasses.


  • Machine

    Refer to holdout machine.

  • Magnet

    A cheating strategy where the cheat placed a magnet on any side of the slot machine that the reels line up before the cheat removes the magnet.

  • Mallard

    Refers to $100.

  • Man Upstairs

    1. Refers to the top management employees.
    2. Employees who are in charge of supervising the security cameras.
  • Mark

    Refers to the goal of a conman.

  • Mark Off

    The act of a dealer where the stack of chips in the rack is stored. The chips are separated and then stacked to a set size allowing the floorperson to take a definite count at a distance.

  • Marker

    A promising note was given to casinos ensuring the paying off the debt to the casino by a player. It is considered as equal to counter check and is used to withdraw any amount from the bank.

  • Marker Card

    A plastic card placed in the cards deck or in the shoe to indicate the end of a shuffle or a play.

  • Marker Down

    A term used by casino’s staff to correspond to the floor person that the player has paid off his marker.

  • Martingale

    A betting system where the player keeps doubling the bet with each loss. Also known as negative betting progression. The player can even reach the table limit or exhaust the bankroll prior to winning of a wager.

  • Mason

    Refers to a mean gambler.

  • Maximum

    The largest single bet placed by the gambler as foreseen by the casino.

  • Mechanic

    A skilled dealer who perfectly manipulates cards.

  • Mechanical Games

    Games like slot machines and Keno that do not require any skills.

  • Memphis Dominoes

    Refer to Dice.

  • Mexican Standoff

    A gambling session that ends with minimum winnings or least winnings.

  • Michigan Bankroll

    The act of wrapping a large denomination bill around a small denomination bill to make it appear that there is a lot of money.

  • Mini Roulette 

    A smaller variant of roulette, with numbers 0-12, lower limits and can be played in online casinos.

  • Mini-Baccarat

    A lower-limit version in American Baccarat without any fancy trappings.

  • Minimum

    The lower limit of bet set by the casino at a table.

  • Miss-out

    In Craps, when a shooter fails to make a point.

  • Mixed Stack

    Refers to the stack of chips consisting of various different colours or rather denominations of chips.

  • Money Line

    In Sports betting, refers to the level of risk that needs to be taken by playing in laying the odds or the pay off a player may have for taking odds.

  • Money Wheel

    Refers to the big 6 wheel.

  • Monkey

    Refers to a face card.

  • Morning Line

    A term in horse and dog racing that refers to the morning guess by the price maker for the probable odds for running of the noon races.

  • Move

    A cheating strategy that comprises a sleight of hand.

  • Muck

    In Poker, the act of throwing the cards away.

  • Mucker

    1.  In Roulette, the 2nd dealer who monitors the payoffs and also, picking up the lost bets.
    2. A cheating strategy where the cheat hides and switches cards skillfully.
  • Mug Punter

    A gambling player who is not aware of the game’s odds.

  • Multiple Action Blackjack

    A variation of Blackjack that permits the gambler to play and bet on 3 hands concurrently from the same deck.


  • Natural

    Used when the player is dealt with two cards that equal 8 or 9, ergo winning hands.

  • Near Miss

    Almost getting the right combination to win.

  • Negative Swing

    Refers to a certain time period where a player undergoes a loss even though the mathematical advantage is in hand.

  • Neighbors

    In Roulette wheel, refers to the numbers adjacently placed next to each other on the wheel.

  • Nickel

    Refers to a $5 chip.

  • No Action

    The croupier has the option to call no action during a Roulette spin. The casino then repeats the action from the beginning, removing the bets after the no action was called.

  • No Dice

    Refers to a disallowed roll in Craps. This takes place when the shooter fails to hit the wall or the dice does not land straight.

  • No Roll

    Signifies an invalid roll in Craps. Also known as ‘no dice’.

  • Noir

    Used for the black winning number in Blackjack.

  • Non-Monetary Compensation

    Refers to compensations that are non-monetary like meals, trips, accommodations etc.

  • Nonverbal Communication

    Mode of correspondence without any sounds being produced for it. Example: Poker player keeps an eye on the body language for tips about the opponent’s hand.

  • Number Two Man

    A cheating strategy employed by the dealer when they deal with the 2nd card from the top.

  • Nut

    1. Refers to specific cards in Poker. A term referring to overhead expenses.
    2. Refers to overhead expenses. A term referring to an amount that a casino must make to break even.
    3. Used for the amount that a casino makes to break even.


  • Octant

    Used for any 5 numbers physically adjacent on the Roulette wheel.

  • Odds

    The probability of one event happening over another.

  • Oddsmaker

    The person who creates the betting line that is used by the sportsbooks.

  • Off

    A bet placed on the table yet is not working or even active. Thereby, it is not under any risks.

  • Off Numbers

    In Craps, refers to the box numbers consisting of 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10.

  • Off Track Betting

    Refer to OTB.

  • Off-Number Bet

    A wager that determines whether or not a shooter will throw a particular number other than the point prior to throwing the seven in Craps.

  • Off-The-Board

    When a sporting event is no longer available to bet on, they take it “off the board”

  • Off-The-Street

    The act of securing a casino job without having an acquaintance in the casino.

  • Off-The-Top

    Used for the onset of the deck in all card games.

  • On

    A Craps bet that is working and is being risked.

  • On Tilt

    A player performing quite poorly. Commonly referred to a flustered Poker player.

  • One Down

    Used by the stick person in Craps to announce a fallen dice from the table to the floor.

  • One Number Bet

    Refers to a certain number to signify whether or not will be thrown before another number in Craps.

  • One-Armed Bandit

    Refers to a slot machine.

  • One-Eyed Jack

    Refers to the Jack of Hearts and Jack of Spades in Poker as wild cards.

  • OTB

    Refers to Off Track Betting that takes place away from the race track.


  • P.C.

    1. Refers to the level of money in the drop box and the amount paid out to calculate the winnings and losses. Used by the casino personnel.
    2. The amount of advantage the house has over a player.
  • P.C. Dice

    Corrupt dice that the cheat can use for his benefit but does not let him win.

  • Pack

    An unopened deck of playing cards.

  • Pack Up

    The act of leaving a game.

  • Package

    Refers to a cheating skill that consists of swapping a priorly staked deck of cards with the current playing cards.

  • Pad Roll

    A cheating skill where the dice is thrown in a manner that it rolls out without spinning.

  • Paddle

    A plastic slat used by the dealer to push the money into the dropbox.

  • Pai-Gow

    An Orient table game using domino sort playing dice and other pieces.

  • Paint


  • Pair

    1. Refers to wager on even in Roulette.
    2. A hand with two cards of the same value in Poker.
  • Pair Splitting

    The act of splitting cards with the same value in separate hands in Blackjack.

  • Palette

    The stick used by the call man to move the cards.

  • Palm

    The act of a cheat using the sleight of hand whilst a deal to place some unwanted cards in the palm/hand.

  • Pan

    Refers to a card name categorized as Rummy.

  • Panhandler

    One who asks for money from the gambling players.

  • Paper

    1. A cheating skill where cards are marked before the play initiates.
    2. Refers to money.
  • Parimutuel

    Refers to races where all wagers are pooled and the winnings are only set by the number of winners and the typical track deduction.

  • Parlay

    1. When a gambler places a wager in sports betting as per the result of a combination game.
    2. Raising your winning by placing various wagers.
  • Partage

    Refer to Le Partage.

  • Party

    The signal through a cheat for a scam opportunity.

  • Pass

    Refers to the roll point prior to a 7 in Craps.

  • Pass-Line

    1. The area where bets are placed by the players on the Craps table.
    2. A wager in Craps where the player bets with the shooter.
  • Passe

    Refers to the wager placed on high numbers in the European Roulette.

  • Passers

    Refers to corrupt dice and largely used by cheats.

  • Pat

    A hand of 17 or more in Blackjack.

  • Pathological Gambling

    A disorder that stops one from placing bets.

  • Pay Off

    The assortment of a bet.

  • Pay Off Odds

    The percentage that determines a payoff.

  • Pay Table

    A table on the slot machines showing the payout for every combination.

  • Pay the Board 

    The act of a house paying out every player at the table irrespective of the total count.

  • Payline

    The line(s) on slot machines having symbols line up to win.

  • Payoff

    The money that is returned on a winning wager.

  • Payout

    Refers to a player’s winnings by the casino.

  • Payout Interval

    The duration is taken to pay out winnings.

  • Peek Freak

    A harsh term that refers to a hold card player. Often used by casino personnel.

  • Peek the Poke

    The effort to know the sum of money possessed by a mark in the purse.

  • Peeking

    A cheating skill employed by a dealer to see the dealt card. The top card is pressed down and then left against the fingers that are holding the deck. Here, the glimpse can be caught.

  • Peg

    The point with a marker in the number in Craps.

  • Pegging

    The cheat here marks the cards using a pin and leaves a bump for him to feel later.

  • Pencil

    One who has the authority to write comps.

  • Penny Ante

    Wagers on small bets.

  • Pepper

    A gambling cheat’s victim.

  • Perceived Risk

    The act of describing as to how a player witnesses a negative impact of an action.

  • Percentage

    1.  Refer to: house advantage.
    2. A cheating skill where the dice alters the advantage.
  • Percentage Game

    A banking play where the benefit can be acquired via uneven odds.

  • Percentage Tops and Bottoms

    A cheating technique where the cheat employed dice that are mis-spotted.

  • Perfects

    The casino dice within 1/5 000 of an inch to be regarded as perfect cubes.

  • Philistines

    Refers to Loan Sharks.

  • Phoebe

    Indicates that the point is 5 in Craps.

  • Phony

    1. A corrupt dice.
    2. One who is fake.
  • Pick-and-pay

    The act of a dealer in Blackjack turning over the player’s hand, paying out the winnings and taking in the losses and picking the hand again prior he moves to the next gambler.

  • Pockets

    The spaces of the table where the ball might land. They are numbered from 1 to 36, half of them coloured red half black, plus there’s the single zero in European and double zero in American roulette wheels, coloured green.

  • Pokies

    Another term for slot machines, used in Australia.

  • Progressive Slot

    Some slot machines have an interlinked progressive jackpot which continues to grow with each spin of players.

  • Prop Bets

    These are different types of bets that put a challenge into a gambler to predict various of the ball events. These could be anything from the first touchdown of the game to how many times an announcer says a certain word.

  • Puckline

    In hockey, this refers to the “spread” and is treated similarly to a RunLine in baseball.

  • Punto Banco

    The Spanish variant of baccarat.


  • Quad

    Describes four of a kind in Poker.

  • Quarters

    Used for $25 chips.

  • Queer

    Refers to fake money.

  • Quinella

    The act of a bettor in Horse Racing when he must pick the first two horses in order to cross the finish line.


  • Rabbit

    Refers to a sucker.

  • Rack

    A tray positioned in the middle of the table that holds the hips and is placed next to the dealer.

  • Raffle

    Refers to a lottery.

  • Rags

    In Poker, describes an insignificant hand with minimal chance of improvement.

  • Rail

    1. Indicates the top edge of the Craps table.
    2. Marks the spectators’ area in Poker.
    3. The groove in the Roulette wheel where the ball spins.
  • Rail Bird

    A cheat who steals away chips from unsuspected players from the rail/edge of the table.

  • Raise

    The act of a player matching a previous bet in Poker and then increases the amount. Here, the players either match or increase the amount.

  • Rake

    The amount of money taken for the Poker room provision and related services by the casino. It can be a flat fee or simply a set percentage of the pot.

  • Random Number Generator (RNG)

    Used to generate random numbers in table game and slot machines to determine the winning combinations.

  • Rank

    Indicates the face value of a card.

  • Rat Hole

    An area used by a cheat to hide stolen money or chips.

  • Rating

    Used to determine a gambler’s potential worth as a casino customer and also determines the level of comps the player might receive.

  • Rating Slip

    1. Used for a sheet that displays a player’s activity for comps.
    2. Refers to a dealer’s performance record.
  • Rats

    Refers to dice.

  • Readable Dealer

    Used for a dealer whose hole card is readable for any person in the casino.

  • Readers

    A term that refers to the glasses used by a cheat to see all the marked cards.

  • Ready a Tray

    Refers to the way a dealer organizes a tray so the floorperson counts the tray value from some distance.

  • Real Dough

    Refers to a large sum of money.

  • Real Work

    Used by cheats from inside information on a proper way to execute a scam.

  • Red

    Indicates a wager on red colour in Roulette. This bet pays one to one.

  • Red-Dog

    A table game in the casino where the player bets that the 3rd card dealt would have a value between the first two dealt cards.

  • Reds

    Refers to a $5 chip.

  • Reduced Juice Bets

    When a sportsbook offers a lower commission on a bet. Many times this is offseason by worse odds for the other team, which is many times the favourite.

  • Reel

    Indicates the visible wheels of a slot machine via window and consists of multiple symbols.

  • Reel Strip Settings

    Used for the pre-set percentages of the slot machines in casinos.

  • Reel Timing

    The act of timing the spinning of the reels that the players can halt when it shows their desired symbols.

  • Runline

    Used in baseball instead of moneyline. In a runline, a team would need to win by more than 1.5 runs.


  • Sabot

    Refers to a dealing shoe employed at all table games.

  • Salle Privee

    Signifies a private room for high stake games in European casinos.

  • Sand Work

    A cheating strategy where the cheat marks the back of playing cards with sandpaper of fine quality.

  • Sawbuck

    Refers to $10.

  • Sawdust-Joint

    A casino designed for low rollers.

  • Scam

    A cheating strategy manipulating an opponent.

  • Scared Money

    The amount of money being risked whereby it should be at any risk as it is used for food, rent etc. It is also an indication of sickness.

  • Score

    1. Refers to money.
    2. The act of scraping a card placed on the table and signifies a request to the dealer for another card.
  • SDS System

    A tracking system employed by casinos to detect all slot players in the slot club of the casino. When a player inserts the card into the slot machines, the casino is able to track the duration of the player, how much is wagered and also the winnings. The members are offered comps and special offers by this system.

  • Seat of the Pants

    The act of making decisions based on intuition only.

  • Second Base

    Refers to the player seated near the centre of the table in Blackjack.

  • Seconds

    A dealer’s cheating strategy when he avoids dealing from the top of the deck.

  • Security

    1) The division accounted for casino’s and its patron’s protection against multiple crimes.
    2) Refers to the casino police.

  • Security Monitor

    The closed-circuit televisions employed the security division to supervise the activities taking place all over the casino.

  • Sensor

    A device used to register particular changes in the environment like temperature changes, motion etc. This is commonly used in the money vault, rooms, and hallways.

  • Sent it in

    The act of betting against a house for the large sum of money.

  • Sequence

    The order of playing cards ranking in card games.

  • Sequence Bets

    A bet that requires various rolls to win in Craps.

  • Session

    A specific duration allowed for gambling.

  • Set

    The act of arranging cards in Pai Gaw Poker.

  • Seven-Out

    Refers to the shooter rolling a 7 while trying to roll point in Craps. A seven-out passes line wager to win and don’t pass bet to win.

  • Seventh Street

    Refers to the final betting round in Seven Card Stud.

  • Shape

    A cheating skill where the die is cut by the cheat.

  • Shark

    Refers to an expert shooter in Craps.

  • Sharp

    A confident gambler.

  • Sharper

    A card cheat who takes benefit of the novices.

  • Shaved

    Signifies an altered dice used by cheats.

  • Shield

    A piece of glass sounding the Roulette wheel and shields the players and patrons against flying balls.

  • Shift Boss

    A casino employee who’s responsible for the entire casino for the shifts and accounts to the casino manager only.

  • Shill

    A casino employee acting as a player and tries to bring the patrons to an empty table. A shill remains at the table until the game is stable or the table fills up fully. The term Shill was also referred to hiring attractive women to allure people to the baccarat table, a practice that is not used by the casinos anymore.

  • Shiner

    A cheating device used to see the value of cards as shown in the device while the cards are dealt.

  • Shoe

    A shoe that is sighted commonly at card games and Blackjack. It holds various decks of cards.

  • Shoot

    Refers to a round’s completion with the shooter failing to make a point in Craps.

  • Shooter

    Refers to a player throwing the dice in Craps.

  • Shooting from the hip

    An impulsive decision.

  • Short Horn

    A small bet placed on the horn in Craps.

  • Short Shoe

    Signifies a number of cards removed from the shoe in Blackjack and as a result, effects like altering the percentages against the players.

  • Shortcake

    Used for short change.

  • Shot

    An illegal move of a player.

  • Showdown

    A round’s end in Poker where the remaining players reveal their hands.

  • Shuffle

    Refers to the randomness of a deck or a deck of cards prior to the beginning of a play in card games.

  • Shuffle Tracking

    A strategy in card games where a player tries to track particular cards as they are shuffled.

  • Shy

    1. A casino term referring to one being short on cash.
    2. A term used in casinos and employed for outstanding debts.
  • Shylock

    One who loans money to broke players.

  • Sic-Bo

    An Oriental table game where the players either guess the individual or the combination of numbers that are to appear on three dice after they are shaken and revealed by the dealer.

  • Side Bet

    A bet made between players on the outcome of a certain dice throw in Craps.

  • Side Game

    A casino game that is played lightly and is not as important as Craps and Blackjack.

  • Signature Slots

    Casino’s own branded slot machines.

  • Silver

    Refers to either $1 gaming token or used for silver dollars.

  • Single-0

    1. A conman working alone.
    2. Refers to the single 0 spot on the Roulette wheel.
  • Single-Deck

    A Blackjack game where a single deck is used while being hand-held by the dealer.

  • Singles

    Refers to $1 chips.

  • Singleton

    Refers to unsuited cards in a Poker hand while it does not belong got a winning o even probably winning combination.

  • Six Line Bet

    A bet that covers the six numbers from two adjacent rows on the roulette layout and pays 5-1.

  • Six-Ace Flats

    A pair of damaged dice in the casino.

  • Sixe-Into

    A fast way for dealers in paying off the winning bets as he pushes a stack of chips to another one and then removes excess chips from the pushed stack making both equivalents.

  • Sixtine

    Used for a 6 number bet in Roulette particularly the two horizontal rows with three numbers each.

  • Sixty Days

    Refers to the 6 points in Craps.

  • Skinner

    Refers to a cheat.

  • Skinny Dugan

    Refers to a loser seven in Craps.

  • Sky

    A casino employee working in the security division monitoring the casino activities via mirrors and video equipment.

  • Slambang

    Refers to a quick move by gambling players.

  • Sleeper

    1. Refers to an unclaimed bet by a player.
    2. A number that has not come up for a prolonged time.
  • Slick Cup

    A cheating device placed inside the loaded dice to help in the cheat.

  • Slick Dice

    Refers to a dice altered by a cheat for smooth and rough sides.

  • Slickers

    Refers to professional gambling players.

  • Slide Shot

    A technique employed by dice mechanics to control the roll of 1 or 2 dice.

  • Slot Club

    Refer to casino players club.

  • Slot Drop

    Used for the bucket inside the slot cabinet where the coins are collected by machines as played by the players.

  • Slot Tournament

    A special event where players compete for a big prize on slot machines.

  • Slot Type

    A kind of a slot machine: basic, progressive, classic, bonus etc.

  • Sound of Rain

    A popular term referring to the sound of money that the coins make after hitting big on a slot machine.

  • Split

    A bet you place on the intersection of two adjacent numbers on the Roulette layout that pays 17-1.

  • Spread

    The basic term for the “point spread”, one of the most common types of sports betting across nearly all sports. Refers to the number of points one team is favoured over another team by.

  • Stand Up

    Slot machines that are played standing upright.

  • Steam

    This is when a betting line moves on direction and moves quickly. This is seen oftentimes in championship boxing matches, where the money floods in on a popular fighter.

  • Store

    Many times bettors refer to the place where they place their sports bets.

  • Straight Bet

    This is a bet on a single team. A “straight bet”  is also known as a bet you put on one number specifically found on the roulette table layout that pays 35-1.

  • Street Bet

    A bet you place on three numbers in a row on the Roulette table layout, placing the chip on the edge of the row that pays 11-1.


  • Table Bankroll

    Refers to the number of chips in the tray at all table games.

  • Table Drop

    1. The amount of money that is exchanged in lieu of chips by a player.
    2. The amount of money, chips and markets placed at any table in the dropbox.
  • Table Game

    A game that is used as a table in any casino game. Example: Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps are table games while Slot Machines, Video Poker and Keno are not.

  • Table Hopping

    The act of a player moving from table to table having faith in the change of his luck.

  • Table Limit

    A limit for most of the table games as set by the casino. The table limit consists of a maximum and a minimum amount of money that can be wagered at one and the same time.

  • Table Stakes

    A rule that can limit all the permitted wagers to the chips that a player posses at the start of a hand on the table.

  • Table Win

    The amount of money generated on a table. The total amount is calculating by simply subtracting the value of all the missing chips from the table drop.

  • Take

    1. The act of accepting a bribe.
    2. Used for the casino receipts.
    3. A popular, yet mistaken, assumption that slot machines pay as many coins as they are few with. Also known as the Pay Cycle.
  • Take a bet down

    The act of a player from removing a bet from the layout of craps.

  • Take an Edge

    In gambling, the act of acquiring a dishonest benefit.

  • Take and Pay

    The dealer’s method to settle up with the winners and the losers in the casino.

  • Take Down

    The act of removing a wager.

  • Take It

    In Craps, the backing of the dice to win by taking the odds.

  • Take it from the Inside

    Used for an employee’s theft.

  • Take it off the top

    The act of being paid off prior to the disbursements.

  • Take Me Down

    In Craps, the act of notifying the dealer that you intend to remove the bet from the table.

  • Take Odds (taking odds)

    1. A wager on a pass line after the come-out roll in Craps.
    2. Refers for the bets placed on a team expected to lose in Sports Betting. This wager allows the winning team to get hold of a greater payoff.
  • Take Off Man

    A cheat who makes larger bets for his cheating scam success.

  • Take Off Pad

    The area on the front of the shoe from where all the cards are drawn.

  • Taking the Count

    Used to describe the act of a Pitboss when a game is stopped to allow the securities to do an inventory of the cash placed on the table in casinos.

  • Taking the Odds

    In Craps, when a wrong wager at odds is accepted.

  • Tap-Out

    Describes the total loss of a player’s money or bankroll.

  • Teasers

    A wager on multiple teams where the line for each of them moves in favour of the better. When you bet a teaser, you have to get ALL the bets correct.

  • Tight Slot

    Machines with low payouts that make the house have the edge over the player.

  • Totals

    This is many times referred to as the “over/under”. When placing a bet, you are predicting whether the teams in the game will score more or less than oddsmakers placed.

  • Tout

    This is a person that sells their picks on games.


  • Under

    Refers to over/under.

  • Under the Gun

    1. Used in all card games to refer to the player seated directly to the dealer’s left side.
    2. In Poker, refers to the player who should place the bet first.
  • Underdog

    Many refer to this as the “dog”. This is the team that is not expected to win the game.

  • Unit

    The measure employed by all gambling players to set the size/amount of bet. Generally, 1 unit is the table’s minimum stake.

  • Unpaid Shill

    A steady low roller.

  • Up a Tree

    Used for a dealer’s face-up card.

  • Upcard

    The dealer’s exposed card in Blackjack.


  • Value-for-money Bet

    A placed bet where the result is greater than the offered odds.

  • Velvet

    Refers to winnings.

  • Vic

    A short-term used for a victim or a mark.

  • Vigorish (Vig)

    A term used to describe a better commission charged by the casino and is considered to be quite similar to any house edge. The 2nd term also refers to: This is oftentimes referred to as the “cut” or the “take”. This is the term for what the bookie charges for accepting the wages. Many will also describe it as the “Vig”.

  • VIP

    Refer to high-roller.

  • Visual Wheel Tracking

    Following the roulette wheel and ball and predicting where the ball will land.


  • Wager Management 

    The playing and paying method a player must keep in mind in order to get the most out of the slot machine and manage his bankroll.

  • Wagering Requirements

    Anytime a player claims a casino bonus he is subject to wagering requirements anywhere from 20x – 50x the bonus and deposit amount. This ensures that players do not claim a bonus and cash-out immediately. So, let’s say you make a $100 deposit and you get a 100% bonus which now equals to $200 you can play with, however, the bonus has a 40X wagering requirement. This means $200 x 40 = $8,000. A player must wager a total of $8000 in bets before a withdrawal can be made. Also, refer to as Playthrough Requirements.

  • Walk

    Refers to a player who leaves a game.

  • Walk In

    The act of a person who requests a room without any prior reservation.

  • Walk With

    Used for the maximum amount of table chips that the player is allowed to leave with.

  • Washing the Cards

    The act of a dealer when he mixes different decks together on the table before the shuffling.

  • Way Bet

    In Keno, a ticket that is marked to merge number bets in different ways.

  • Way Ticket

    In Keno, a ticket that combines number groups into numerous bets.

  • Weed

    A cheating strategy where the bills are either removed or hidden while handling the money.

  • Weight

    A cheating term referring to the use of loaded dice.

  • Welsh

    The failure of being able to pay off the debt or the placed wager.

  • Welsher

    A player who is not able to pay off his losses.

  • Whale

    Refer to high-roller.

  • Wheel

    Used for the Roulette wheel.

  • Wheel Roller

    Refers to the Roulette dealer.

  • Whip Cup

    Used in Craps by cheaters as a dice cup with the inner surface polished.

  • Whip Shot

    In Craps, refers to an uncontrolled shot performed by the shooter. With the ‘Whip Shot’ the shooter is allowed to have dice spinning when they are rolled and land on the table with a flat spinning move so that when the dice stop, the desired numbers remain on the top.

  • Whirl

    A bet that covers all the 7 and the horn numbers in 5 equal amounts.

  • White on White

    All cards marked with white markings on the white borders.

  • Whites

    Refers to $1.

  • Winning Combination

    A collection of symbols designed to result in a hit.


  • No items found.


  • Yard

    Refers to $100.


  • Zero

    The 37th number on the Roulette Wheel. The pocket on a roulette table. Roulette wheels consist of a single zero pocket, while the American roulette wheels consist of zero and a double zero.

  • Zero Out

    Used for the act of settling an account in full.

  • Zombie

    Refers to a gambler who is devoid of any emotion display.

  • Zukes

    A term used for tips and gifts.

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