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Ever came across a group of friends and they were talking about betting, poker, craps and other gambling terminologies and you just sat there not understanding a single term uttered by them? Well it happens but you certainly don’t have to worry about it! has got your back and through our enlisted gambling dictionary, every terminology affiliated with the gambling realm has been elaborated in such a simple and common way that it will allow you to now know and understand the lingo better than ever.

We have gone out of our way to ensure those who are new potential and established online gambler can become accustomed to the jargon’s and also look upon our gambling dictionary as a quick reference point. From our official website you can look up every term in our gambling dictionary and its meaning for you to have a better understanding about various words and phrases used in the various gaming activities, the context in which they are used and who uses the words – either the casino dealers or those who enjoy playing casino games.

You can take a look for yourself regarding our comprehensive list of all gambling terms compiled together in an alphabetical order for easier referencing so that in due course you will know what various sayings and betting/wagers terms mean. Our portal has particularly been developed to serve you – the player – as an easy and simple medium where you can learn a lot about extensive gambling terms employed in different games ranging from:

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Our gambling dictionary is very useful, you will find every term used so that the next time when you are sitting among friends playing cards, craps or any other table game; you will certainly be well-aware and versed with all the different gambling terminologies. Make our dictionary your companion and watch as you build your vocabulary and knowledge in no time.

If you come across any terminologies that you can’t find, please do not hesitate to inform us and we will look into adding it to our comprehensive list of terminologies. We are always looking to improve our gambling dictionary so we can keep all our readers well informed and educated on the latest casino and gambling terms. So we appreciate it when you, the reader, take the time to interact with us and provide us with your valued input – honest!

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