Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: A

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Abandon: Act of giving up or folding a hand and a deal.

A Bite: Request on the part of the gambler to the dealer for a loan.

Above: The earnings of a casino recorded in the bookkeeping ledger.


  1. One dollar bill
  2. A type of card in a deck
  3. In the crap game, Ace is used to refer to die side and have a value of one only
  4. In blackjack, Ace as a card is valued as either one or eleven

A Cheval: In Roulette, it is a bet on any two adjacent/ side by side numbers on the layout.

Across the Board: A bet of equal stakes on every outcome. It is used for horse racing where win, place and show pools are offered.

ACS: An abbreviation that stands for Automatic Card Shuffler.

Action: The total amount of money placed as a bet on the game/ money wagered. In poker, the wagered money is placed in the pot.

Action Jackson: Any player or gambler who places bets and wages on daily basis (day and night).

Active Player: A player is termed as an active player who represents any group betting against the bank. One who is still placed in the pot.

Accumulator: At the point when a player chooses various alternatives for what they wager on amid a race or sporting event and consents to have any rewards from the primary wager, they pick naturally put on the following, et cetera until the point that every one of their choices has been betted on. Also known as “acca or acca player”

Add-on: In Poker, the point when the player buys additional chips for the ongoing tournament.

Advantage Player: A player that goes over the limit to take advantage of the house. Online can be bonus abusers while at a land-based casino that may use a tactic like card counting in Blackjack and can also apply to Craps players that use dice control.

African Dominoes: A term used for crap shooting in American slang. It is similar to dice. (see dice for details).

Against the Spread: The aftereffect of an occasion that considers the point spread.


  1. A person who is responsible for the number of bets and also for taking lotteries.
  2. A cheating player who defrauds the casino by working with the dealers and employees of the casino.

Aggregate Limit: Total payout over a single game taking place in a casino

Aggregate Winnings: Total winnings at the end of the game/bet.

All In: When all the chips are placed for betting by a player. Players also use the abbreviation AI for All In.

All Out: At the point when a horse is attempting its hardest.

All or Nothing: Takes place in the Keno game wherein either all the picked numbers or none of them are drawn out.

All Weather Racing: At the point when horse racing happens on a counterfeit surface.

American Roulette: A game with 38 openings, numbered 1 to 36 that has two zero spots, a single zero and a double zero, 0 and 00 . It is also known as Double Zero Roulette and is unlike the French Roulette.

Anchor Man: In Blackjack, a person who anchors the game by making the final decision and sits towards the right side of the dealer in the game.

Anchor Slot: The slot or the position place directly on the left of the dealer in Blackjack.

Ante: In Poker, the required minimum bet to receive a hand by the player before the new hand initiates.


  1. Dice roll bet that covers 2, 3, or 12 in Craps
  2. One roll bet of the dice being any 7.

Any Craps: A solitary move single-unit wager on 2, 3, or 12 appearing on the following roll. Pays 7 to 1.

Any Sevens: A solitary move wager on 7 appearing on the following roll. Pays 4 to 1.

Apple: An inexperienced player or gambler who has never won before.

Apron: The location where chips are stored on the roulette table.

Arbitrage Bets: This is a strategy where a bettor places a wager on each outcome at various sportsbooks. When doing this – the bettor is able to take advantage of different odds in hopes to win money regardless of the result of the action.

Arm: Act of securing or protection (backing support) against any organized crime.

Around the Corner: A term used in some card games where linking of the highest and the lowest cards is permissible.

Attack: An action when a player or the gambler places a bet against the bank.

At Risk: Refers to when the player’s wager or bet is active in the game or in action during the game.

Auction: In Chemin de fer, bidding takes place to decide about the banker, the highest bidder becomes the banker.

Automatic Card Shuffler: A machine that is used in most card games like Baccarat or Blackjack which shuffles 1 or multiple card decks. You will find this machine being used in land-based casinos of course.

Axe: Winnings cut and taken by the casino.


  1. Trying out.
  2. An act of dealing with the supervisor trying to secure a job.