Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: C

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Cackle: A strategy used in Craps to make the dice seem shaken while it is under complete control.

Cage: Refers to the place in the casino where players exchange their chips for real money. All the pay-offs, redeeming, and other financial transactions take place here.

Calculators: A term for odds men working in the calculations rooms over the racetrack.


  1. A term used in Poker to validate the player’s matching of a previously-made bet. This helps in retaining the position in the current hand.
  2. Used in the Caribbean Stud Poker where a wager remains in the current hand via double the amount ante.

Call Bet: A bet identified using the verbal cues and is considered to be illegal in New Jersey.

Caller: Seen in games like Bingo or Keno. The ‘caller’ runs the games by calling out and posting their particular numbers.

Call Man: The entitled casino employee running the Baccarat game.

Call Plays: Used in Blackjack by card counters team and employed as a technique as they verbally signal any playing member as to how much he should bet and how to play the hand.

Came Up Lame: A debtor who leaving town or the vicinity without any follow-up address.

Camouflage: A strategy employed by a cheat to cover his illegal activities.

Canadian Line: Often used in hockey. This is the combination of both the money line and the point spread.

Cane:  A curved stick used in Craps by the stickman to retrieve the dice after each throw.

C&E: A bet placed in Craps to cover eleven and any of the craps.

C Note: A $100 bill.

C.O.D: Bets meant for cash only and refer to no credit or assets in due course.


  1. A maximum number of bets wagered by a player.
  2. A maximum sum of stake a player may amplify on a former bet. Example: Poker
  3. The maximum amount wagered before the house changes odds/points.

Capped Dice: Refers to crooked/corrupt dice.

Capable: Refers to a good card/dice mechanic during cheating.

Capacity Planning: A course of a plan wherein a maximum number of players are able to play safely within a given space.

Capital: The total sum of money that is available with the casino/gambler.

Capped Dice: A cheating strategy employed in a Craps game where the dice is modified in a way that tends to favour particular numbers by making one or sides of the dice softer as compared to the other sides.

Capping Bets:

  1. A cheating technique that is employed when the game is in progress and the chips are illegally added to the initial stake.
  2. Refers to when a dealer pays off a bet but giving the winnings directly on the initial bet.

Card: The main tool used in various games like Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack. Such card games include a stack of 52 cards with a combination of 4 suits and a number from 2-4 and 4 face values which consists of King, Queen, Jack, and Ace.

Card Counting: Refers to observation and tracking of the cards played on a Blackjack table while the players envisage about the playing cards with some precision. There are casinos that do not open for this purpose and regard it as illegal. There are times when card counting players are banned from certain casinos.

Card Down: Indicates a fallen card on the floor and is used to a nearby floor attendant.

Card Mechanic: One who is skillful in card manipulation tactics.

Card Shark: Only a mispronunciation of the term ‘Card Sharp’.

Card Sharp: Refers to an expert card player. May also indicate one who is capable of cheating easily in card games.

Carousel: A group of slot machines all set in the form of circle/ring.

Carpet Joint: A casino designed particularly to serve high rollers.

Carre: A wager employed in the roulette table when a bet on any 4 numbers forms a square.

Caribbean Stud Poker: A 5 card poker game where the players wager against the house.

Carry a slug: A cheating technique used during shuffling so as to refrain from disturbing any group of cards which may be either on the top of the deck or the bottom.

Carte: A term used for the player to ask for a card from the dealer. Fun fact: it is also the French translation for ‘a card’.

Carte Blanche:

  1. Refers to a hand that has no face cards.
  2. Used for a player with an unlimited bankroll.

Cartwheel: Means a silver dollar.

Case Bet: A stake that consists of all the money or the chips a player possesses.

Case Stuff: A term that hints at the infamous cheating method.

Cashback: Another type of bonus offered to player’s, where a refund is credited to their account base on the percentage of their losses.

Cash Bank: The amount of money given to the cashier at the very onset of their shift so that they are accountable for all sorts of transactions that may take place during the shift.

Cash Bonus: Free money given to new players that make their first deposit at an online casino. Also known as Welcome Bonus or Sign-up Bonus. To give you an example, a 100% match bonus will double the value of the first deposit a player makes. All cash bonus offers are subject to T&C’s that should be read before accepting it.

Cashier: One who is a casino employee and has the responsibility for all the transactions taking place in the cage.

Cashier’s Cage: Area where players have their money swapped for chips, payoff markers, chips for money and various other transactions. The cashiers tend to control and monitor all the transactions that occur in the cage.

Cash Out: A procedure where chips are exchanged for money.

Casing: A course of an action executed by a cheat as it consists of illegal activities like monitoring the security cameras, employees, exits, guards and other casino locations.

Casino: The place where gambling takes place legally. It has everything from shops, bars, restaurants, live theatre etc. Also referred to as the house, trap, store, shop, joint and toilet as well.

Casino Administrator: One who is responsible for all procedures and policies in effect in the casino bounds.

Casino Advantage: The beneficial edge the casino has over the other players.

Casino Hotel: A place that provides accommodation for guests as well as a gambling casino.

Casino Manager: A person of high authoritative position in the casino.

Casino Players Club: A system devised to track all bets placed by the players and then providing them with various rewards and other compensations that are based on the players gambling proportion level altogether.

Casino Rate: An exclusive hotel room accommodation offer for casino players club members.

Casino-Oriented: Ones who are dedicated players for a particular casino and play there for the extended duration. Sch players are highly desired by casinos.

Casino Supervisor: One who is responsible for monitoring all table games and this is inclusive of the floor personnel and also the pit bosses.

Catch: Refers to the action of choosing a Keno number winning.

Catches: Used to indicate the number picked by the player and that appears on the casino boards.

Catwalk: Concealed security area in the casino which is usually located above the casino floor and is meant to keep a sharp eye observation on the actions taking place below.

Caught Up: A term used for a player incapable of repayment of money he owes and thereby, his credit halts.

Center Dealing: Takes place when all the cards from the middle of the deck are wagered. It is regarded as a cheating strategy.

Center Field:
1) Refers to the field bet nine in Craps.
2) Used in Blackjack for the center box that gives direct access from the dealer.

Century: Refers to $100.

Chalk: A preferred or favorite horse, greyhound, team etc.

Chalk Player: A player who places a wager on the favorites.

Chameleon Strategy: Mimicking the exact same strategy of those players who are doing great at the table.

Chance: A term that indicates geometric odds.

Change Agents:
1) Individuals who act as mediums, catalysts who are there to manage all changing procedures for an organization.
2) Casino employees and are responsible for exchanging cash for the players on the casino floor.

Change Color: Act of exchanging the different chip colors with varying denominations.

Chase: Placing a second bet to win back the lost money.

Check: A secondary term for a chip. A player can check to be a part of the game but is not allowed to bet in Poker.

Check Out: To cautiously observe someone or something.

Checker: A casino employee who keeps a close observation on the shills performance to see the number of players brought into the game.

Chemin De Fer: Part of the Baccarat game and commonly used in Nevada. It consists of players competing against each other instead of the casino/house.

Cheques: These are the exclusive, unique chips with which baccarat is played.

Chicken Feed: Relates to a small amount of money.
Chill: Act of losing interest.


  • A silicon-based electronic device employed in controlling modern slot machines and the latest electronic table games.
  • A token used instead of cash in a casino. The denomination of these token tends to vary as per their value.

Chip Cup: A cheating method where the cheat makes use of a fake stack of all hollowed-out chips to steal original chips from the casino.

1) Refers to an inexperienced player.
2) Indicates a sucker.


  • A gambler in possession of a large amount of money.
  • Refer to: Chip.

Chip Tray: A tray places before the dealer on the table and holds all the chips used for paying off all the winning bets.

Chuck a Luck: A term used for a game which has three dice located and spun in a wire cage similar to an hourglass shape. Also identified as the Grand Hazard or simply Hazard and Nevada Chuck-a-luck.

Chump: Refers to a sucker, bird, money, pheasant, chippy, greenie and mark.

Chunk: Used for players’ actions when they consistently put forth large stakes/wagers.

Circled Game: A situation where the sports book reduces a set betting limit on any listed game.

Claim Bet Artist: A cheat who bets on any table game where it’s easy for players to lose their bets track.

Claimer: One who is responsible for collecting a jackpot winning in a slot cheating dodge.

Clapper: Part of the big six wheels hanging down above the big six wheels and is made of leather and rides on top of the pegs, producing a clapping noise while the wheel is spun around. As the wheel halts, the winning number is announced.

Clean: The act of taking the entire sum of a player’s money.

Clean Move: Describes a highly meticulously performed cheating act.

Clean Hand: Refers to an empty hand of a cheat that clears he is not fiddling with the cards or the dice.

1) Bereft of any debt.
2) Free of any cheating guilt.

1) Refers to any dealer.
2) Relates to a good dealer.

Clip: A cheat.

Clocking: An act of tracking like recording the number of hands dealt and the number of spins on the big six wheel during any given duration.

Closed Cards: Indicates cards that are dealt face down.

Closer: From left in the tray at the closing time and determines the value of the tray itself.

C-Note: A term used for $100 bill.

Coat Tail: Act of placing a wager on the same number some other player places bet on.

Cocked Dice: Used in Craps to refer to a situation when the dice comes to rest after being thrown and makes it difficult to determines the surfacing value of the dice pointing up.

Cognette: A slot reserved for the bank’s winnings on a Baccarat table.

Cold: A table or machine that takes money without giving a win. Also refers to a player unable to win anything.

Cold Deck:
1) A cheating strategy where the second deck of cards is arranged in such an order that it can be switched for the deck in play any time later.
2) Describes shoe/deck/cards that are not favourable for the player.

Cold Dice: Dice that are unable to make the player’s point.

Cold Machine: Allegedly, there are those types of slot machines that won’t hit anything anytime soon.

Cold Player: A player losing his wagers and experiencing bad luck.

Cold Table: When shooters are unable to make their points.

Collector: Refer to Claimer.

Colour: The determined value of the casino chips as per their colors.

Color for Color: A term used by dealers when they pay-off a winning bet by matching the colours of the chips wagered.

Color Up: Refers to the act of trading lower denomination chips for the acquisition of higher denomination chips.

Combination Bet: An act of using a single chip in roulette while betting on more than one number in the play.

Combination Ticket: A Keno ticket meant for than one stake.

Come Bet: A bet used in a Craps game and is the same as the pass line bet.

Come Line: A bet placed on the come line in Craps and has the same rules as seen in the pass line with the difference in the bet being placed after the point is set up.

Come Out Roll: Initial bet in Craps meant for the do as well as the don’t bets.

Come Up: Referring to a particular number/chance for its probable winning.

Coming In One High: A strategy employed by a corrupt dealer wherein he lifts a chip from the player’s wager stack from the top and places it at the bottom of the pay-off pile.

1) A set rate/fee practiced on particular casino games set by the casino itself since they do not have sole wagering involvement nor are they wagered against. Examples: Poker and Baccarat.
2) Refer to: Gaming Board.

Complimentary: Rewards are given to players on the basis of the amount of money wagered by them. These include rooms, meals, shows, travel compensation etc.

Comps: A short phrase/term for Complimentary. For details, refer to “Complimentary”.

Complete Hand: One that is defined by all 5 cards and is also regarded as a full house, straight flush, straight or simply flush.

Concierge: One who works as a basic link between hotel, guests and non-hotel attractions.

Cooler: Refers to Cold Deck no.2


  • Winning a bet.
  • The act of stealing, taking or getting.

Copper: When a player/gambler takes the side/position/opinion of another gambler’s wager.

Copy: In Pai Gaw Poker when the player and the banker, both have the same 2 or 5 card hand.

Corker: A term used for an unusual player.

Corner Bet: Bet places on the junction of any four numbers in Roulette. Also known as the square bet where the bet is paid-off at 8 to 1.

Correct Odds: Percentage or ratio of favorable and non-favorable probabilities.


  1. Refers to the collection value of cards played at any time.
  2. Counting the chips in a tray or profits/income of a drop box.

Count Down: A dealer’s action of lining up small chips (moderate sized) to make distance counting easy.

Counter: One who counts the cards in Blackjack.

Counter Check: A draft used to secure markers/credit with a casino.

Coup: Used for one complete round of plays in games like Baccarat and Roulette. Commonly used in European casinos.

Court Cards: Refers to all the face cards in a deck of cards. The face cards have a zero value in Baccarat and a ten value in Blackjack.

Cowboy: Used for a fast player/gambler.


  1. Act of bet acceptance.
  2. Placing abet/wager on the table.

Covering the Spread: This is a win against the point spread. When the favorite team comes away with a win by more than the spread, they “covered”.

Cracking the Nut: Winning money that is enough to bear the expenses as well as make some profit.

Crap Out: Rolling a 2, 3, or 12 on the first roll and losing it in Craps game.


  • A term in the Craps game when there is a roll of 2, 3 or 12.
  • A table game where a player bets on rolled numbers when the shooter rolls two dice.

Craps Dealer: A casino employee that is incharge of the Craps table. Also responsible for the collection and paying off bets.

Crap Shoot: A situation where the outcome is uncertain.

Craps Shoot: Refer to Crap shoot.

Credit: An honor is given to certain casino patrons who can then play without any money. The player is bound to pay the credit money alongwith certain interest.

Credit Button: In video poker, a button via which the player is able to collect the won bank coins as credits and use them to play further without depositing any further money.

Credit Manager: One who determines whether or not a player is eligible for credit and its percentage.

Credit Slip: Voucher issues by the casino table and determines the winning of the player.

Crew: Ones who are accounted as Craps dealers.

Crimp: A cheating strategy where the card corners are slightly bent for the cheat to identify them easily.

Crossroader: One who specialized in double-crossing the casino from the outside.

Cross Training: A course of management procedures where employees tend to learn various tasks and helps improve their employability level in various regards like a moral improvement, employee retention and filing for another employment opportunity.

Croupier: A French name for the casino employee who calls out the points and turns the card and determines what happens next after the third card baccarat rules. Refers to a dealer in European terms.

Cucumber: Used to indicate a new player.

Cull: A cheating strategy where particular cards are replaced from the deck to be used later.

Curator: A term refers to a Baccarat player at his turn to deal.

Currency: Coin and paper money.

Cushion: Known as the reserved bankroll, money held back for later use.

Cut: The act of splitting a deck of cards into two piles and then putting them back together in a different manner so the order changes. This is like impartial shuffling and can be performed by any of the participating players.

Cut Card: A plastic divider added into a deck of cards so as to indicate a shuffle for them.

Cut Cheques: A course of action performed by a dealer holding a stack of chips and using his index finger to pile two or more but an equal stack of chips again. Also identified as a Drop Cut and a Thumb Cut.

Cut Edge Dice: A cheating strategy where the dice edges are either cut or shaved with different sized angles and helps in allowing the cheat to have some control over the game’s results since the dice then tends to fall in the larger cut direction.

Cut In: A cheating technique in Craps where the dice are bartered for another dice.

Cut Into: The act of matching a stack of chips having chips of a certain color with another stack having the same colored chips.

Cutout Work: A cheating strategy where the cheat used either a knife or acid to extend the white area by removing just a small amount of the colored design on the back of the cards.

Cut Tokes: Refers to the act of separating and distributing tips between dealers.

Cut up Jackpots: Commonly exaggerated winnings that are discussed openly, focusing on the priorly large wins.

Cycle: In video poker, the geometrically predicted numbers of hands dealt as per the top jackpot which is usually a royal flush.