Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: E

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1) A term used for a player who sits beside the right side of the dealer.

2) Also referred to as the third base and the anchor.

Ear: A cheating strategy where the card’s corner is slightly bent to identify it easily later.

Early Out: An act of dealer when they take their last break before their shift ends and they go home early.

Early Surrender: Takes place when the player in some Blackjack tables gives up half of the bet on the ability if it seems that the dealer might have a blackjack.

Earn: Refers to the actual amount of funds that the casinos take in as part of the revenue.

Earring: A cheating strategy where the dealer does not drop paper money directly into the DropBox since they leave a corner of the bill in order to retrieve the bills later. Also referred to as the Hanger.

Easy Way: Used in Craps how the point was made on the dice and refers to a point which is made without any paid numbers. Example: a 6 and a 4 or a 7 and a 3 on the dice which is the easiest way to make 10, however, the harder way would be a 5 and a 5.

Edge: Refers to the geometrical benefit in most games and is commonly retained by the house’s edge.

Edge Work: A cheating technique that can be implemented on every single card game which marks the cards between the edge of the level and the design.

Edge Markings: Refer to Edge Work.

Eighter From Decatur: Refers to the number 8 in Craps game.


  • Describes the closing of a pit, casino, and pit for the night.
  • Refers to the act of removing a patron from the bounds and is used in online casinos and related businesses.

Electric Dice: Where a slug is hidden in the dice and is a cheating technique that is used with the help of a hidden electro-magnet.

Element of Ruin: Used for the probable notion of a player losing his bankroll.

Eldest Hand: The player sitting to the left side of the dealer.

End: A term that refers to a share.

English “American Roulette”: Known as a combination game where an American Roulette wheel is used while the double zero is removed. The players used chips of different colors and when the 0 hits the share’s concession is used.

En Plein: A French Roulette where a bet is placed on a single number.

En Prison: Used as an option in some casinos at the roulette tables and can be employed on all even money bets when 0 or the double 0 hits. Both the results vary in the US and Europe wherein the former country, half the bet is lost while in the latter country, the bet remains at the table for another spin. If the bet wins the player repossesses the money while if it loses, he loses the money as well. This is referred to as the Surrender in the US.

Equitable: Known as the Fair Game.

European Roulette: European Roulette is the original version of Roulette, consisting of numbers 1-36 and one zero pocket and a lower house edge.

Even Chances: Refer to Even Money.

Even Money: Describes the winning of an equal amount to the original bet.

Even Count: The act performed by card counters to reimburse a multiple deck game that is equal to a single deck game. Example: if the count is 4 and the decks are 4 in number, the player would divide 12 by 4 to get a count of 3.

Exacta: A bet that picks on the two horses finishing 1st and 2nd in the line.

Expected Return: Referred to in the video poker where it’s the average amount paid back for a specific bet on a certain game.

Expected Value: The amount of money that is based on the geometrical benefit of the casino and luck and a player should either win or lose.

Exposure: The money that a sportsbook stands to lose on a certain event.

Eye: Refer to Eye in the sky.

Eye Balls: When a player rolls a two in Craps game.

Eye in the Sky: A term is given to all monitoring cameras that are suspended here and there from a central location, usually seen on ceilings and are constantly controlled by the casino authorities.