Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: F

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Face Cards: Used for cards like King, Queen or Jack.

Face Down: The method of dealing cards in a manner that the player will be the only one to view them and nobody else.

Fade: The act of covering either all or part of the shooter’s central bet.

Fade Cover: This term refers to betting against the bank in Craps or Chemin de Fer.

Fading Game: Refer to: Open Craps.

Faites Vos Jeux: Known to be a French term that means the players can place their bets and single the betting start at a Roulette table.

Fair Game: A game where the payoffs are equal to the numerical chance of winning. Such games are not seen in casinos since the casino games have a favourable edge so that the casino itself makes money.

False Carding: Used in Draw Poker as a technique where few cards are drawn to improve the hand and make it looks like a strong one.

Fan Tan: A simple oriental game which is played with button/beans and the outcome is decided by the dealer dividing the buttons pile with the help of a stick four at a time until four itself, then three and two and then finally, only one is left. Observed in selected Nevada casinos.

Favorites: A term used for the probability, chance or the numbers that frequently come up at times of a certain game.

Fan: An act executed by a dealer for observation and verification since the cards all spread out with face up in an arc on the table. This is done in a manner that the placement of the cards seems like a fan.

Faro: Accounted as a card game where the cards are selected from the deck winning either sequentially or alternately for the players and the bank both.

Fast Company: Refers to smart players/gamblers.

Fat: A term used for a fully loaded player.

F&B: A short term used for Food and Beverage and hence, F&B.

1) Refers to a gambling habit.

2) Used for the number 5 in Craps game.

Field: The bet which is good only for the next roll in Craps.

Field bet: A wager in the Craps game where the next number rolled out is determined to be not a 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Fifth Street: In the Seven Card Stud, the 3rd betting round where the players have five cards, however in Hold’em Poker it is the fifth card and the final betting round.

Fifty Cents: In the betting world, this refers to betting $50.

Fifty Yard Lane: The middle area of the table.

Fill: The act of refilling the bankroll by a dealer with the help of additional checks brought about by the cage.

Fill Up: The act o filling a house in Poker.

Fill Slip: A voucher that goes along with the fill and is verified and then signed with one copy given to the floor attendant and the other is deposited directly into the DropBox.

Fin: Refers to a $5 bill.

Finals: Used to indicate to the right the maximum number of digits on a Roulette wheel.

Finger: The act of identifying a cheat player.

Firing: A gambler wagering large stakes.

Firm: Refers to the act of sustaining a bet.

First Base: A player who is seated directly to the left side of the dealer.

First Basing: Known as a cheating strategy where the player reads the dealer’s hole card while it is dealt.

Fish: An inexperienced gambler who is not aware of winning tactics.

Fishing: The act of remaining in the Poker game for an extended duration and keeps an eye or an additional card for the hand to win.

Five Number Bet: A wager that is possible only on double zero Roulette games. this consists of 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and the highest edge that round to 7.89%.

Fix: The act executed by cheats to determine or manipulate the result of a sporting bet so that the wager is won the way they want.

Flag: A die that is modified and is not valid at all.

Flagged: The act of being passed on as the next shooter and is used in Craps game.

Flash: Refers to the swift display of a card(s) and is mostly used for the dealer’s hole card.

Flashing: Known as a cheating strategy in Blackjack where the dealer reveals the topmost card in the deck to help attain his winning.

Flash Work: A cheating technique where each card’s back is shaded totally and only a small portion are left which is not shaded/ coloured.

Flat Bet: The act of betting equal amount on each hand.

Flat Top: A slot machine that has a fixed prize and completely unlike any other progressive machine that has a growing top prize. Such machines always offer a top prize which is usually the same.

1) A despicable term used by employees of the casino to indicate a small bettor.
2) A patron who wanders around in the casino to attain some compensation or can take part in triumph winning of a dedicated gambler.

Float: The tray which is used in most table games.

Float cover: The lid of the tray that holds the chips while the cover can be locked as well.

Floater: Describes as to when the Roulette ball hangs up directly under the Roulette wheel lip and is not likely to fall down or drop.

Floats: A strategic technique where the dice are extracted and hollowed and they are so light that they seem to float around.

Flop: Referred to as the 2nd betting round in Texas Hold’em Poker where all 3 community card are dealt with face up on the board.

Flopping the Deck: A cheating technique where the dealer flips the deck of cards in a manner that all the discarded cards are dealt again.

Floorman: A term used for an employee of the casino who is accountable for every action taking place on the floor. This individual is responsible for all the problems on a table and the dealing done to sustain sufficient level of the chips and at the same time, observe his surrounding with a sharp glance.

Floor Person: Refer to: Floorman.

1) Used in Poker where the hand consists of 5 cards of one suit.

2) A player/gambler that possesses a lot of money or wins a heavy amount in playing the course.

1) The act of losing or giving up any claim on the pot in Poker.

2) In Caribbean Stud Poker, refers to the act of declining to call and as a result, forfeiting the ante.

Foreign Checks: Refers to the chips from another casino.

Four of a Kind: In Poker, refers to the hand that has 4 cards with the same value. Example: four tens or four sevens.

Fourth Street: In Seven Card Stud, the second betting round where the players have four cards. In Hold’em, it is the fourth card and the third betting round.

Foul: A hand stands fouled when the 5 cards high hand stands lower to the 2 cards low hand or when the hands are set with wrong card numbers. Usually referred to as the losing hand.

Freeze Out: The act of forcing a player out of the game by excluding him.

French Wheel: A French style of the Roulette wheel that consists on only one zero and is observed in European roulette games. On the other hand, the American Roulette makes use of a wheel having a zero as well as a double zero.

Frets: Seen on the Roulette wheel and are basically dividers that form numbered pockets where the balls rest.

Front Line: Refers to the pass line in Craps.

Front Loader: A term used for a negligent dealer who reveals his hole card during the dealing. A phrase is taken from the Blackjack.

Front Man: Refers to one who is bereft of any criminal doing, however, tends to be a criminal since he represents himself as the owner of a criminal record and is mostly accounted in Old Vegas casinos.

Front Money: The amount of money put up by a player who can develop his credit with the casino.

Front of the House: A term that refers to the casino area where all the guests have extended contact and correspondence with the casino employees. These include the tables, the front desk, the hotel and the restaurant.

Fruit Machine: A term that refers to slot machines in English. The term emerged when the earliest slot reels used fruits as symbols.

Full House: Used for a hand with three of a kind and a pair in Poker.

Full Moon: A term used by dealers for a time in the entire month where various, estranged players are seen in the casino bounds.

Full Table: A crowded Craps table.

Futures: Betting on something that is in advance. It could be a few weeks or a few months. An example of this would be betting the World Series winner on Opening Day.

Fuzzy: Refers to odds ranging 15 to 1 on a winning horse.