Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: G

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G: Refer to: gimmick.

Gaff: Refer to: gimmick.

Galloping Dominoes: Refers to a pair of dice.

Gamblers Fallacy: The belief held by many gamblers that the outcome is more likely to occur in the future if not today.

Gamblers Ruin: A gambling player who runs out of money.

Gambling: To place a bet predicted with an indefinite outcome.

Games: All casino games that require dealers. In fact, slot machines are not entirely considered as games by casinos.

Gaming Board: The governing body accounted by the government to monitor gaming regulations. This is not found in all authorities.

Gate: The act of a dealer where the dice is stopped prior to finished rolling when a foul play is suspected at the Craps table.

1) A gambler who gives the money to the dealer.

2) A player who places bets on the dealer’s behalf.

3) A gambling player who perform pretty well.

Get behind the stick: The act of a dealer or the stickman opening a table at the Craps table.

G.I. Marbles: Refer to: dice.

Give him the bum’s rush: Refers to the expulsion of a player in a way that the player is humiliated and is set as an example for all.

Give the business: The act of cheating someone.

Gimmick: Used for any of the cheating devices.

Give Odds: Refers to: lay odds.

Glim: A cheating strategy wherein the cheat employs a small hidden mirror to see the face of the dealt cards.

G-Note: Refers to $1000 bill.

Go: A term employed by dealers when they discuss the money made a day before.

Good Man
1) A player who is an skillful cheat.
2) A player with sufficient amount of money.

Good Thing: Refers to a sufficient wager.

Goose: The tube in Keno where the balls are collected after forced into it by an air steam. In

Go Over: Also known as bust or break. Used in Blackjack when a player goes beyond 21.

Go South With: A cheating strategy when the cheat palms cards, dice, money or anything with the aim of taking the object out of the game.

Grand: Used for $1000.

Greek Deal: A cheating strategy where the 2nd card from the bottom is dealt instead of the top card on the deck. At times, it is even difficult to even tell if the top card was not dealt.

Greek Shot: In Craps, a controlled throw of the dice.

1) Used to refer to cash.

2) The $25 casino chips, green in color.

Green Horn: A gambler who is inexperienced.

Green Numbers: Refers to 0 or 00 in Roulette.

Grief: Refers to either bad luck or intricacy.

Grifter: Refers to a deceitful gambling player.

Grind Houses or Joint: A term used by casinos to cater to low-end players. Such casinos depend on soaring volume of play in lieu of big rollers.

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