Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: H

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Half Dollar: This is another way of describing $50 in the betting world.


  1. Refers to the group of cards received by a player in card games.
  2. The total number of rolls and duration the shooter has from the come out roll in Craps.

Handicapper: One who allows weights to particular horses on the track.

Handle: Refers to the total sum of money that is won or lost through a series of bet changing hands.

Hand Mucker: A cheating skill that includes palming and switching cards.

Hand Off: When the dealer passes chips secretly to his associate who tends to be a player. Known to be a cheating skill.

Handle Slamming: A cheating strategy employed in slot machines where the cheat pulls and slams back the handle while trying to control the reels.

Hanger: Alternatively known as an earring. A cheating strategy where a portion of the bill is stuck out by the dealer from the drop box expecting that the money can be retrieved later.

Hard Count: Refers to hard money or the act of counting coins.

Hard Hand: A hand in Blackjack that does not consist of Ace values at 11.

Hard Total: Refer to a hard hand.

Hardway: The act of rolling a 4, 6, 8, 10 or rolling of doubles in Craps.

Has a sign on his back: One who is known as a cheat and is easily identified by the casino employees.

Hay: Refers to chips or money.


  1. The part of the Roulette wheel that fits into the bowl and spins.
  2. Referred to as the restroom.

Head Count: The number of people present at the casino at a given time.

Head On: A lone payer betting against the dealer in a game.

Heart: Indicates courage, guts, and strength.

1) The amount of scrutiny impressed on the dealer by the authorities.
2) A term used by dealers in Blackjack when some players suggested being suspect a card counter.
3) The security level that reduces the scope of cheating.

Heavy Hand: The hand having more cards than required.


  1. A miserly gambler.
  2. A jerk player.
  3. The act of separating bets made with chips of various denominations and colour.

High/Low: The stake placed on the 2 and the 12 in Craps.

High-Roller: A player who tends to place large wagers repeatedly.

High Stakes Gamblers: Refer to high roller.

High Volatility: The higher the volatility the fewer the payouts on a slot machine, but those few payouts are much greater than on a low volatility machine.

Hit: The act of signalling the dealer for another card required for the player’s hand in Blackjack.

Hit and Run: The act of winning and then leaving quickly. Also used as a term to describe those players that play at max credit on a single payline machine and move to another if there are no payouts.

Hit It: The act of hitting a desired point or number in Craps.

Hit the Boards:

  1. The act of leaving the casino by a player.
  2. When the shooter is asked by the stickman in Craps to confirm that the next throw will hit the edge or the rail.

Hold: The sum of money held by the casino after the player redeems the token or the chips.

Hold Out: A cheating strategy where the cheat keeps some cards out that he intends to place in hand later.

Holdout Machine: A device worn by cheats to hold out a card when required.

Hold Percentage: The sum of money a casino wins; the percentage of the slot keeps on each player’s win. On a $100 bet, if you win, the machine will return $99 and will keep one dollar.

Hole Card(s):

  1. The dealer’s card that is dealt face down in Craps.
  2. The cards that are dealt face down in Texas Hold’em Poker.

Hole card play: The number of cheating techniques employed in Blackjack to see the dealer’s hole card.

Hook: Refer to a half point employed to eliminate a tie in sports betting.

Hooked: The act of losing money.

Hop: When a wager is focused on the next roll of the dice in Craps. Refer to: “Proposition” as well.

Hopper: The part of a slot machine where the money is stored.

Hot: A machine or a table where players win frequently.

Hot Machine: The opposite of “Cold machine”, (which is shown in section C), meaning it is allegedly due to give a payout any second.

House: Refers to a casino.

House Advantage: The edge that a casino sustains over the players.

House Dealer: A casino dealer in games who do not bank. Example: in Poker, the casino uses a House Dealer.

House Edge: The benefit possessed by the casino in any bet. Also known as the percentage.

House Limit: A limit developed by the casino where wagering is not permitted over a certain duration.

House Numbers: Refers to the 0 and 00 on the Roulette wheel.

House Odds: The amount of money the casino pays for a winning bet.

Host: An employee of the casino who is responsible to ensure the consistent playing of high-rated gamblers at the casino.

Hunch Players: When a player places bets with no knowledge of the game.

Hustling: The act of acquiring tips and gifts.

Hypster: A cheating player who manipulates the casino by shortchanging the cashiers.