Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: I

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IGRA: Refer to: Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Ice: An alternative name for Protection Money.

Iceman: A person who is responsible for collection of Protection Money. Also known as Bagman.

Impair: In Roulette, refers to a wager placed winning odd numbers.

In: The amount of money a gambler exchanges for chips at a table and is also known as a Buy-In.

Indian Dice: Known as a traditional bar games of Native America. The player here throws five dice and builds the best possible poker hand possible. It is regarded as Class I game.

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act: Known as a federal act of 1988 where setup rules for Native American casino were established. There are 3 levels of games that are Class I, Class II and Class III.

Indicator: A term used for the clapper at the top of the Big Six Wheel and determines the winning space.

In Prison: In European Roulette when the ball lands on 0. Due to ‘On Prison’ all the wagers are held for another spin and the bets here are also regarded as even money wagers.

Inside: Used to refer to the casino’s position in multiple games.

Inside Bets: In Roulette, describes the wagers placed within the layout on particular group of numbers.

Inside Straight: Used to refer to the hand that requires middle number to complete the straight in Poker. Example: a 5, 9, 10, Q and K require J for the completion of the straight.

Insurance: Known as the side bet in Blackjack that pays 2:1 when the dealer has a natural blackjack. It is offered when the dealer’s up card shows as Ace.

Insurance Line: The area on the Blackjack table where the gambler places an insurance wager.

In the Chips: A player who has sufficient amount of money.

In the Clear: To be free of any outstanding debt.

In the Red:
1) Refers to in debt condition of a player.

2) The act of losing.

3) Used for the condition of being out of money.

Inside Stick: In Craps table when only two dealers are working and one of them handles the stick.

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