Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: J

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Jackpot: The top prize associated with slot machines. It is quite similar to a large prize from a casino game.

Jeton: Refers to token or French chip.

Jimbroni: A slow thinking dealer.

Jit: Refers to 5 cents.

Jog: A cheating strategy where the card is set in a way that it obtrudes from the deck only slightly. It is used for illegal cuts and shuffles and works like a marker.

Johnson Act: Known as the legislation during the 1950s that banned the use of slot machines federally.

Joint: Refers to a casino.

Joint Bank: The act of two players who combine their bankroll and play it off the total amount of money together. The players share in the wins and the losses too.

Jug: Refers to jail.

Juice: A term that refers to the vigorish in Baccarat.

Juice Joint: A cheating strategy where the dice are controlled with the help of an electro-magnet in the Roulette wheel or the Craps dice.

Junket: A comp offered to all rated players where the casino pays all the players expenses like travel, food, entertainment, accommodation etc. A player is expected to play at a certain level at the casino.

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