Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: K

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Keno: A game that is quite similar to bingo and state lotteries. Here, the players pick on particular numbers up to 20 that they expect to be chosen from a group consisting of 80 numbers. It is particularly played in special lounges away from the casino floor.

Keno Lounge: The area when the Keno game takes place.

Keno Runner: A casino employee who is accountable for taking Keno wagers from players and takes the bets and returns the winnings as well.

Kibitzer: A person who is a mere spectator of a game and make unwanted comments.

Kicker: A term in Draw Poker used for an unsuited card commonly held as a bluff.

Kitty: A pool of money either won in parts or as one complete whole by the player at the end of the hand.

Knock Out: A cheating strategy where the dealer takes into possession the player’s money.

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