Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: L

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Lace: The technique of mixing cards after shuffling in Baccarat.

Ladder Man: A casino employee who sits on a high stool and monitors the ongoing game.

1) The dice used to indicate the value of chips or checks.
2) Refers to the use of credit.

Land Based Casino: Refers to a casino irrespective of its location, land or water in the virtual world.

Late Bet: The act of placing a winning bet in Roulette after the dealer announces no more bets.

Lay: A wager placed against a certain number in Craps. When a 7 is rolled by the number, the lay bet wins.

Lay and Pay: The act of turning over the cards of a player and is followed up by gathering all the cards at the same time.

Lay Bet: A bet where the seven is rolled prior to the number wagers.

Lay Down: Refers to a bet.

Lay Odds:

  1. When a side bet is placed after the come out roll on the Don’t.
  2. Occurs in sports betting when money is placed on a team determined to win. Also refer to Laying Odds and Giving Odds.

Layout: The design on the surface of a table which is white in color while the background is set in a variety of colors like green, red, blue etc.

Leak: A cheating strategy that fails. Example: visibility of a palmed card.

Le Grand: Refers to when two cards total nine in Baccarat.

Le Patage: One of the options in European Roulette that can be taken when the ball lands on 0. Here, the players is allowed to take half of the bet back.

Let it Ride: Indication for the dealer that the player intends to repeat the last bet but includes the winnings in the bet.

Levels: An honest gambling equipment.

1) Refers to an insufficient amount.
2) Refers to the device used by a cheat to observe the dealt cards.

Light Bet: A bet which is below the table minimum.

Light Work: A term used for all the altered cards that are marked with fine lines.

Limit: Refer to: table limits.

Line: Used to divide the bettors in two equal groups in sports book. This is done with a handicap known as the point spread.

Line Bus: A program by bus carriers who organize casino trips and also charge a fee.

Line Work: A cheating strategy where small spots, lines, and curls are added to the back side of the playing cards so the cheat is able to identify the cards.

Listed Pitcher: When betting baseball, the process of betting the game will stand if the “listed pitcher” starts the game. Essentially, if there is a pitching change before the game, all bets are off.

1) Refers to the act of playing maximum coins at slot machines.
2) A cheating technique at the Craps table where weight is placed inside the dice to change them.

Loader: A careless dealer who reveals his hole card.

Locked Up: Used by casino employees when a dealer remains at a table for a longer duration than expected and does so without a break.

Lock Up: The act of placing money or chips safely in the rake or the toke box.

Long Bet: A wager that goes beyond the settable limit.

Long Green: Refers to paper money or cash.

Looking for Action: A player actively looking for a gambling play.

A casino employee accountable for casino floor observation and also that the games should run smoothly.

1) Used for a gambler prone to taking risks.
2) Refers to frequent payout machines in the slot machines.

Loss-limit: Used by a disciplined player describing a fixed amount of money lost in a gambling session.

Lottery: A random winning of sold tickets resulting in various prizes.

Low Roller: Players who place small bets. Known as tourist gamblers and also regarded as suckers, tinhorns, and grinds.

Low Volatility: Slot machines where you can hit more often but are less paid in comparison with high volatility slots.

Lugger: A person who brings gambling players to a game.

Luminous Readers: A cheating strategy where a substance is placed on the back of playing cards and can only be identified via tinted glasses.

Little Joe: Denotes a pair of twos in Craps.