Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: M

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Machine: Refer to: holdout machine.

Magnet: A cheating strategy where the cheat placed a magnet on any side of the slot machine that the reels line up before the cheat removes the magnet.

Mallard: Refers to $100.

Man Upstairs:
1) Refers to the top management employees.

2) Employees who are in charge of supervising the security cameras.

Mark: Refers to the goal of a conman.

Marker: A promising note given to casinos ensuring the paying off the debt to the casino by a player. It is considered as equal to counter check and is used to withdraw any amount from the bank.

Marker Card: A plastic card placed in the cards deck or in the shoe to indicate the end of a shuffle or a play.

Marker Down: A term used by casino’s staff to correspond to the floor person that the player has paid off his marker.

Mark Off: The act of a dealer where the stack of chips in the rack is stored. The chips are separated and then stacked to a set size allowing the floorperson to take a definite count at a distance.

Martingale: A betting system where the player keeps doubling the bet with each loss. Also known as negative betting progression. The player can even reach the table limit or exhaust the bankroll prior to winning of a wager.

Mason: Refers to a mean gambler.

Maximum: The largest single bet placed by the gambler as foreseen by the casino.

Mechanic: A skilled dealer who perfectly manipulates cards.

Mechanical Games: Games like slot machines and Keno that do not require any skills.

Memphis Dominoes: Refer to: Dice.

Mexican Standoff: A gambling session that ends with minimum winnings or least winnings.

Michigan Bankroll: The act of wrapping a large denomination bill around a small denomination bill to make it appear that there is a lot of money.

Mini-Baccarat: A lower-limit version in American Baccarat without any fancy trappings.

Mini Roulette: A smaller variant of roulette, with numbers 0-12, lower limits and can be played in online casinos.

Minimum: The lower limit of bet set by the casino at a table.

Miss-out: In Craps, when a shooter fails to make a point.

Mixed Stack: Refers to the stack of chips consisting of various different colors or rather denominations of chips.

Money Line: In Sports betting, refers to the level of risk that needs to be taken by playing in laying the odds or the pay off a player may have for taking odds.

Money Wheel: Refers to the big 6 wheel.

1) Refers to a face card.

Morning Line: A term in horse and dog racing that refers to the morning guess by the pricemaker for the probable odds for running of the noon races.

Move: A cheating strategy that comprises a slight of hand.

Muck: In Poker, the act of throwing the cards away.

1) In Roulette, the 2nd dealer who monitors the pay offs and also, picking up of the lost bets.
2) A cheating strategy where the cheat hides and switches cards skillfully.

Mug Punter: A gambling player who is not aware of the game’s odds.

Multiple Action Blackjack: A variation of Blackjack that permits the gambler to play and bet on 3 hands concurrently from the same deck.