Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: N

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Natural: used when the player is dealt with two cards that equal 8 or 9, ergo winning hands.

Near Miss: Almost getting the right combination to win.

Negative Swing: Refers to a certain time period where a player undergoes a loss even though the mathematical advantage is in hand.

Neighbors: In Roulette wheel, refers to the numbers adjacently placed next to each other on the wheel.

Nickel: Refers to a $5 chip.

No Action: The croupier has the option to call no action during a Roulette spin. The casino then repeats the action from the beginning, removing the bets after the no action was called.

No Dice: Refers to a disallowed roll in Craps. This takes place when the shooter fails to hit the wall or the dice does not land straight.

No Roll: Signifies an invalid roll in Craps. Also known as ‘no dice’.

Noir: Used for the black winning number in Blackjack.

Non-Monetary Compensation: Refers to compensations that are non-monetary like meals, trips, accommodations etc.

Nonverbal Communication: Mode of correspondence without any sounds being produced for it. Example: Poker player keeps an eye on the body language for tips about the opponent’s hand.

Number Two Man: A cheating strategy employed by the dealer when they deal the 2nd card from the top.

1) Refers to specific cards in Poker. A term referring to overhead expenses.

2) Refers to overhead expenses. A term referring to amount that a casino must make to break even.

3) Used for the amount that a casino makes to break even.