Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: O

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OTB: Refers to Off Track Betting that takes place away from the race track.

Octant: Used for any 5 numbers physically adjacent on the Roulette wheel.

Odds: The probability of one event happening over another.

Oddsmaker: The person who creates the betting line that is used by the sportsbooks.

Off: A bet placed on the table yet is not working or even active. Thereby, it is not under any risks.

Off-Number Bet: A wager that determines whether or not a shooter will throw a particular number other than the point prior to throwing the seven in Craps.

Off Numbers: In Craps, refers to the box numbers consisting of 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10.

Off-The-Board: When a sporting event is no longer available to bet on, they take it “off the board”

Off-The-Top: Used for the onset of the deck in all card games.

Off-The-Street: The act of securing a casino job without having an acquaintance in the casino.

Off Track Betting: Refer to OTB.

On: A Craps bet that is working and is being risked.

On Tilt: A player performing quite poorly. Commonly referred to a flustered Poker player.

One-Armed Bandit: Refers to a slot machine, another term for slots, a slang term.

One Down: Used by the stick person in Craps to announce a fallen dice from the table to the floor.

One-Eyed Jack: Refers to the Jack of Hearts and Jack of Spades in Poker as wild cards.

One Number Bet: Refers to a certain number to signify whether or not will be thrown before another number in Craps.

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