Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: P

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Pack: An unopened deck of playing cards.

Package: Refers to a cheating skill that consists of swapping a priorly staked deck of cards with the current playing cards.

Pack Up: The act of leaving a game.

Paddle: A plastic slat used by the dealer to push the money into the drop box.

Pad Roll: A cheating skill where the dice is thrown in a manner that it rolls out without spinning.

Pai-Gow: An Orient table game using domino sort playing dice and other pieces.

Paint: Refers to either a Jack, Queen or King or a 10.


  1. Refers to wager on even in Roulette.
  2. A hand with two cards of the same value in Poker.

Pair Splitting: The act of splitting cards with the same value in separate hands in Blackjack.

Palette: The stick used by the call man to move the cards.

Palm: The act of a cheat using the sleight of hand whilst a deal to place some unwanted cards in the palm/hand.

Pan: Refers to a card name categorized as Rummy.

Panhandler: One who asks for money from the gambling players.


  1. A cheating skill where cards are marked before the play initiates.
  2. Refers to money.

Parimutuel: Refers to races where all wagers are pooled and the winnings are only set by the number of winners and the typical track deduction.


  1. When a gambler places a wager in sports betting as per the result of a combination game.
  2. Raising your winning by placing various wagers.

Partage: Refer to Le Partage.

Party: The signal through a cheat for a scam opportunity.

Pass: Refers to the roll point prior to a 7 in Craps.

Passe: Refers to the wager placed on high numbers in the European Roulette.

Passers: Refers to corrupt dice and largely used by cheats.

Pass-Line: Refers to in Craps that means:

  1. The area where bets are placed by the players on the table.
  2. A wager where the player bets with the shooter.

Pat: A hand of 17 or more in Blackjack.

Pathological Gambling: A disorder that stops one from placing bets.

Pay Off: The assortment of a bet.

Pay Off Odds: The percentage that determines a payoff.

Payout: Refers to a player’s winnings by the casino.

Payout Interval: The duration is taken to pay out winnings.

Pay the Board The act of a house paying out every player at the table irrespective of the total count.

Pay Table: A table on the slot machines showing the payout for every combination.

Payline: The line(s) on slot machines having symbols line up to win.

Payoff: The money that is returned on a winning wager.


  1. Refers to the level of money in the drop box and the amount paid out to calculate the winnings and losses. Used by the casino personnel.
  2. The amount of advantage the house has over a player.

P.C. Dice: Corrupt dice that the cheat can use for his benefit but does not let him win.

Peek Freak: A harsh term that refers to a hold card player. Often used by casino personnel.

Peeking: A cheating skill employed by a dealer to see the dealt card. The top card is pressed down and then left against the fingers that are holding the deck. Here, the glimpse can be caught.

Peek the Poke: The effort to know the sum of money possessed by a mark in the purse.

Peg: The point with a marker in the number in Craps.

Pegging: The cheat here marks the cards using a pin and leaves a bump for him to feel later.

Pencil: One who has the authority to write comps.

Penny Ante: Wagers on small bets.

Pepper: A gambling cheat’s victim.

Perceived Risk: The act of describing as to how a player witnesses a negative impact of an action.

1) Refer to: house advantage.
2) A cheating skill where the dice alters the advantage.

Percentage Game: A banking play where the benefit can be acquired via uneven odds.

Percentage Tops and Bottoms: A cheating technique where the cheat employed dice that are mis-spotted.

Perfects: The casino dice within 1/5 000 of an inch to be regarded as perfect cubes.

Philistines: Refers to Loan Sharks.

Phoebe: Indicates that the point is 5 in Craps.


  1. A corrupt dice.
  2. One who is fake.

Pick-and-pay: The act of a dealer in Blackjack turning over the player’s hand, paying out the winnings and taking in the losses and picking the hand again prior he moves to the next gambler.

Pockets: The spaces of the table where the ball might land. They are numbered from 1 to 36, half of them colored red half black, plus there’s the single zero in European and double zero in American roulette wheels, colored green.

Pokies: Another term for slot machines, used in Australia.

Progressive Slot: Some slot machines have an interlinked progressive jackpot which continues to grow with each spin of players.

Prop Bets: These are different types of bets that put a challenge into a gambler to predict various off the ball events. These could be anything from the first touchdown of the game to how many times an announcer says a certain word.

Puckline: In hockey, this refers to the “spread” and is treated similarly to a RunLine in baseball.

Punto Banco: The Spanish variant of baccarat.