Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: R

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Rabbit: Refers to a sucker.

Rack: A tray positioned in the middle of the table that holds the hips and is placed next to the dealer.

Raffle: Refers to a lottery.

Rags: In Poker, describes an insignificant hand with minimal chance of improvement.


  1. Indicates the top edge of the Craps table.
  2. Marks the spectators’ area in Poker.
  3. The groove in the Roulette wheel where the ball spins.

Rail Bird: A cheat who steals away chips from unsuspected players from the rail/edge of the table.

Raise: The act of a player matching a previous bet in Poker and then increases the amount. Here, the players either match or increase the amount.

Rake: The amount of money taken for the Poker room provision and related services by the casino. It can be a flat fee or simply a set percentage of the pot.

Random Number Generator (RNG): Used to generate random numbers in table game and slot machines to determine the winning combinations.

Rank: Indicates the face value of a card.

Rat Hole: An area used by a cheat to hide stolen money or chips.

Rating: Used to determine a gambler’s potential worth as a casino customer and also determines the level of comps the player might receive.

Rating Slip:
1) Used for a sheet that displays a player’s activity for comps.
2) Refers to a dealer’s performance record.

Rats: Refers to dice.

Readable Dealer: Used for a dealer whose hole card is readable for any person in the casino.

Readers: A term that refers to the glasses used by a cheat to see all the marked cards.

Ready a Tray: Refers to the way a dealer organizes a tray so the floorperson counts the tray value from some distance.

Real Dough: Refers to a large sum of money.

Real Work: Used by cheats from inside information on a proper way to execute a scam.

Red: Indicates a wager on red colour in Roulette. This bet pays one to one.

Reds: Refers to a $5 chip.

Red-Dog:  A table game in the casino where the player bets that the 3rd card dealt would have a value between the value of first two dealt cards.

Reduced Juice Bets: When a sportsbook offers a lower commission on a bet. Many times this is offseason by worse odds for the other team, which is many times the favourite.

Reel: Indicates the visible wheels of a slot machine via window and consists of multiple symbols.

Reel Strip Settings: Used for the pre-set percentages of the slot machines in casinos.

Reel Timing: The act of timing the spinning of the reels that the players can halt when it shows their desired symbols.

Runline: Used in baseball instead of moneyline. In a runline, a team would need to win by more than 1.5 runs.

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