Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: S

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Sabot: Refers to a dealing shoe employed at all table games.

Salle Privee: Signifies a private room for high stake games in European casinos.

Sand Work: A cheating strategy where the cheat marks the back of playing cards with sandpaper of fine quality.

Sawbuck: Refers to $10.

Sawdust-Joint: A casino designed for low rollers.

Scam: A cheating strategy manipulating an opponent.

Scared Money: The amount of money being risked whereby it should be at any risk as it is used for food, rent etc. It is also an indication of sickness.


  1. Refers to money.
  2. The act of scraping a card placed on the table and signifies a request to the dealer for another card.

SDS System: A tracking system employed by casinos to detect all slot players in the slot club of the casino. When a player inserts the card into the slot machines, the casino is able to track the duration of the player, how much is wagered and also the winnings. The members are offered comps and special offers by this system.

Seat of the Pants: The act of making decisions based on intuition only.

Second Base: Refers to the player seated near the center of the table in Blackjack.

Seconds: A dealer’s cheating strategy when he avoids dealing from the top of the deck.

1) The division accounted for casino’s and its patron’s protection against multiple crimes.
2) Refers to the casino police.

Security Monitor: The closed circuit televisions employed the security division to supervise the activities taking place all over the casino.

Sensor: A device used to register particular changes in the environment like temperature changes, motion etc. This is commonly used in the money vault, rooms, and hallways.

Sent it in: The act of betting against a house for the large sum of money.

Sequence: The order of playing cards ranking in card games.

Sequence Bets: A bet that requires various rolls to win in Craps.

Session: A specific duration allowed for gambling.

Set: The act of arranging cards in Pai Gaw Poker.

Seven-Out: Refers to the shooter rolling a 7 while trying to roll point in Craps. A seven-out passes line wager to win and don’t pass bet to win.

Seventh Street: Refers to the final betting round in Seven Card Stud.

Shape: A cheating skill where the die is cut by the cheat.

Shark: Refers to an expert shooter in Craps.

Sharp: A confident gambler.

Sharper: A card cheat who takes benefit of the novices.

Shaved: Signifies an altered dice used by cheats.

Shield: A piece of glass sounding the Roulette wheel and shields the players and patrons against flying balls.

Shift Boss: A casino employee responsible for the entire casino for the shifts and accounts to the casino manager only.

Shill: A casino employee acting as a player and tries to bring the patrons to an empty table. A shill remains at the table until the game is stable or the table fills up fully. The term Shill was also referred to hiring attractive women to allure people to the baccarat table, a practice that is not used by the casinos anymore.

Shiner: A cheating device used to see the value of cards as shown in the device while the cards are dealt.

Shoe: A shoe that is sighted commonly at card games and Blackjack. It holds various decks of cards.

Shot: An illegal move of a player.

Shoot: Refers to a round’s completion with the shooter failing to make a point in Craps.

Shooter: Refers to a player throwing the dice in Craps.

Shooting from the hip: An impulsive decision.

Shortcake: Used for short change.

Short Horn: A small bet placed on the horn in Craps.

Short Shoe: Signifies a number of cards removed from the shoe in Blackjack and as a result, effects like altering the percentages against the players.

Showdown: A round’s end in Poker where the remaining players reveal their hands.

Shuffle: Refers to the randomness of a deck or a deck of cards prior to the beginning of a play in card games.

Shuffle Tracking: A strategy in card games where a player tries to track particular cards as they are shuffled.

1) A casino term referring to one being short on cash.
2) A term used in casinos and employed for outstanding debts.

Shylock: One who loans money to broke players.

Sic-Bo: An Oriental table game where the players either guess the individual or the combination of numbers that are to appear on three dice after they are shaken and revealed by the dealer.

Side Bet: A bet made between players on the outcome of a certain dice throw in Craps.

Side Game: A casino game that is played lightly and is not as important as Craps and Blackjack.

Signature Slots: Casino’s own branded slot machines.

Silver: Refers to either $1 gaming token or used for silver dollars.

Single-Deck: A Blackjack game where a single deck is used while being hand-held by the dealer.

1) A conman working alone.

2) Refers to the single 0 spot on the Roulette wheel.

Singles: Refers to $1 chips.

Singleton: Refers to unsuited cards in a Poker hand while it does not belong got a winning o even probably winning combination.

Six-Ace Flats: A pair of damaged dice in the casino.

Six Line Bet: A bet that covers the six numbers from two adjacent rows on the roulette layout and pays 5-1.

Sixtine: Used for a 6 number bet in Roulette particularly the two horizontal rows with three numbers each.

Sixty Days: Refers to the 6 points in Craps.

Sixe-Into: A fast way for dealers in paying off the winning bets as he pushes a stack of chips to another one and then removes excess chips from the pushed stack making both equivalents.

Skinner:  Refers to a cheat.

Skinny Dugan: Refers to a loser seven in Craps.

Sky: A casino employee working in the security division monitoring the casino activities via mirrors and video equipment.

Slambang: Refers to a quick move by gambling players.

1) Refers to an unclaimed bet by a player.

2) A number that has not come up for a prolonged time.

Slick Cup: A cheating device placed inside the loaded dice to help in the cheat.

Slick Dice: Refers to a dice altered by a cheat for smooth and rough sides.

Slickers: Refers to professional gambling players.

Slide Shot: A technique employed by dice mechanics to control the roll of 1 or 2 dice.

Slot Club: Refer to casino players club.

Slot Drop: Used for the bucket inside the slot cabinet where the coins are collected by machines as played by the players.

Slot Tournament: A special event where players compete for a big prize on slot machines.

Slot Type: A kind of a slot machine: basic, progressive, bonus etc.

Sound of Rain: A popular term referring to the sound of money that the coins make after hitting big on a slot machine.

Split: A bet you place on the intersection of two adjacent numbers on the Roulette layout that pays 17-1.

Spread: Basic term for point spread, one of the most common types of sports betting across nearly all sports. Refers to the number of points one team is favored over another team by.

Stand up: Slot machines that are played standing upright.

Steam: This is when a betting line moves on direction and moves quickly. This is seen often times in championship boxing matches, where the money floods in on a popular fighter.

Store: Many times bettors refer to the place where they place their sports bets.

Straight Bet: This is a bet on a single team. A straight bet is also known as a bet you put on one number specifically found on the roulette table layout that pays 35-1.

Street Bet: A bet you place on three numbers in a row on the Roulette table layout, placing the chip on the edge of the row that pays 11-1.