Gambling Dictionary Section Letter: T

Casino Dingo

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Table Bankroll: Refers to the number of chips in the tray at all table games.

Table Drop:
1) The amount of money that is exchanged in lieu of chips by a player.
2) The amount of money, chips and markets placed at any table in the drop box.

Table Game: A game that is used as a table in any casino game. Example: Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps are table games while Slot Machines, Video Poker and Keno are not.

Table Hopping: The act of a player moving from table to table having faith in the change of his luck.

Table Limit: A limit for most of the table games as set by the casino. The table limit consists of a maximum and a minimum amount of money that can be wagered at one and the same time.

Table Stakes: A rule that can limit all the permitted wagers to the chips that a player posses at the start of a hand on the table.

Table Win: The amount of money generated on a table. The total amount is calculating by simply subtracting the value of all the missing chips from the table drop.

1) The act of accepting a bribe.
2) Used for the casino receipts.
3) A popular, yet mistaken, assumption that slot machines pay as many coins as they are few with. Also known as Pay Cycle.

Take a bet down: The act of a player from removing a bet from the layout of craps.

Take and Pay: The dealer’s method to settle up with the winners and the losers in the casino.

Take an Edge: In gambling, the act of acquiring a dishonest benefit.

Take Down: The act of removing a wager.

Take It: In Craps, the backing of the dice to win by taking the odds.

Take it from the Inside: Used for an employee’s theft.

Take it off the top: The act of being paid off prior to the disbursements/

Take Me down: In Craps, the act of notifying the dealer that you intend to remove the bet from the table.

Take Odds (taking odds):

1) A wager on a pass line after the come out roll in Craps.
2) Refers for the bets placed on a team expected to lose in Sports Betting. This wager allows the winning team to get hold of a greater payoff.

Take Off Man: A cheat who makes larger bets for his cheating scam success.

Take Off Pad: The area on the front of the shoe from where all the cards are drawn.

Taking the Odds: In Craps, when a wrong wager at odds is accepted.

Taking the Count: Used to describe the act of a Pitboss when a game is stopped to allow the securities to do an inventory of the cash placed on the table in casinos.

Tap-Out: Describes the total loss of a player’s money or bankroll.

Teasers: A wager on multiple teams where the line for each of them moves in favor of the better. When you bet a teaser, you have to get ALL the bets correct.

Tight Slot: Machines with low payouts that make the house have the edge over the player.

Totals: This is many times referred to as the “over/under”. When placing a bet, you are predicting whether the teams in the game will score more or less than oddsmakers placed.

Tout: This is a person that sells their picks on games.