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Wager management: The playing and paying method a player must keep in mind in order to get the most out of the slot machine and manage his bankroll.

Walk: Refers to a player who leaves a game.

Walk With: Used for the maximum amount of table chips that the player is allowed to leave with.

Walk In: The act of a person who requests a room without any prior reservation.

Washing the cards: The act of a dealer when he mixes different decks together on the table before the shuffling.

Way Bet: In Keno, a ticket that is marked to merge number bets in different ways.

Way Ticket: In Keno, a ticket that combines number groups into numerous bets.

Weed: A cheating strategy where the bills are either removed or hidden while handling the money.

Weight: A cheating term referring to the use of a loaded dice.

Welsh: The failure of being able to pay off the debt or the placed wager.

Welsher: A player who is not able to pay off his losses.

Whale: Refer to: high-roller.

Wheel: Used for the Roulette wheel.

Wheel Roller: Refers to the Roulette dealer.

Whip Shot: In Craps, refers to an uncontrolled shot performed by the shooter. With the ‘Whip Shot’ the shooter is allowed to have dice spinning when they are rolled and land on the table with a flat spinning move so that when the dice stop, the desired numbers remain on the top.

Whip Cup: Used in Craps by cheaters as a dice cup with the inner surface polished.

Whirl: A bet that covers all the 7 and the horn numbers in 5 equal amounts.

White on White: All cards marked with white markings on the white borders.

Whites: Refers to $1.

Winning combination: a collection of symbols designed to result in a hit.