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Online Gambling Trends We Can Expect

Online Gambling Trends We Can Expect

Whenever we come to the end of the year, it’s common to take a closer look at the year ahead and think about the changes it might bring. There is so much that can happen in a year, as 2020 brutally showed us.

When it comes to online casino gaming, some trends will without a doubt shape the gaming industry in 2021. From how people gamble online to what they pay for their gaming habits, there is a lot we can expect from online casinos moving forward.

Of all the amazing things that have been credited to the invention of the online gambling industry, none can match the convenience it brings to the gambling population. The first ever-online casino opened up its doors back in 1994, but the main frenzy was from 1996 and 1997 when the number of online casinos increased from 15 to 200.

The number of casino sites has tremendously grown as players started embracing loyalty schemes and various goodies on offer. The emergence of live casinos, movie-themed slots, multiplayer games, and progressive jackpots as well as the recently introduced app-based online casinos.

The upward shift is largely driven by the increased number of casinos offering generous bonuses and offers to improve users’ gaming experience.

Gambling Is Coming Of Age

Today, if you are looking to play at the best online casino, there are many gaming sites to choose from. However, sometimes it’s more challenging to choose one from the best online casinos accepting players from around the world, that users can be spoilt for choice.

Gaming pundits and connoisseurs alike, agree that they want the best from the $60 billion industry that doubles as an entertainment hub and a source of income. The recent rise in in-person and online gambling and the expected legalization of gaming across the United States says it all.

Besides mobile and in-person bets, online gambling is now allowed in different countries. As the Wall Street Journal puts it, it has been a fantastic way to remain at home and avoid contracting the novel coronavirus, play at the best online casinos from the comfort of their living rooms, and enjoy an amazing gaming experience. This has been a reprieve for those who have always gotten used to a long drive across the Nevada lonely wasteland.

Technically, 19 US states allow gambling with more already working on various legislative policies to legalize gambling. It’s a great wave that now brings gamblers from as far as Virginia and many other states.

Almost three decades after the introduction of more goodies of casino gambling including different online slots bonuses, the gambling industry is yet again preparing for the record-shattering trends. Taking a closer look at things, more punters will continue ditching the land-based casino establishments for the Internet.

2021 promises to be a great year for everyone, not just because of the anticipated $1 trillion turnovers or the possible changes the fast-growing online gambling industry might have to deal with. The list of casino gaming trends expected to shape the casino industry is quite massive, but possibly the greatest, most significant ones are listed here.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling is not anything new. For the number of years that people have been using smartphones, thousands of punters have been looking for the most convenient ways to satiate their gambling habits. Nevertheless, it’s projected that there would be greater shifts to mobile gaming following the covid-19 pandemic.

It’s estimated that 50% of players used their smartphones to place bets in 2019, a number that without a doubt went up now that many brick and mortar casinos remained closed. With 2020 lockdown restrictions forcing players to enjoy their favourite casino games online, there have been a notable proportion of punters who have realized that this is a great method to enjoy gambling. It also makes it safer and simpler.

Once restrictions start to ease and land-based casino establishments reopen, it’s not likely that they will see some players return as they had when the casinos first closed down. It is not good news for the land-based casinos, but good news for casino sites.

HTML5 technology is not the only trend that offers promise to the future of mobile gambling. It’s the fact that Android and iPhone portable storage size and pure computation power are advancing pretty fast.

The iPhone 13 will most likely be unveiled in 2021 with new mobile gadgets from Samsung and Nokia.

After the coronavirus pandemic settles, and life gets back to normal, we can expect more punters to start playing their favorite casino games while on the move, during the downtime in meeting rooms, taxicabs, and airports.

Virtual Reality Gambling

Virtual Reality has done many things to shape the online gambling sector over the past decade or so. While this was once just a thing of the sci-fi movies, now people can enjoy the actual experience from their living rooms. Essentially, as virtual Reality has developed, casino sites have looked to use it for their own means. Technically, we can expect to see this come to life in 2021, particularly after what happened in 2020 mainly because of covid-19.

While online casinos may be more convenient, some people prefer the experience of playing from a land-based casino. Fortunately, Virtual Reality gives you the best of both worlds by immersing punters into a casino atmosphere without having to leave the house.

This is something that many gamblers might have taken advantage of in 2020, which is why there is a great push for Virtual Reality casinos as we go forward. Considering that virtual reality is expected to double its estimated global revenue in the next few years, this seems like a great move.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Moreover, this is not new to the online casino industry. Nevertheless, it has taken some time for online casinos to fully adopt crypto as a great payment form, despite being seen as more secure and convenient. The trend has over the years changed, and it’s likely that year 2021 will experience an increase of Bitcoin casino sites approving.

Reasons for the reluctance towards bitcoin in the first few days were tied to the confusion from punters over how this worked. Now, this has been the case for some time, though, and the number of gamblers continues to rise, there are no valid reasons to avoid this. Technically, the currency provides people many such benefits, from increased safety to anonymity. Some online casinos offer bonuses to those using cryptos, and we all know how people love free things when they are gambling online.

eSports Betting

Online sports betting have over the years become very popular in online gambling. There is an increased number of casino sites that are integrating into their websites. This is something to watch out for in 2021, even though it is not just the conventional sports that you can gamble on. Esports betting is one trend that will most likely be more prominent in 2021.

Even though physical sports such as football and horse racing will remain to be more popular options for online gamblers, the esports gaming market is rapidly growing. With more people becoming interested in gaming, major tournaments for popular titles such as League of Legends have slowly become great events.

Considering that casino sites are about making enough money playing casino games, it’s logical that some of them focus solely on eSports betting. Furthermore, considering the revenue that is generated from microtransactions, it’s evident that players are more interested in putting money into the games that entice them. This might ultimately prove very beneficial for casino sites if they customize their website content to such players.

New Competition

Competition is something that casino sites must be ready for, and throughout 2021, it’s highly likely there will be an upsurge of new online casinos to compete with. It’s very easy to create an online casino, especially with the use of white labels. Considering that the gambling industry has become so profitable, it makes sense that many investors are looking to cash in on the success of Internet gaming. Moreover, with the covid-19 crisis likely to ease, there will be more people willing to engage in online gambling.

Although the influx of casino sites is great news for players looking for a variety of gambling sites, finding the right site can be overwhelming.


From being a little known industry to a fast-growing and income-generating sector, online casinos have become very trendy. Players now enjoy unlimited gaming opportunities, betting confidently without spending large amounts of money. Also, the industry has assumed a dependable and sturdy rescission-proof organization that allows even novice gamers to enjoy the best casino games from the comfort of their homes.

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