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Review of Big Blox Slot

Big Blox, a slot machine from Yggdrasil Gaming, features a very interesting mix of big symbols and skull-themed images that range from card suits to statues of idols. The entire game seems to be inspired by the idea of death, but in a tropical setting that works very well for it.

5 reels are playable in Big Blox, which were populated by the developer with 243 ways to win. Several cool features were implemented, and among them, you will discover:

  • Big Block symbols (2×2 to 5×3)
  • Wild feature

Theme & Graphics

Big Blox Slot Game

The Big Blox theme is not related to blocks of stone, but to a tropical tribal culture by the looks of it, with the blocks of skulls landing on reels that are placed in the middle of a jungle. You have stacks of skulls on both sides of the reels, and about the same thing can be found on them. The symbols always get a skull theme, so you have that kind of image in the wild, in the four high-paying symbols with the idols and in the four-card suit icons. It’s a funny game, but also a very well designed one.

Betting & Jackpots

It’s going to play with a relatively standard wager system, Big Blox requiring 25 lines to be covered, even though you’re actually getting 243 ways to win. That’s why the minimum bet that is usable will start from $0.25. At the other end of the range, you have a maximum bet of $100, in whose case you get to spend $4 for each line.

For a game with ways to win, and especially one that includes big blocks of symbols, the individual payouts are not going to be huge, and indeed we get only a 400x jackpot to go after, where the maximum value can reach $1,600. Luckily, you tend to get multiple wins at a time, thanks to the features that were introduced. Should you land a full-screen block of symbols, as much as 97,200 coins could be yours.

Special Features

The ways to win are not new to the industry, as hundreds of games have implemented them over the last couple of years. They are quite useful in this particular case though, as they tend to be very profitable thanks to the mix with the Big Blocks.

The Big Blocks are symbols that range in size from the smallest one, coming in at 2×2 positions covered, to the biggest one, which can reach 5×3 positions (the entire game area). Every single spin that you get in this game will benefit from the presence of one such block of symbols, some smaller, others larger. You don’t get to influence the size of the block, so it’s always going to be random.

Other than those Big Blocks, the only other feature you will find will be the wild symbol. Usable as a replacement when combined on the same line with another symbol, the wild can appear regular sized, or it can be a Big Block that covers a maximum of 4×3 positions (up to four full reels). Should you get it at its maximum size, the Big Block Wild would help you form combinations on all 243 ways to win with regular symbols.

That’s about it for the features of Big Blox. It’s not a lot, but the mix of ways to win, big block symbols and wilds is so powerful that they couldn’t really add anything more to it.


Big Blox delivers impressive graphics, some unique features and a gameplay style that makes it a lot of fun. As it happens with a lot of Yggdrasil releases, I’d have no issue recommending this one to players that want something different.

5 Mar. 2018, by

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