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Review of Book of Charms Quattro by StakeLogic

A wizard’s lair has long been a great source of inspiration for developers, and StakeLogic has gone back to this idea with their latest Quattro release, a game called Book of Charms. It follows the same recipe as many of the other online slots which focus on wizards and their laboratories/libraries, showing us all the black cats, ravens, candles and spell books that we expect to see inside. The white-bearded wizard that’s getting the main role is also present, and that was to be expected. The Quattro part of its name is also to be mentioned since it tells us that the game can be played on four sets of reels at the same time while using the required higher wagers as well. It’s a 5-reel title, with 10 active lines, which relies on the Book-style mechanics that we’ve seen in a lot of other slots, ever since the original Book of Ra proved popular.

There will be several features for you to explore as well, and the list includes:

  • Sticky Wild Scatter Symbols With Re-Spins
  • Free Spins With Special Expanding Symbols
  • Quattro Mode

Theme & Graphics

For the Book series of slot machines, including in the game that started it all, Book of Ra, the typical theme used to be related to Ancient Egypt in some way, either connected to its rulers or deities. Luckily, we’re seeing something different in Book of Charms, one of how the game manages to stand out actually. It’s a wizard themed game, one which brings a medieval character and his library, front and centre. We’re seeing the library/laboratory where the wizard is keeping his spell books and creates his potions, as part of the background image.

Once we get to the symbols, we find a mix of unrelated Royals in the lower positions, with the themed icons being the ones to pay more. You get the Book of Charms as the only feature symbol, along with high-value symbols of the Wizard (top jackpot), Black Cat, Raven and Candle.

Considering everything else that we’ve gotten in similar slots, and the typical quality of the design in this category, I’d consider Book of Charms to be one of my favourites. It’s got some areas where improvements could be made, but overall it’s not a bad looking slot machine.

Special Features

For the most part, what you’re getting from Book of Charms Quattro is the same as in other Book of Ra inspired slot machines. Luckily, there are also some improvements, even beyond the fact that they relied on a wizard theme, instead of the usual Ancient Egypt one.

Sticky Wilds With Re-Spins

As usual, the symbol which gets to act as the wild symbol here is also the one that is a scatter. The Book of Charms is that symbol, which will do most of the heavy lifting inside. Only the first two and the last two reels can get these sticky symbols, while the third reel gets only regular wilds.

Wild symbols are going to act as replacements, which is their usual role in most slot machines. They can be combined with any regular symbols, to form new wins or to improve the ones you already have.

Should the sticky wild appear, it will be kept in its original position, while a single free re-spin follows? Any wilds in view at that point will keep their positions.

Free Spins With Expanding Symbols

Whenever there are three or more of those Book symbols in view, the game will look at them as scatters and will trigger 10 free spins, while also paying a prize. Additional free spins are triggered when another set of scatters appears in view.

As the feature starts, you will find that one of the regular symbols is picked to become special. Its new ability is to expand on the reels it lands on. Get the special symbol on all five reels, and that would result in a screen full of matching symbols. The higher the value of the special symbol, the more that you get in such a case.

Quattro Mode

It’s one of the few things that make this game special, the possibility to select 1, 2, 3 or 4 games to play on, at the same time. The screen will split into four parts, showing you just as many sets of reels at the same time. Only the number of sets that you chose will be active though. Also, you need to increase your bet accordingly, so with four sets of reels, there are 40 lines in play and 40 coins in the wager.

Betting & Jackpots

Each set of reels that you play on, will have 10 active lines and 10 coins in its wager. Your choice will be for the coin value, with a range of $0.01 to $5 at your disposal, and a total amount between $0.10 and $50. Since you can have up to four sets of reels to play with, wagers of up to $200 are available for you to use.

A jackpot in Book of Charms Quattro will get as high as 5,000x the stake, which is what you can win when filling the reels with Wizard symbols. Perhaps not very likely in the base game, but should you get the Wizard as the special symbol for the free spins, your chances will increase dramatically.

The Book of Ra clones have always been fairly volatile, and while Book of Charms has several things different about it, this aspect hasn’t changed. It’s a medium-high volatility title, a 4 out of 5 on StakeLogic’s scale, so there will be enough risk involved, even as the game can deliver above-average payouts.

To be mentioned in its case is the presence of a 96.21% RTP, which should be enough to satisfy any player, as an above-average expected return.


Usually, I wouldn’t go near a Book of Ra clone, but Book of Charms Quattro slot doesn’t just copy the original in every regard. It brings some improvements to it, and for that, I think it proves to be a decent alternative to the many other games of the series. For example, you are getting a wizard theme instead of the Ancient Egypt one, the graphics are above average, and the features included here will bring certain improvements. Those would include the Quattro mode and the free re-spin that you get when sticky wilds land.

Overall, it should be enough to make this game noteworthy and a good alternative for the fans of the series.

5 Jan. 2020, by

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