Mini Games

One of the easiest and most exciting ways to enhance your online gambling experience is to find games that you can play across all devices. That’s exactly what mini games bring to the table: the excitement and thrill of your favorite casino games but in a compact size. These are games you can play on your PC, tablets, Android or Apple smartphones. They have basically miniaturized versions of bigger, more powerful, and more robust casino games that would otherwise not play on your simpler devices.

The beauty of mini games is that you can play them on your PC in a smaller window, making it easy to move around on the screen. As such, you can play and enjoy the best games while other windows are opened and running. Make sure to read our review of each mini game featured here. We dissect all mini games offered by top online casinos. We take a look at their graphics, gameplay, RTPs, ease of play, free offers, special features like bonus rounds, minimum bets, max payouts, and other factors that might be of interest to you.

As you take each mini game for a spin, get a feel for it. Eventually, choose to wager real money on mini games that:

  • Are exciting, fun, but most importantly rewarding in features and paylines/payouts
  • Superb graphics and great sound quality
  • Has intuitive and rich UI
  • Simple design that’s compatible with your devices
  • Fairly high RTP that has been proven by other players

Our immense collection below includes some of the most popular mini games, such as mini roulette, gladiator mini, blackjack, baccarat … there’s something for every online casino player! Whether you are looking for mini games that offer welcome bonuses, free spins or cashbacks, our comprehensive list has got you covered.

Click any mini game below, try it out, and have fun choosing!