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Review of Jackpot Raiders by Yggdrasil

Jackpot Raiders slot, a recent release from Yggdrasil Gaming, is a game of adventure first and foremost, with a search for treasures being the obvious target for its story. They’ve used popular games from their past, such as Holmes & The Stolen Stones, as a basis for the new slot, though they made sure to change the graphics and a few other things. As it stands, it’s a different game and one that will have five different jackpots to give away, all while you’re playing on 5 reels with 20 active lines.

The game’s features always seem to be important, as they provide us with entertainment along the way, not just prizes. Here, the options consist of:

  • Compass Scatters
  • Pick and Click Chest Bonus Features
  • Compass Features
  • Jackpot Free Spins with 3x multiplier and 5 Progressive Jackpots
  • Sunken City Free Spins with 10x multiplier
  • Treasure Hunt Bonus Feature

Theme & Graphics

Jackpot Raiders Slot Game

Ever since Indiana Jones appeared on the big screen, his adventures have inspired countless other creators, and this is especially true for slot machine developers. There is no shortage of adventurers looking for treasures in the jungles and long-lost temples of our planet, and Yggdrasil’s Jackpot Raiders slot is just the latest example of that trend.

What I did appreciate about the game’s story, is that it comes with the right graphics, and it manages to stand out among the many slots using a similar theme.

Even though several of its low-value symbols give us icons with the Card Suits, they’re getting map themed designs, and they fit in. The rest of the icons present here will include the Compass as a scatter, Maps which can be collected, two main characters (Bear and Sam), a hat and a backpack.

Special Features

While you’re not going to get wild symbols from Jackpot Raiders slot, what you do find on the reels is the Compass Scatters, and the majority of the game’s features will depend on them.

Pick and Click Chest


Pick and Click Chest: A bonus game, you can trigger it with as few as two Compass scatters, which just have to be somewhere in view at the same time. The bonus takes you to a new screen and gives you five treasure chests to pick from. Depending on the chest you select and your luck, you could get small prizes, a random Map to collect, a Treasure Hunt Bonus or the Jackpot Free Spins.

Compass Feature


Compass Feature: In the eventuality that you get the minimum of three Compass symbols required, then you’re guaranteed one of the game’s main features. Rewards are paid as well, for 3 to 5 such symbols, even going up to 500x total stake.

What this feature does, is it gives you either access to a bonus game or to free spins.

Treasure Hunt Bonus


Treasure Hunt Bonus: The bonus game will start things off by giving you the option of being either Sam or the Bear. Go for Sam if you prefer high volatility and high risk, for a chance at a big prize. Bear is the option to go for if you want better odds at a win, even if it’s smaller.

The character you pick needs to cross a river, and he has three chances to do so. Once he does this, he opens a chest that you selected. This can happen several times, as you go through the slot’s three levels. You can win prizes, collect maps or relics.

Jackpot Free Games


Jackpot Free Games: Should you get the free spins instead, the game will offer you 10 rounds, where a 3x multiplier gets applied to wins.

Ultimately, the aim is to collect five matching gems, in order to get a progressive jackpot. There are also different maps to collect in the base game, and you need five of the same type, in order to receive the associated gem and a chance for the free spins.

jackpot raiders slot


Sunken City Free Games: To reach this stage, there is a requirement to collect all five relics, while playing the bonus game.  It’s not going to be easy to reach, but it will be worth it, since 10x multipliers get applied to wins, instead of the 3x from the regular free spins. One gem of each type is always added, so you don’t start from scratch towards the progressive jackpots.

Betting & Jackpots

All available betting options are listed in the bottom left corner of the screen. First, you find that there are 20 fixed lines in play, and then there is the coin value option, the only one that you can change. The range of your options is between $0.005 and $2 for each coin, leading to a betting range of $0.10 to $40, for the slot’s 20 lines.

As for the jackpots that you can get along the way, there are two different types that you could land. The regular combinations are limited to top payouts of up to 4,000x total stake, and once you find out about the 10x multipliers of the Sunken City Free Spins, you’re going to be amazed that the game doesn’t pay even more. As it stands, the limit is set at $160,000 for a single round.

Second, this game will also get five different progressive jackpots, ranging from $200 to $15,000, in their starting value. They only go up from there, so naturally, you can win a lot more as well.

Finally, it should be noted that the game’s volatility is considered quite low (a 24, on a scale of 1 to 100) and that the Return to Player is calculated to be 96.30%.

Verdict: I loved a lot of things about Jackpot Raiders, but best of all I appreciated the presence of a big top prize (4,000x) in a slot machine with low volatility and adequate RTP. Add some of the best graphics you’re going to see in a new game, and you have plenty of reasons to try this slot out.

23 Sep. 2019, by

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