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Mystery Joker 6000 by Play n Go is a modern online slot machine game packed with unique bonuses and special features for its gameplay. Based on the slot name, one might assume that the slot’s main theme is either circus-based or another card-game-based game since the ‘Joker’ is a part of a deck of cards. However, Mystery Joker does not particularly revolve around any of these classic themes.

The online slot screen fits 9 icons or symbols for random things like fruits and numbers located within 3 rows. The slot also includes basic themed icons, re-spin symbols, a prize feature in the style of a ‘fortune wheel and an array of systematic opportunities to maximize your rewards after every spin.

Mystery Joker 6000 Slot Details

Mystery Joker 6000

Mystery Joker 6000 is specifically a 3-reel and 5-playline online slot machine game developed by Play n Go. The cost or stakes for playing the game can range from one cent to 10 euro when playing regular mode. The stakes can range from 10 cents to 100 euro per spin in Super Meter mode. The paytable displays your potential wins in coin form.

These online slots also have classic symbols on the screen such as triple sevens, stars, bells, watermelons, grapes, lemons, and cherries. So it’s not very joker-related as far as its regular iconography goes. It does have a special icon for ‘The Joker’ involving his jester’s hat. When this special symbol appears, it allows you to multiply your stakes up to 6,000 times.

Bonus Rounds

The slot includes bonus symbols that allow you to get various bonus rewards, particularly when you get The Joker’s hat. Depending on your luck and budget, it’s possible to acquire multiple payoffs on a single spin. You can get re-spins and the Mystery Wheel bonus game if you manage to one or several Jokers.

When you get two Joker hats on the same line, you’ll then trigger the free re-spin of the third reel during regular spins. This gives you a better chance to get to the bonus round. As for the Mystery Wheel, you can trigger hitting 2 jokers in Super Meter mode (this mode also allows you to double your bet) or three jokers in regular mode.

You’re only eligible for a single spin in regular rounds. However, when in Super Meter mode, you get 3 spins instead. You’ll need to spin the wheel to know your payout amount in the Mystery Wheel bonus game, reaching up to 6,000 coins.

Mystery Joker 6000 Slot Game Play

The game might appear a bit complicated to first-time online slot players. However, it is only the game’s bonuses and re-spins which are a bit complicated. The main game itself is pretty easy to understand. You have your requisite slots matching game wherein you spin the reels until you form winning combinations of the three same elements or at least one of the most rewarding elements placed on any active line.

The calculation of wins is done through special multiplier indices that range from 20 times your stake’s current coin value to over 6,000 times. Rather than depend on cartoon graphics or a mascot to appeal to the masses, this online slot game focuses on how well you can multiply your stakes.

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