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Tri Card Poker by RealTime Gaming

Lots of different styles of casino poker use different rule sets and strategic ideas to give players a variety of experiences. With the Tri Card Poker game by Realtime Gaming, you get a title that offers a bit of strategy without things getting too complicated, and that’s an idea that appeals to a large number of players. This is evidenced by the continuing popularity of the game despite the fact that it’s actually quite old as far as modern casino card games go.

The Basic Gameplay of Tri Card Poker

Tri Card Poker Win

Here’s how Tri Card Poker works. You start off by making either an ante bet, a Pairplus bet or both. You’ll get three cards face-up, and the dealer gets three cards face-down. If you placed an ante bet, then you’ll decide to either fold or to make a raise. Folding gives up your ante and any chance of winning on that particular wager, but if you raise, you have to make another bet worth the same size as your ante in the “raise” spot on the board. If you raise, the dealer’s cards are turned over to see if he qualifies.

The dealer needs at least a queen-high hand or better to qualify in this game, and if he doesn’t get at least that, then you’ll be given a 1:1 win on your ante and your raise will just be given back to you as a push. Note that this is regardless of the cards in your hand, so you can actually win like this if the dealer doesn’t qualify if you have a worse hand.

If the dealer is able to qualify, then the higher of the two hands wins based on three-card poker hands, which we’ll describe below. The ante and raise both pay at a rate of 1:1 if you win, and you lose both wagers if you don’t win. Ties are always a push, but you have a chance to win a bonus payout if you have a straight or better with the ante bonus table, and this is even if you have the worst hand. Additionally, Pairplus winnings are determined in the same way as based on the total value of your hand regardless of what the dealer is holding.

Three-Card Poker Hand Rankings

The order of poker hand rankings for three-card games are a bit different than their five-card cousins. A “straight flush” () is the best hand, but “three of a kind” () beats everything else, which is one of the main differences. A “straight” () also beats a “flush” () since it’s statistically harder to get with three cards. Below a flush is a pair, and below a pair is a high-card hand.

With that having been said, you don’t have to draw cards or anything like this in this game, so it’s not really much of an issue to try to remember these rankings exactly. You just don’t want to have a situation where you think you’re winning and actually lose and then you don’t know why.

Strategy for Tri Card Poker

Strategy for this game is actually extremely simple even if you want to play perfectly every single time. If you have Q-6-4 () high or better, then you should raise. If you have Q-6-3 () high or lower, then you should fold. You should always play the ante bet and always avoid the Pairplus bet. If you do that, then you’ll play as well as you possibly can from a mathematical standpoint in this title.

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